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What is Alteil?

Alteil is a story-driven online card dueling game with art by Japan's most talented fantasy artists!

The game launched in Japan four years ago, and is now firmly established as the number one online card game in the country. Since then Alteil has spread worldwide with several international launches. Yes, this means there's an english version.

No downloads, and no clients, 100 percent web-driven. You can play it on any computer with a web browser whenever you want.
Alteil is truly free to play.

I'm interested, where do I start?
Good question!
First off, go to and click the tutorial button to the top left. Read the whole thing. You'll be confused and you shall remain that way until you have played at least 50-500 games.

I read the tutorial, what should I do now Cheezy?!
Make an account in the site and when that is done, press the Launch button on the top right. The game will start. Login and go to the Arena.

When you enter the Arena, you will be asked to choose one of the four decks:
Refess, Lawtia, Gowen and Falkow.
This will be a permanent choice and each of the decks offer very different playing styles, so choose wisely.
My personal favorite is Lawtia.


This is the defensive deck. Refess is tough and the play style mostly focuses on stalling/wearing out your opponent.
Refess contains powerful healing abilities, lightly armored soldiers with plenty of offensive and defensive abilities, and by a slim margin, the best SP generation of your four choices.
Refess has decent ranged units, and even they have a lot of HP. Enough to be on the front lines!

Refess tends to be very average in the AGI department, so expect to be slower against... a lot.
A few Refess units gain bonuses at morning, just like Lawtia gains bonuses at night.


Lawtia is probably the most extreme of the colors, but it can also be the most powerful. If a Lawtia Iczer wins with only 1 LP remaining, his first thought is “all that matters is that I won.” In fact, you could say that if he had too much LP to spare, then he wasn't dueling in the spirit of Lawtia. Lawtia units have excellent offensive capabilities. Few of them have strong defense. They often do almost as much damage to themselves, and their Iczer, as they do to the enemy (but with Lawtia, that “almost” counts for a lot).

A lot of Lawtia units get bonuses at night, which means a little timing can really go a long way. The other thing Lawtia is good at is burning the enemy's SP. Killing off a point of SP here or there can really cripple an opponent's strategy, and no one is better at it than Lawtia. Combine SP burn with the night bonuses, and you can see that with a Lawtia Card File, timing is absolutely vital. Lawtia cards tend to have above average speed and range, but no exceptional archers. Also, contrary to what you might expect, Lawtia cards are among the best at giving bonuses to one another.

Summed up, Lawtia is about timing and to some extent, sacrificing.


Gowen is the offensive, hard hitting deck.
This Sphere is known for fighting, and that means they have big hit points and do big damage. Their Grimoire cards generally do straight damage, and their support cards are the best at giving bonuses to AT. Their biggest advantage however, is not strength but speed. With stronger level 2 cards than anyone else, you'll have a solid fighting force on the field quick. Also, Gowen units have a wide range of AGI values, from slow tanks to lightning fast swordsmen.
When building a Gowen Card File, you'll usually find you have more inexpensive AGI 4 choices than any other color, and those will make a big difference.

Gowen cards also have Rankup, which means that when your Sphere Level in Gowen reaches a certain point, your cards essentially get a level up and become a little stronger. This means if you don't have enough SP to pull out a card, you can drop a point or two into your Sphere level and get some quick payoff.

To balance out all this power, Gowen has one big disadvantage: defense. If you play Gowen, you can count on having basically no armor or healing. On the plus side, this gives you a bit of an edge against “armor piercing” Card Files, because a lot of their powers won't help against you. In addition, Gowen has some decent SP generation. However, their SP generators are not as easy or as quick to play as Refess'. Overall, Gowen's strategy is simple: take control of the field early, and then hold onto it by hitting your enemy as hard as you can with a balance of power and speed.


Falkow rewards card combos the way Lawtia rewards timing. Falkow is one of the best colors for defense. You might see less cards with a DF value than Refess has, but in practice you find that Falkow almost always turns out to be superior. Falkow cards do decent damage, and they are good at landing their attacks where they count, with a few different ways to target opponents and some strong ranged fighters.

When you have chosen one of the decks, go and duke it out in the training arena before playing in Crest. Feel free to contact me or the forum if you have questions or just want a game. I'm in the Alteil chat most of the time.
There's also an Alteil mIRC channel.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is there a trading system?
No, and there never will be.

How do I get new cards?
Buy them with gran at the shop or get them at Treasure Battles. Treasure Battles are random in which the winner gets the card. Treasure battles only occur in Crest and Folrart arena. You also gain a card when you level up. Starting at level 10 you will only get cards every 10 levels though. You'll get a card at level 15 too.
You can buy one random card from the Lottery for 30 gran, or 5 random cards for 150 gran etc.

I recommend buying card packs or boxes as they have a higher chance of getting better cards.

There are two currencies in Alteil, Fight Money and Gran.
Fight money is used to buy stuff like avatar things... Gran is used to buy cards and stuff you can't buy for FM, basically.
The most common method of getting gran is with the daily Mirage Master. Once a day Mirage Master will give you gran depending on what difficulty you choose.
Only the first win is counted. Go to My Iczer - Mirage Master

You can also recycle cards for gran. Depending on their rarity you get different amounts of gran. 1 star is 5 gran, 2 star is 10 gran etc.
Note: Cards you got from your starter deck won't give you any gran.
Or if you're a weakling, press the cashier button and spend some dollars for gran.

How do I change deck lol?!!?!?
If you want to change deck, buy a starter deck for 1000 gran, or make a new account.

I keep hearing about night and day, what is this?
In the battle screen when you're dueling, look at the middle. Top icon is the current time.

For Lawtia players: If you want your night bonus for your specific unit to kick in right when it's opened, set it at dawn.

How does Range work?

Range is calculated based on how many units are in between you and your opponent. Range of 1 means that the enemy has to be directly in front with no units in between the two. It doesn't matter if you're both in the back row of your fields as long as nothing is in between. Range of 2 means that there can be one unit between you and your opponent etc. maximum is Range 5 which means there can be four units between your card and the intended target.

Once again, feel free to contact me or the forum if you have questions or just want a game. I'm in the Alteil chat most of the time.
There's also an Alteil mIRC channel.

Also, when you have gotten a hang of how the game works, read this deck-specific guide:
It's short so don't worry.
There's also a Card List
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I've only tried one practice duel so far, but this seems interesting. Thanks for all the info on it!
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Old 2009-12-04, 01:16   Link #3
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I'm going to bump this since I just recently got into this game. I think it is fun. Cheezy did a much better job selling it than I could have, though perhaps in all fairness, he sort of did it in a...cheezy...commercial-like way.

Simply put, Alteil has more depth in card variety and strategies than any other online CCG at the moment.

That said, it takes a long time to get any sort of collection going (for free at least...if you want to speed up, you can purchase Gran for cash at approximately one penny per one gran), so expect that you will be organically growing your starter set for quite a while. From what I've been told, it can win quite handily even at the highest levels if you know what you're doing with it.

The upside is that the game is currently in its infancy, so anyone joining right now can essentially "buy low" and really get to enjoy the game when it hits its stride by having a larger collection, more experience playing, and so on. There's a small, but very helpful community to make the learning curve go more quickly.

The link is already posted, so I recommend you join. In all honesty though, I wish I'd joined sooner.

Edit: if you do join now, please say that Demongod referred you, so I could get some credit to get help with my own budding collection.
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