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Old 2008-09-20, 11:56   Link #1
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Romance(ill give best despcription of what i want since i didnt do it before...)

I would like to see mainly just a couple that get together at some point during the episodes.. i dont mind love triangles its usually better though to know who he likes.. I usually enjoy the episodes more when it comes from the guys point of view or both and girls point of view...

Some ive watched and liked... or disliked ...
Dream: Eternal rainbow (they didnt actually get romance until later on but no to bad and the guy already knew who he liked from the begining which i liked..)
True Tears(pretty good although maybe alittle to serious..)
Clannad(i didnt enjoy much at all since they didnt go anywhere until the very last episode and when they did only one episode where they were dating..)
Ef: A Tale Of Memories( i enjoyed since they did go somewhere with a realation ship though it was confusing at first since it would switch from on couple to the next.. and again i liked how the guy had already chosen who he wanted from the beginning and didnt have to think over it much over who he wanted..)
Love-Hina( i did not enjoy this series very much not much romance and the couple went nowhere until the extra three episodes..)
Nagasarete Airanto (i did not enjoy it was hilarious for the most part but basically no romance..)
Love Twins( did not like much no romance and to many girls...)
Onegai Sensei ( i did enjoy this series since most of it was all about establishing and improving their relationship..)

I have seen more than this but at the moment this is all i can come up with at the top of my head... i hope you guy are able to find a description of what i like through this... Thankyou
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Old 2008-09-20, 12:17   Link #2
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If you want to see a complicated romance yet without that "I hate you / I love you / I hate you more / I suddenly love you again," then try Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. In Itazura na Kiss, the anime goes somewhere, so try that too.
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Old 2008-09-20, 12:19   Link #3
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I don't know, but maybe you can try Macross Frontier.

It started as an Mecha anime but have been into the romance since then.

Not the best one, but i enjoy watching it, so hope you do
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Old 2008-09-20, 13:05   Link #4
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Try REC, and seconding Itazura na Kiss.
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Old 2008-09-21, 02:12   Link #5
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Shuffle...sorta....Honey and Clover...sorta..and His/Her Circumstances, well thats what the English name is.
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Old 2008-09-21, 05:09   Link #6
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Originally Posted by risingstar3110 View Post
I don't know, but maybe you can try Macross Frontier.

It started as an Mecha anime but have been into the romance since then.

Not the best one, but i enjoy watching it, so hope you do
The 3 factors that determine's what's Macross:

Love triangle.
Music and songs.
Transformable mechs.

The love triangle is always an important element in Macross, there's always romance, but I'm too sure if its the type of romance the starter is searching for.

@OnlyOnce, the anime you've watched seems to pure romance and are less fantasy or action. Do you want only pure romance or accept other genres with romance?
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Old 2008-09-23, 05:26   Link #7
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i dont mind if it has stuff other than romance but i would like to have good romance going..
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Old 2008-09-24, 15:08   Link #8
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Nodame Cantabile
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Old 2008-09-24, 17:29   Link #9
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You could try some of these. The couples actually get together before the last 5 minutes of the last episode, although some it takes a little longer than others.

Lovely Complex
Kare Kano(read the manga to get the most out of it)
Peach Girl

My other recommendations would be manga. If you don't mind reading then pm me and I can give you some.

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Old 2008-09-25, 22:40   Link #10
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These series have couples that are dating and in relationships.

Bokura ga Ita
Kare First Love
Ayashi no Ceres
The Devil Does Exist
Wild Act
Fushigi Yuugi
Happy Hustle High
Kare Kano
High School Debut
Paradise Kiss
Ultra Cute
Missile Happy!
Land of the Blindfolded
Absolute Boyfriend
Fushigi Yugi
Love Attack
Sand Chronicles
Akuma De Sourou
Sensual Phrase
Marmalade Boy
Peach Girl
Ceres Celestial Legend
Ultra Maniac
Sailor Moon
We Were There
His and Her Circumstances
Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien

These are all manga series. The manga versions are much better than the anime versions.

Fushigi Yugi the manga shows the couple engaged, dating and in a deep, committed relationship. The sex scene in volume 18 of the manga is amazing.

Ceres Celestial Legend the manga has the couple dating, making out, having sex, going out, living together and spending nights making out and sleeping together in hotel rooms in a mature relationship.

Peach Girl manga is much more mature than the anime, the anime cuts out all the references to sex and mature themes and tones down the series.

Mars is a very realistic romance series, the couple is living together and in a deep, passionate relationship.

These series have couples dating and going out and being in relationships as a couple.

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