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Old 2008-08-17, 03:36   Link #1
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Join Date: Jul 2008
Any 2007/2008 anime that is not mediocre?

The title mostly says it all. I have watched quite some series in the last year, but liked only Mononoke and Seirei no Moribito, the other stuff like Golgo13, Macross Frontier, Skull Man, Ef, etc. didn't appeal me at all, not my cup of tea. So is there really nothing around that I could watch and not feel as a waste of time? I did start Kaiba, but I am still not certain about my opinion of it, 3rd episode started to get better, though.
Or maybe I just get the GitS-SAC boxsets that came out recently for my region and rewatch it.....

Bye, signorRossi.

P.S. I chose to use the word mediocre to get some more attention, just read it as 'not my taste, not for my age, etc. and don't get angered by it, I didn't want to be mean.

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Old 2008-08-17, 04:30   Link #2
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giving us some more info, i.e. what you liked about mononoke and seirei no moribito or what you disliked about others would help, and we, or atleast i don't really understand what your opinion of mediocre is.
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Old 2008-08-17, 07:03   Link #3
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Just some random suggestions....

Baccano - short but really good, there are a lot of characters but you'll end up liking each of them. Also the story is really confusing at the start but when everything starts to make sense, it will get awesome

Towards the Terra - one of the best sci-fi series from last year, great soundtrack and a fast paced story

Nodame Cantabile - the animation isn't something to brag about but if you enjoy classical music, you'll definitely like this. Plus it has a very unique heroine
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Old 2008-08-17, 08:56   Link #4
AS Oji-kun
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This is an almost impossible request to answer since we don't know what you saw and why you didn't find it compelling.

Let's start from the premise that 90% of anime shows are, at best, mediocre; that still leaves a couple dozen possibilities given the sheer number of shows produced each year. Along with Inujin's suggestions, I might add the following:

Kure-nai - also by Baccano! studio Brains-Base; brilliantly written and acted; decent soundtrack
Saiunkoku Monogatari - since you liked Seirei, you might like this Asian costume drama as well; more comedic than Seirei but also one with a strong heroine
Shion no Ou - a young girl becomes a Shougi prodigy after her parents are brutally murdered; the animation quality is all over the place, but the story and acting are quite solid
Hakaba Kitaro - another horror show from Toei for Noitamina, and like Mononoke one with very distinctive artwork
Ghost Hound - a Shirow/I.G. show that mixes mysticism, psychology, and brain science in an interesting, if not always convincing fashion
Dennou Coil - near-future sci-fi about children living full-time in a virtual reality; great story, great animation, beautiful soundtrack
Oh! Edo Rocket - satirical comedy with historical personages and space aliens; another excellent soundtrack

If you've never seen the "Bakeneko" arc of Ayakashi Samurai Horror Tales, you should probably make that a priority. It's the predecessor to Mononoke; the Bakeneko arc of that show is a retelling of the original in a different time and place. I found the original more compelling than the modernized remake.
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Old 2008-08-17, 09:10   Link #5
All hail Oyashiro-sama
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I'll second Baccano.

I havnt seen many anime lately, so I cant be much more help xD
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Old 2008-08-17, 10:30   Link #6
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So what did I like in Mononoke and Seirei?
Mononoke has great artwork and music (get the instrumental OST NOW) and tells stories I usually like a lot. The second arc and the last arc where my favourites, loved them. You really want to understand what's going on and it evokes emotions, thoughts, simply said instead of a lullaby you get something that wakes you up and makes you think. I have nothing against shows that give you 20 minutes of relaxed and innocent entertainment, I like these kinds of show too (like the pot and monks episode of Samurai Champloo, still have to laugh when I think of it). I have already watched Ayakashi, liked and enjoyed it, as I did Mushishi and GitS-SAC, RahXephon (this one is really touching sometimes).
Seirei has a nice folk-tale/myth inspired story, great setting, music and a female heroine (and no, I don't need the fan service of GitS-SAC, that kind of stuff turns me down). Superbly executed. A similar show that I also liked is Juuni Kokuki, I love the music and some arcs (the one were Yoko fights against the sadistic and corrupt governor) were really great, it is shame that one of the major arcs wasn't concluded.
I have watched Kure Nai, some parts where well executed, but somehow the story itself isn't really coherent, interesting or entertaining, the episodes somehow don't seem to be glued together to a sound package, smells too much of lolicon to me (although the dirty talk of the two crazy woman was funny, do Japanese male animators really think all woman are insane and inherently dangerous? It seems to me that they have a relationship to them like a male mantis would have to their females ).
So, enough explanations for now, will say what I didn't like about shows I mentioned negatively in my previous post later.

Thanks, signorRossi.

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Old 2008-08-17, 18:12   Link #7
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Tengen Toppa?
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Old 2008-08-17, 18:42   Link #8
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r2 geass
BACCANO of course
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Old 2008-08-17, 21:58   Link #9
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Age: 29
True Tears and Spice and Wolf are two very enjoyable animes that spring to mind when I think of what's aired this year. Neither of them are anywhere near mediocre. YMMV, as they're really nothing like the other shows you said you liked.
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Old 2008-08-17, 22:14   Link #10
Somehow I found out
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My guess is that you're after something a little more serious with a bit of depth.

Shigurui: A very dark, malevolent, somewhat disturbing piece about rival swordsman set in feudal Japan. Slow moving and artistic, but rather gory and unsettling. One of the best anime of 07, IMO.

Nodame Cantabile: If you like josei anime, ala Honey & Clover, this is a great title. Fairly light, but a lot of fun and features a great cast of characters. My pick for the best anime of 07.

Dennou Coil: A rather surprising title. It's childish in its appearance, but it has an intelligent plot and tackles a number of themes with an emotional maturity towards the end.
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Old 2008-08-18, 02:02   Link #11
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I think I will check out Hakaba Kitaro (I enjoyed 100 stories some years ago, so horor is always worth a try), Tengen Toppa, Baccano and Nodame Cantabile (I liked H&C, especially the second season) first. I also watched the 4th episode of Kaiba, I think I will continue that show.
I already watched Wolf and Spice, it was o.k., but nothing extraordinary to me. Also saw Shigurui, WTF, pure insanity. Liked it ) , a similar show that I have an eye on currently is Blade of the Immortal, decent so far with each episode getting better than the previous. I am not in the mood for titles like True Tears and Claymore atm. I am currently also quite enjoying Natsume Yuujinchou and Daughter of Twenty Faces, Yakushiji RNJ is also o.k..
Critique continues..
Macross F, well, what the hell is this stupid shallow romance thing between Alto, Sheryl and Ranka? Is this Ecchi style? It's like they are pre-teens in their behaviour. And then the relation between Michel and Klan, WTF? In her Meltrandi form she is a woman that has tits like the first atomic bomb, then they decide to make her Miclone form a child, what story development should rise from this idiocy? Fan service for all tastes?

You see I am watching a lot of shows currently (that will change in two weeks, when I will work full time again, though), but what I am missing is the one where I can't wait to see the next episode....

Bye, signorRossi.
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Old 2008-08-18, 09:42   Link #12
Last Sinner
Don't Call Me Bro
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Nodame Cantabile was the best series of 2007 for me. Great story, dynamic duo to lead the characters. And its music was great. Event hough I don't listen to classical music that much, I found it so easy to be immersed in and enjoyed it big time.

Risking your tag of medicore, since you didn't mention it, I'll throw out Code Geass. Perhaps not always the best but there's no better at mixing melodrama, action and some modern/apocalyptic themes worth discussing. Although I would say the 2nd season is better and probably the only thing I have enjoyed/wanted to see the next episode ASAP since Nodame Cantabile.

Spice and Wolf is cute, nice to look at and a little intriguing at showing Middle Ages economics, but it is simple and light. It's not going to be groundbreaking. It's for when you need something light or your brain isn't able to handle something intense.
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Old 2008-09-17, 05:48   Link #13
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So, I watched quite some stuff now and am ready to give some feedback...

Hakaba Kitarou: Was okay, but somehow I missed a more coherent/connected plot in the whole series, liked the episodes with Neko-Chan most. Still, worth a watch.
Nodame Cantabile: That one was a closer hit, it doesn't reach the class of H&C for me, but was fun to watch and can easily be watched in one go. I read the second season starts in October.
Dennou Coil: I haven't watched all of it yet, but that one was a surprise, a positive one. What you guys said about it is really true, so far it is the most interesting/enjoyable series for me this year, even it is only about sixth grade children.
Haven't watched other of your recommendations yet, but will do so when I have more time again in November.
EDIT: Oh, forgot that I also finished Kaiba, it was interesting but then not again a direct hit, the story wasn't that good after all, but I still would value it above the average.
Something that wasn't recommended here in this thread but I liked was Kemonozume. Once you get the hang on the unusual artwork you really see that direction is far far above average, wow.

Bye, signorRossi.
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Old 2008-09-17, 05:58   Link #14
Absolute Haruhist!
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I'm guessing you don't know what are telomeres and didn't stay long enough on Macross F to see the tragic romance between Klan and Michel. The lack of knowledge of certain terms will spoil the show and it has become quite a problem nowadays as anime becomes more complex, I'll just leave it here.

I often tell people who claim to be anime fans, that they have not seen anything yet or left behind in 2007, if they haven't seen Gurren Lagann.
No longer a NEET so I'll not be online as often.
Ignore gender and kick sexuality to the curb!
I'm a big mecha fan, who keeps playing the SRW series.
When I say 'My god...', god refers to Haruhi-sama.

My art album updated 11th May 2013, Science.
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Old 2008-09-17, 06:15   Link #15
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Originally Posted by C.A. View Post
I'm guessing you don't know what are telomeres and didn't stay long enough on Macross F to see the tragic romance between Klan and Michel. The lack of knowledge of certain terms will spoil the show and it has become quite a problem nowadays as anime becomes more complex, I'll just leave it here.

I often tell people who claim to be anime fans, that they have not seen anything yet or left behind in 2007, if they haven't seen Gurren Lagann.
Hey, I am still following Macross F and still don't like it. I have looked up telomeres now, and my take on it that the use it only as an excuse to please some lolicons. And I haven't seen a shittier romance like the one between Michel and Klan in an anime so far, when he died I didn't feel anything and only thought: oh, finally an annoying character less; and moved on.
But there isn't really a need to argue about Macross F for us two, you like it and that's o.k. for me.

Bye, signorRossi.
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Old 2008-09-17, 08:15   Link #16
Lone Wolf
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Have you tried the following animes already?
-Hidamari Sketch & Hidamari Sketch x365
-Sketchbook full color's
-Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei & Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
-Minami-ke & Minami-ke Okawari
-Oh! Edo Rocket
-Aria The Origination
-Hatenkou Yugi
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Old 2008-09-17, 08:33   Link #17
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I have seen only Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, thanks for pointing out that there is a second season, since I enjoyed it quite a bit! Altough I am certain that I understood/reckognized only less than 30% of the gags in every episode.
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Old 2008-09-21, 12:41   Link #18
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So, now a recommendation from me for others...
Go and watch Dennou Coil, you might regret it if you don't. Finished watching and all came fine together at the end, I want more shows done this way!
Next I might check out Kaji, since I am not in the mood for school life animes atm (lol, thought this about Dennou Coil too, first)....

Bye, signorRossi.
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Old 2008-09-21, 13:10   Link #19
I've been Kawarolled
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tengen toppa gurren lagann

the way you end your posts is kind of :/
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Old 2008-09-21, 13:24   Link #20
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Originally Posted by FLCL View Post
tengen toppa gurren lagann

the way you end your posts is kind of :/
O.K., I will obey and also watch TTGL.
And what is :/ with "Bye, signorRossi?"
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