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Old 2010-08-15, 12:39   Link #41
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Location: Stockholm, Sweden cheers ! =D <3

Updating the watched list with already loads of anime xD try to give me a non-harem,realistic story where the couple doesnt end up in the last episode but rather during the first 1-3

Spoiler for Animelist:
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I love bokura ga ita <3 Best anime ever
Feel free to give me a tip about any Drama/romance anime !
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Old 2010-08-15, 13:03   Link #42
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Hatsukoi Limited is fairly realistic non-harem romance/comedy series, though it's a bit different, since it doesn't focus singular on a particular couple really and has a pretty large cast of female and male characters.

Amagami SS, a currently romance series based off a dating sim, however it's non-harem since each of the 6 lead girls are getting a 4 episode arc/route[then story starts over sorta of] thus it's avoiding becoming a harem series, and so far the series has a great balance of comedy, romance, and drama.

And maybe Bakemonogatari it's romance does develop quickly and well fairly realistically if you don't mind the super natural portions of the series, and judging by your list you shouldn't have an issue with that.
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Old 2010-08-15, 15:20   Link #43
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I'll second Amagami SS; lovin that series.

How about Gift Eternal Rainbow - says it's a harem, but it's not, more like a love triangle kinda sorta maybe?
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Old 2010-08-15, 16:40   Link #44
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Here are series that are realistic and have the couple as boyfriend and girlfriend and dating during the series.

The Devil Does Exist
Paradise Kiss
High School Debut
Kare First Love
Wild Act
Happy Hustle High
Ultra Cute
Kare Kano
Fushigi Yugi
Ceres Celestial Legend
Peach Girl
Marmalade Boy
Sand Chronicles
Absolute Boyfriend
Akuma De Sourou
Land of the Blindfolded
Black Bird
Missile Happy!
Ayashi no Ceres
Fushigi Yuugi
Sailor Moon
Bokura ga Ita

Most of these are manga.

Mars is an amazing, epic romance manga. The couple are boyfriend and girlfriend, dating, in a serious relationship, have sex, move in together, get engaged, deal with rape, tramautic pasts, amazing, mature romance.

The Devil Does Exist is an amazing, epic, realistic romance. The couple is boyfriend and girlfriend and dating and in a mature, committed, realistic, deep relationship during the manga. Lots of kissing, hugging, sex, a marriage, mature relationship.

Kare First Love is a manga where the couple is dating, having sex and in a mature relationship.

Wild Act is a great romance manga, the couple is boyfriend and girlfriend and dating and in a mature, sexual relationship.

High School Debut is a great romance manga, the couple is dating and boyfriend and girlfriend and in a sweet, committed, serious relationship.

Kare Kano is a deep, serious romance.

Fushigi Yugi has a couple that is dating, engaged and in a deep relationship.

Ceres Celestial Legend has a couple in a mature, sexual relationship.

Happy Hustle High is a very sweet romance, the couple is dating, goes on dates, lots of kissing and hugging and dating, the couple is in a committed relationship.

Sailor Moon The couple is boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, has a child, gets married.

Missile Happy! A sweet romance, the couple is living together and engaged.

Akuma De Sourou is an amazing, mature romance manga.
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Old 2010-08-15, 20:07   Link #45
AS Oji-kun
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I'll suggest Oh! Edo Rocket, though they're a pretty strange couple. Video Girl Ai isn't on your list either.

I wouldn't call Colorful romantic, though. If anything, it's whatever the opposite of romantic might be.
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