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Old 2008-08-13, 14:12   Link #1
oompa loompa
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connection problems?

I've run into a rather strange and.. silly problem.

Today, when i tried browsing, i found that sites wouldnt open. doesnt ping properly either. it reaches to the 'connecting to' stage, and then simply stops. however, when i tried a P2P application, it seemed to run fine. After a while i tried a few other sites - strangely enough, animesuki opened fine, but with a few errors - ( certan functions dont work - the forum search is one of them, before anyone asks why i didnt search for similiar threads ). So in summary -

-The internet connects fine, but just wont open anything properly
-My connection is a broadband, which is run by a wireless transmitter on the roof.
-Certain sites and applications do open

Id just like to know - what are the possible reasons for this ( if known )? and if its a problem from my end, what are the possible solutions?
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Old 2008-08-13, 16:56   Link #2
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Location: England
Age: 31
Sounds like a DNS problem. Could be a problem on your ISP's end (Alot of DNS servers have been funny lately due to certain exploits and patches), but it's more likely to be a problem at your end. You could try configuring a list of DNS servers for your connection manually rather than using those provided by your ISP, then just reset your connection or router or whatnot.
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