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Old 2008-08-16, 04:45   Link #21
M.D. Geist
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Originally Posted by encia View Post
With further investigation, DXVA (via G84M A2 stepping) enabled PowerDVD 8 (with updated patches) will play back the video with screen breakup issues.
Anyway, there's a backup multi-core CPU... The shown CPU load was from 2.2Ghz mobile Core 2 Duo.

My Radeon HD 3870 and Nero 8's ShowTime causes a BSOD.

Thats what i wanted to say... Files are not DXVA compilant, thus needing way more cpu power than they could need!

In regards to speed, what GPU and driver did doom9 use?
Newest drivers, geforce 8800 gt

You don't even need a Quadcore for it my Dualcore AMD 64 (2.2 GhZ) beats my 8800 GT (1.7 GhZ Shader Clock) with X264 (720p)
with same settings, x264 is simply faster...
i doubt a gt280 could change that, also badaboom doesnt support sli nor multigpu on same card (yet?)

im kinda positive they will get faster soon, as bada is still beta (0.9) , however, the quality will still suck compared to x264 cause the mainline profile simply limits too much! =(

i also dont quite understand why gpus suck so much for h264. newest radeon has 2.0 TFLOPS of power... Intel plans its newest nehalem 8core with a speed of like ~230Glops total in the year 2012 for facks sake !

Yeah sure, encoding doesnt need floats, x264 works on 16bit math afaik, but newest gpus support 32/64int just fine so wtf... we can get to like ~8Tlops already lol ...

edit :

badaboom failed to shine :

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Old 2008-08-22, 21:25   Link #22
the hedgehog
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Originally Posted by encia View Post
I run MPC-HC and it's built-in codec disables my G84M's DXVA (while running mod gg subs).

Using CyberLink's codec
If I load Cyberlinks H.264 decoder(PDVD8) in MPC-HC and play a "[Modified-gg] Macross FRONTIER" episode then i get playback with alot of picture corruption and after a while a BSOD (DXVA is on). this decoder doesnt care if the file is DXVA compliant or not, it will use DXVA all the time.
so i use MPC-HC's internal H.264 DXVA capable decoder to offload decoding from the CPU to videocard. it's also freeware. too bad the list of supported videocards is so short. somebody from MPC-HC development thread said he is going to make a simple tutorial
what's good about MPC-HC internal DXVA decoder is that it will first check if the file is DXVA compliant encoded, and if not it will fall back to software decoding so you wont get playback problems.

just tried badaboom. got around 7 fps while encoding a Blu-Ray sample to 1080p and highest quality on my 8600GTS. not much ...

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