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Old 2008-08-14, 22:55   Link #1
n00b -__-'
Join Date: Oct 2007
anime with brilliant music or animation?

i'm watching SOUL EATER & am completely in love with the crazy animation & setting & the way the background music is so unique. the songs get stuck in my head like crazy.

some other shows i've seen with dynamic background music are

eureka seven (pretty much all of BONES action shows seem to have this)
samurai champloo
bleach has pretty cool background music, not like the above shows though
Welcome to the NHK!
Gundam Seed

^ those all have pretty unique animation styles too (besides bleach)

any other shows with awesome background music or just something amazingly epic & brilliantly animated that i should see?

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Old 2008-08-14, 23:10   Link #2
Harimo Haria
Join Date: Aug 2008
Clannad had some nice music, drawings and animations, you should check it out.
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Old 2008-08-14, 23:14   Link #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: SoCal
Naruto-defnitely good music, some cool fight scenes though like bleach and every other hundred billionth episodes they have tons of fillers.
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Old 2008-08-14, 23:26   Link #4
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: San Diego
ef - a tale of memories by far. Some of the most unique animation (even coming from SHAFT), and an amazing OST (very dynamic, too), mixed in with an uplifting yet dramatic pair of romance stories.

5 Centimeters per Second also has an excellent soundtrack and even better animation fitted with a slow tale of love and loss.

Sword of the Stranger has among the best animation and fight scenes you'll see in a samurai anime, also with an emphatic OST.

Gundam 00, the most recent Gundam installment, has among the best animation Sunrise has ever worked on, with an OST to match. Similar to Gundam Wing (if you've seen it) with less fluff and more substance.

Kara no Kyoukai, a set of movies with amazing animation (even for movies) with an OST by Yuki Kajiura. A string of mysteries focusing on a supernatural character and her relationships with those around her.

Pretty much anything from Hayao Miyazaki and Joe Hisaishi fits in, too.
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Old 2008-08-14, 23:35   Link #5
Harimo Haria
Join Date: Aug 2008
Consider watching Code Geass as well, I love the character design and the music is nothing short of epic.
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Old 2008-08-14, 23:44   Link #6
n00b -__-'
Join Date: Oct 2007
ah i love all of miyazaki's movies & am completely obsessed with code geass! i should've put it on the list but the music never really stood out to me..

i lost interest in clannad & ef, too much harem nonsense for me.
i saw 5cm per second & while ago it was gorgeous in animation it was depressing & quite slow.
bleach is the only really long shounen anime that i watch, i couldn't get into naruto or one piece.

more suggestions please ^^''
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Old 2008-08-15, 00:36   Link #7
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: San Diego
No harem in sight...

In my opinion, Code Geass' OST was one of its weakest aspects, so it shouldn't matter much.

If you liked 5 Centimeters per Second, you might like Makoto Shinkai's other work, The Place Promised in our Early Days, and Voices of a Distant Star.

I can't believe I forgot to mention both Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and FLCL, though. The animation for both is great and the artstyle is definitely unique. FLCL has a more rock-y consistent OST, while Gurren Lagann's tends to go pierce the heavens with its music.
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Old 2008-08-15, 01:01   Link #8
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
I think the best music that I have ever heard in an anime was from Cowboy Bebop I know that that's a cliche response, but I stand by it.
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Old 2008-08-15, 12:27   Link #9
Laidback Luke
Join Date: Mar 2004
I don't listen to a lot of anime OST's but one that I like a lot if the Mushishi one, aside from it being one of the greatest anime out there.
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Old 2008-08-15, 14:19   Link #10
blue skies
noch einmal?
Join Date: Mar 2008
Age: 30
Originally Posted by Tripp View Post
I think the best music that I have ever heard in an anime was from Cowboy Bebop I know that that's a cliche response, but I stand by it.
I second this.

Also, I'd definitely recommend Darker Than Black. It's all kinds of crazy-awesome.
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Old 2008-08-15, 14:40   Link #11
Power of 9 SoShi-ist
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: USA
Vision of Escaflowne. It is absolutely the best effort of Kazuki Akane, Shoji Kawamori, and Yoko Kanno throughout their entire careers.

Kanno's themes have never been more memorable and the Warsaw Philharmonic sounds so impeccably strong in their performance of her scores. The world that Kawamori creates is so lush and big.
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Old 2008-08-15, 15:33   Link #12
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2008
I'll second Mushishi. The same brilliance who composed some very memorable pieces in Naruto - Masuda Toshiro - does wonders here too. Plus, the animation is lovely.

And I'll second Sword of the Stranger too since you liked the Eureka Seven OST Sato Naoki composed for and the anime you mentioned.

As for some of my favorite OSTs:

Romeo X Juliet - if only because I'm a fan of Hitoshi Sakimoto's video game music from Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics (and if you include Basiscape's Odin Sphere). But I wouldn't recommend the anime personally.

Gankutsuou - a very unique style of presentation and animation: it could take some getting use to. Story develops slow to my liking but picks up relatively much better during the last 10 episodes or so. Gonzo's finest book-to-anime adaptation compared to their latest work Romeo X Juliet imo.

Hikaru no Go - the music compliments the anime so well (If only there was more of her works I could listen to). I think you'll very much enjoy the music here, but I can't say for certain about the story since it's about Go - a board game (or sport depending on your definition). I love the anime though. As for the animation, it's quite solid.

.hack//Sign - my favorite and first album I heard of Yuki Kajiura if she is brought up.
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Old 2008-08-15, 16:26   Link #13
ISML Technical Staff
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Age: 28
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Brilliant music? The first thing that comes to mind is The Place Promised in Our Early Days, which had scenes with little/no words but the BGM playing really made a big difference. 5 Centimeters per Second had good music throughout, but it wasn't (to me) a big spelling point of the show. Of course, both had great animation.

And also, I'm obligated to recommend Myself ; Yourself.
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Old 2008-08-15, 22:33   Link #14
Clandestine Otaku
Join Date: Jun 2008
Age: 28
Maybe try Eureka Seven or D. Gray-man for good openings and closings. 5 Centimeters Per Second, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Basilisk, Kure-nai, and Soul Eater have pretty good animation.
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Old 2008-08-16, 06:15   Link #15
AS Oji-kun
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: At a London haberdashery with Ange
Age: 67
Dennou Coil has both excellent animation and the best soundtrack I've heard in the past eighteen months. Seirei no Moribito has remarkable animation and another excellent score. If you like jazz, you might want to give Oh! Edo Rocket (modern "big-band" with a few other influences) and Bartender (piano with backing) a try.

If you're open-minded about "animation," I recommend Bakeneko (part 3 of Ayakashi Samurai Horror Tales) and its successor Mononoke. Toei's other recent horror show for Noitamina, Hakaba Kitaro, also has some remarkable artwork, but again it might not fit everyone's tastes.

Another series with both stellar animation and a lovely score is Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu, or "Tweeny Witches" in its English incarnation. Despite its being a mahou shoujo show for children the story is very mature.
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Old 2008-08-16, 13:34   Link #16
Bittersweet Distractor
Join Date: Nov 2007
Age: 25
Originally Posted by Z3120 View Post
Gankutsuou - a very unique style of presentation and animation: it could take some getting use to. Story develops slow to my liking but picks up relatively much better during the last 10 episodes or so. Gonzo's finest book-to-anime adaptation compared to their latest work Romeo X Juliet imo.
A definitely unique animation style. Check it out if you are willing to.

I'm also going to recommend Texhnolyze and Ergo Proxy for being unique in animation, however Texhnolyze doesn't feature that much music. Ergo Proxy has good music though, I love it's OP. Both take place in dystopia settings.

Spoiler for Ergo Proxy OP:
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Old 2008-08-16, 15:43   Link #17
Absolute Haruhist!
Join Date: Mar 2006
Age: 30
Seems like you're into mecha anime music, nice.


Top wo Nerae! 1 and 2, also known as Gunbuster 1 and 2, or Diebuster for 2. Amazing music.

Macross Frontier for Yoko Kanno's masterful music. Actually any Macross would suffice for great music.
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Old 2008-08-16, 15:47   Link #18
The Chaos
ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: away from you
Age: 29
Try D.Gray-man

and I'm With Gundam 00

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Old 2008-08-16, 16:06   Link #19
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
Yep, there are some great recommendations already, but of course I'll have to add...

Honey and Clover (perfect animation/soundtrack in my opinion. also, it's one of the best animes I have ever watched.)
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (I love love love the animation, from the Opening sequences, to the concert scene, to the "fights", everything is so fluid and smooth, also the character design is great)
Death Note (the animation is awesome, and the background music is just epic)
Nana (pretty unique character design, and the soundtrack is quite great)
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Old 2008-08-16, 19:39   Link #20
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: In line to confess his sins.
Age: 29
I strongly second Mushishi. Every episode is a beautiful piece of art.
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