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Old 2008-09-08, 18:52   Link #1
Wew I did it again.
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Location: Nibelheim
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Cool Searching for a Fighting Anime

Hello all im currently searching for a good Fighting/Martial Arts with a hint of Comedy anime.
My Current list.
Darker Than Black
Shura No Toki
Edit:Animes i left off my list.
Air Gear
Tenjo Tenge
Samurai Champloo
YuYu Hakush
Few more can't think of all them at the moment any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


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Old 2008-09-08, 19:04   Link #2
See You En' Tee
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Busou Renkin - prolly one ud like
Tengen Toppa Gurren-lagann - if you like fighting, you will like this, its mecha...but this is the anime that made me start to like mecha ( i hated it before )
Kaze no stigma - underrated anime imo

how you feel about Guns? Black Lagoon S1+2 is damn awesome

can name alot more actions/fighting but theres so many -_-

guessing you mainly like swordplay?
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Old 2008-09-08, 19:57   Link #3
Wew I did it again.
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Nibelheim
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Yea i do like swordplay but i also like hand to hand combat stuff too. Busou Renkin ,man i forgot all about it I started watching it awhile back and got side tracked so i may finish watching it .First i need to remember which episode i was on lol.Also Kaze no stigma looks interesting ill look into it . Thanks for the Suggestions. Anymore would be Appreciated Thanks.

Edit:Btw Good Anime Quality is a plus Thanks.
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Old 2008-09-08, 21:02   Link #4
Dango Master
*IT Support
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If you enjoyed air master then you could try Air Gear and Tenjo Tenge. There are lots of fights but things can go a bit out of proportions xD

Also i would like to recommend D Gray Man since you like naruto and bleach. Very interesting plot, strong main character, awasome powers/techniques and what makes them so similar is the amount of episodes (currently airing ep 99) and the feeling that it will never end xD

As for animes with lots of katanas and samurai/ninja you cant miss Kenshin, Samura Champloo and Basilik.

There are 2 good / long animes tbut the animation quality is a bit old so check them and decide for yourself: Yu Yu Hakusho and Flame of Recca.
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Old 2008-09-08, 21:07   Link #5
Autumn Demon
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hunter x hunter
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Old 2008-09-08, 22:11   Link #6
Wew I did it again.
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Nibelheim
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Seen AirGear was great wish it was a little longer lol same with tenjo.Seen kenshin,Samurai Champloo,and yuyu hakusho.Tried to watch D greyman couldnt get pass the first 5 episodes didnt quite catch my eye.Thanks for the suggestion ill look into the other ones listed .feel free the to leave more suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Old 2008-09-08, 22:56   Link #7
Rated P.G. Superstar
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seems a lot of the good animes were posted already. well, you could try Virtua Fighter & G Gundam ~I really enjoyed them way back because of epic fights.
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Old 2008-09-09, 01:35   Link #8
Senior Member
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Scryed : punchy anime, if you've played the phycic force series its similar in settings.
Ramma 1/2: male that changes into female bases on contact with cold water comedy and martial arts mix into one.
E's otherwise

Basilik: someone already mention it, its an awesome series if you're into ninja.

something that is unlikely but hey Ikkitousen series, Koihime musou
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Old 2008-09-09, 02:21   Link #9
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Hajime no Ippo (also known as Fighting Spirit) also comes recommended since it's a boxing anime that has a great cast, good doses of comedy, and exciting, intense boxing matches.
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Old 2008-09-09, 10:16   Link #10
Join Date: Apr 2008
Age: 28
I won't second anything, I'll just add some more good animes with, of course, fighting (a lot) : Elemental Gelade (or Erementar Gerad how others might say), Fate Stay Night (worth watching - with swords), Inukami (hmm...also comedy), Shakugan no Shana (not sure if this smth ure looking for, but its a good anime with lots of fighting scenes, it deals with magic stuff), Zero no Tsukaima (magic and the main char. fights with a sword, but its not only fighting). Here are some more animes that are not preocupied only with fighting, but with other stuff too: Tenchi Muyo (a bit old but I like it), Trinity Blood. If I remember anything else I'll post later. Hf trying all of them. Btw, sorry if I wrote one already mentioned.

Edit after 5 min of thinking: of course I forgot the old classic Inuyahsa go try it as soon as possible! Also u can try Full Metal Alchemist (a bit different type of fighting, based on alchemy), Hellsing, Samurai X (the whole series), Gintama (more comedy than fighting, also much parody), Trigun (with guns - another old one), Princess Mononoke (movie) and definitely Ninja Scrolls.

I hope I was helpful .

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