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Old 2008-06-25, 08:12   Link #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
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I like Ghostly things-ish.

I need help... please. I'm too lazy to look myself for these things so you people are gonna help me, maybe... hopefully. So, I like anime that deals with ghost, demons, another world , supernatrual powers you know and action, but most importantly a good story line. I'll make side comments and give a 5 star rating, and you'll easily see what I'm drawn to. But I'm not narrow minded so if there is something not really realted but is really good that you think I should look at, then tell me! Thanks!

Ghost hunt******6 :P
Code Geass*****5
Shanna No ***.5
D. Gray Man*****5
Hunter X Hunter****4
FMA ****4
Flame of recca***3
Elfen Lied ***3
Gakuen Alice***3
Samurai Champloo****4.5
Higurashi (hopped around too much)**2
Evangelion (SUCKED, donno why)*1
Jigoku Shoujo ( love the look of it all, but where's the story?)***3
Sailor moon (too kidish)*1
Monster (couldn't get into it, its a slow process)**2.5
Eureka seven (hated it)0
Genshiken(for the meaning of it) ***3.5
Oran High school host club (cause im a girl) ***3.5
The Twelve Kingdoms (was ok-ish) **2.5
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Old 2008-06-25, 08:16   Link #2
Sexy Tornado
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Age: 39
Try Ghost Stories. Don't be put off by the seemingly 'childish' look of the anime though, it deals with some pretty heavy issues and is in no way childish. Also, Momoko is love
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Old 2008-06-25, 09:29   Link #3
Ichihara Asako
Join Date: Oct 2007
No Inuyasha on your list? It's set in another world and full of demons. Not everyone's kettle of fish though.

Ghost Hunt is the best around. With Higurashi, you have to get through the first season so you can watch the second season, which is far more enjoyable with a nice meaty story.

Claymore is an action with demons. Was quite popular last year. Mushishi maybe, but it's probably a bit too slow for your tastes. I dunno, you seem to be rating series with excellent stories very low, so I can't really recommend much.
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Old 2008-06-25, 09:44   Link #4
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: In my bed room.
Lol if it helps you can ignore my wacked out ratings.

Last edited by ChantelZ; 2008-06-25 at 10:31.
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Old 2008-06-25, 09:50   Link #5
Autumn Demon
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Old 2008-06-27, 00:29   Link #6
Senior Member
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Age: 30
Ghost Hound sounds like a good bet. From its name you can probably guess that it has the supernatural aspect you seek. Another world, ghosts and special powers are all part of the series.
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Old 2008-06-27, 13:10   Link #7
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Location: Ohio, United States
Age: 37
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Just glanced at your list because I am in a hurry, but you know XXXholic has a second season right? It's under the title XXXholic Kei.
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Old 2008-06-27, 16:01   Link #8
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
Shounen Onmiyouji - eye and ear candy, good story, plenty supernatural, some awesome characters
Kekkaishi - funny, plenty supernatural, well made
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Old 2008-06-28, 11:24   Link #9
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: In my bed room.
I just finished Shigofumi, it was awsome, the ending was totaly lame lol but I loved it, thanks for that suggestion, I enjoyed it alot.
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Old 2008-06-28, 11:27   Link #10
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: In my bed room.
Oh yes, I know about kei, and im up to date with it! As well I've began reading the manga (which is confusing that the crossovers because I haven't seen them)
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Old 2008-06-28, 11:40   Link #11
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: San Diego
Meh, you probably won't like Ghost Hound.
I liken it to Higurashi except it doesn't jump around, is a bit quicker-paced, and has less horror.
It has an intricate storyline like Evangelion and Higurashi, both of which you rated well, badly.
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