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Monster Hunter: Frontier (PC)

I was trying to get online to play my Monster Hunter game for the PS2 and it said the servers are down permanently. Dang! It was minutes later I went online to do some digging about when the servers went down and it was like 5 months ago.

As I was checking the net about the servers being down forever, I stumbled upon this:

I was originally patiently waiting for MH3 to come out for the PS3 but ever since Capcom decided to change over to the Wii for MH3, I was saddened. Now I'm looking forward to MH: Frontier...if it ever does come state side. I'm sure hoping it does because from what I can tell MH: Frontier has all the options/functions etc etc from all the past MH games plus new things.

What are your thoughts?

Edit: I was able download the Japanese client and play using a free trial ticket. Too bad I can't read any Japanese at all. The game looks like a vast improvement over the very first MH game in graphics but looks still kind of dated. Oh well, I'm determined enough to play the game with the language barrier and all. I guess I'll pray and hope they release an English version.

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