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Old 2008-12-13, 03:54   Link #1
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Dungeon Siege Series.

I've searched the forums for another thread about this game series, but I didn't find one.

Anyway, this PC game series includes:
Dungeon Siege
Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna
Dungeon Siege II
Dungeon Siege II: Broken World (A continuation of Dungeon Siege II)

There is also a PSP game titled:
Dungeon Siege: The Throne of Agony

Dungeon Siege:The story is about a farmer from the Kingdom of Ehb, whose life gets flipped upside down when a small horde of Goblin-like creatures (Krugs) attack the community. The Krug must be stopped and the player's character has the task of seeking help from the neighbouring town of Stonebridge. Along the way, the player may meet some warriors who are willing to help fight the evil against the continent of Aranna.

Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna:The expansion pack to Dungeon Siege. It continues after the first game and takes place in and around The Kingdom of Ehb.

Dungeon Siege II:This games story takes place 700 years after the events that had transpired in Legends of Aranna. The story begins with your character joining the forces of Valdis to acquire the Sword of Zaramoth. After the Sword had struck the Shield of Azunai, it broke into a few pieces, which you will be looking for throughout the game. The Sword of Zaramoth's power, combined with the power of the Dark Wizards is what makes Valdis stronger. Along the way you will meet warriors who are willing to help you in your journey.

Dungeon Siege II: Broken World: This is the expansion pack portion of Dungeon Siege II. The game continues where Dungeon Siege II left off. As with DS2, DS2: Broken World takes place on the continent of Aranna. Although, the world has changed quite a bit following the fall of Valdis and the clash of the Sword of Zaramoth and the Shield of Azunai. The protagonist (your character)continues to pursue the Archmage who advised Valdis and masterminded much of what happened during Dungeon Siege II.

Dungeon Siege: The Throne of Agony: This game basically picks up where Dungeon Siege II left off: after the second cataclysm altered the world of Aranna

Anyway, the main reason I created this thread...was to ask if anyone else has played these games? If you have, which games?

I, myself, have only gotten to DSII: Broken World. Only because I can't figure out how to get past the first Surgeon guy.
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Old 2008-12-13, 06:07   Link #2
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I've played and finished DS:TToA on the PSP, wasn't to bad. Played pretty well despite its small faults. I played it a good while ago now though so it's kinda hard to remember.
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Old 2008-12-13, 08:06   Link #3
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Wow,finally a thread for this awesome game.
Let see,I've played DSiege,DSiege II & DSiege II: Broken World.All of them was a great game,hopefully there will more sequel.I love the DSiege II the most because the storyline was solid & understandable.Broken World are great too but the campaign was too short & I wish they explore more on Dwarwen lore in the next game.
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