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Vongola Ichigo (Manga Fanfic)

TTHis is a new fanfic im trying out. It is a combination of every anime character under one plot. Hope you enjoy.

Introduction Part 1

The scene is a small, damp cave. The rain outside poured loudly against the ground, making the cave moist and humid. Several flames lined the walls of the cave, with two people standing in the middle. Each of them wearing hoods, one of the hooded figures was very small, almost baby-sized.

“Your time has almost come.” The small, hooded figure said. “Yeah, I know.” The other figure said in a cherry tone. “You seem happy.” The small figure said as he lifted his hooded. He indeed was a baby, with small dimples on his cheek, and a black top hat on his head. (
“Yeah, but I remember how excited I was when I was chosen at his age.” The other one said as he lifted his hood, revealing his smiling face, as he rubbed his fuzzy dark-blue hair in excitement. (

“Kaien, you weren’t like most kids at 16.” The small one said. “You’re so harsh, Reborn!” Kaien scorned with a laugh. “Oh, by the way Reborn.” He said. “Who is this new kid, anywho?”

“His name?” Reborn questioned as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper. “Kurosaki..Ichigo.”

BEEP BEEP BEEP BANG. The fist slammed against the alarm clock, as it immediately went silent. Crusty eyes opened to the sight of a bedroom ceiling, leaning up as he rubbed his bright-orange hair. He scratched his shoulder a few times, and then rose to his feet to get ready from school. He is Kurosaki Ichigo.

He walked into the bathroom, pushing his little sister Kari out of the way. He looked into the mirror as sighed. “I’m 16.” He whispered to himself. “Today is gonna suck.”

A few minutes later, Ichigo walked downstairs, in his regular outfit for school. “Happy Birthday Ichigo!” His mom and dad and Kari yelled with balloons and streamers in their hands and around the room. Ichigo sighed as he grabbed his backpack. “Thanks guys.” He said with an exaggerated sigh. Ichigo’s dad, a spiky haired scrawny guy, put Ichigo in a headlock. “How’s it feel to be 16!” He yelled.

“Got no time, school is soon!” Ichigo lied as he took a waffle out of the toaster, sticking it in his mouth as he ran out the door. He walked along the road, fearing the day ahead of him. Ichigo passed a small bench, as he walked past a person holding a small photo. “That’s him.” Reborn said with a smile.

Ichigo went to Namimori High School, a regular school with nothing really special about it. He entered homeroom early and sat down to his desk, resting his head on his backpack. Soon time went by, as the bell rang, people sitting at their desks as the teacher walked in.

“Kids.” He said in a dignified voice as he held his stack of papers. “We have a new student today.” He said. “A new student?” One of the kids said. “It’s already March, why would a kid come here so late?” Another one asked.

The kid walked into the room, a gloomy look on his face, his octopus-like gray hair attracting most of the students. “Introduce yourself.” The teacher spurred. “I’m Gokudera Hayato.” He said in a dull tone. “Take your desk.” The teacher said as Gokudera walked to his seat, passing Ichigo.

“Walk a weird kid.” Ichigo said to himself. He looked across the class as he saw her, Aelita Sawagasa. “There’s Aelita!” He said to himself. Ichigo loved everything about Aelita. Her pink hair, her shining smile, her blue eyes, everything.

“Maybe she knows it’s my birthday.” He hoped. Soon half of the boring day ended, and the bell rang for lunch-time. Ichigo put his books in his backpack as he saw Aelita walk out of the room. He sighed as Gokudera bumped into him, slamming against the ground.

“Watch it, kid.” Gokudera scowled. “Kid?” Ichigo asked in a sarcastic tone. “I’m your age, buddy.” Ichigo responded. Gokudera grabbed Ichigo’s shirt tightly, pulling him to eye-level. “Don’t get in my way!” He yelled as he threw Ichigo to the floor, walking out of the room.

“Where did he come from? Douche bag High?” Ichigo scowled to himself. He tried to forget the whole ordeal as he gathered his things and walked to the roof for lunch, where he usually ate. Ichigo did not have many friends, barely any at all. He liked to keep to himself.

He leaned against the gate around the roof and opened his lunch. He pulled out a small napkin with a note from his mother on it. Ichigo read it and smiled as he threw it away. “Happy birthday to me I guess.” Ichigo sighed as he bit into his sandwich.

“You have such low- self esteem.” A squeaky voice said above Ichigo as he looked up. “Who are you?” Ichigo asked the small baby in the suit. “I’m Reborn.” He said as he jumped down to Ichigo’s level. “How can you talk?” Ichigo asked.

“The same way you can, stupid.” Reborn responded. Ichigo became confused, as he looked into his sandwich. “It must be moldy, I’m seeing things.” He said. Reborn smacked Ichigo in the face. “Could a hallucination do that?” Reborn asked with a smile.

“Just leave me alone.” Ichigo sighed as he grabbed his things and walked away from Reborn. “Happy Birthday.” Reborn said. “How did you know it was my birthday?” Ichigo asked. “I know a lot about you, Kurosaki Ichigo, age 16. Parents are Isshin Kurosaki and Karin Kurosaki with one sibling, Kari Kurosaki.” Reborn replied.

“What are you, some stalking baby?” Ichigo asked, annoyed. “I’m a Justified Hitman.” Reborn replied. Ichigo looked at him wide-eyed. “Justified….hitman?” He replied. “I kill people for the good of others.” Reborn answered.

“Yeah, okay.” Ichigo said non-believing. “And I’m royalty!” He exaggerated. “You soon will be.” Reborn said to a soon-puzzled Ichigo. “Good one, kid.” Ichigo said. “Let me ask you Ichigo.” Reborn stated.

“Do you think killing is justified with a justified reason?” Reborn asked. “Does not really involve me. I’m not going to answer a question like that to a baby.” Ichigo replied. “You’re wrong.” Reborn said. “You, Ichigo Kurosaki, are the soon-to-be 10th Captain of the Vongola.” He stated.

“Vongola?” Ichigo asked. “Is that a sports team?” He asked. “The exact opposite.” Reborn replied. “The Vongola is an organization that handles affairs that disrupt the peace. Kind of like a “police” of hitmen.”

The bell suddenly rang, as Ichigo grabbed his backpack in a rush. “Damn, I’m late! See yah baby!” Ichigo yelled as he ran downstairs. “He’ll soon see.” Reborn said with a smile as he suddenly feel asleep. Soon Ichigo went to class, listening to the random lessons of the teacher. Halfway through the class, Ichigo felt something hard in his pocket.

He reached into his pocket as he pulled out a small keychain with the words “Vongola” Written on the top with a strange symbol. It was a bullet surrounded by gold font. “Damn baby.” Ichigo said to himself. Gokudera walked into the class, sitting at his seat as if nothing happened. “You are very late, Hayato.” The teacher said. “What about it.” Gokudera intimidated as the teacher went back to teaching nervously.

School ended quickly enough, as Ichigo got his things and walked out of the class, yet again bumping into Gokudera. “Didn’t I tell you to watch where you’re going!” Gokudera yelled as Ichigo dropped his things. The Vongola keychain fell out of his bag, shining next to him. “I’ll show you.” Gokudera said as he raised a fist to Ichigo, then noticing the keychain.

“What the hell!” Gokudera yelled as he stopped his punch. He picked up the keychain and stared at it. “Where did you get this?” He asked frantically. Ichigo, confused, took the keychain away and stuffed it in his pocket. “It’s just something I..I found,” he lied.

“ can’t be.” Gokudera stuttered as he crawled out of the classroom. “Creepy..” Ichigo said as he looked back at the keychain. “Has the whole world gone crazy?” He asked himself as he ran home. While he was running, a black limo began to follow him. Soon enough, Ichigo noticed the limo, turning to it as he flipped it off.

“Damn stalkers.” Ichigo scowled. The limo pulled up to Ichigo, as the tinted window slowly slid down. “Ciaossu.” Reborn greeted within the limo. “You again?!” Ichigo yelled. “Get inside.” Reborn said as he pulled Ichigo in through the window. “Why ask me if you’re just going to force me!” Ichigo face-faulted.

“Have you thought about my offer?” Reborn asked. “Kinda.” Ichigo replied as he brushed himself off. “And this weird new-kid was freaked out when he saw this necklace.” He explained. Reborn then looked serious. “What was his name?” Reborn asked.

“Sengusera..something.” Ichigo tried to remember. “Gokudera?” Reborn reminded. “Yeah, that’s him.” Ichigo replied. “Ah..Gokudera Hayato.” Reborn sighed. “You know him?” Ichigo asked.

“He was in the Vongola a few years ago. He joined when the 9th’s captain was inaugurated. Unfortunately, with Gokudera’s tactics and ways of fighting, he caused too much damage and was kicked out.” Reborn stated.

“So this whole thing is real?” Ichigo asked. “Why would I be lying to you?” Reborn asked. Ichigo stared out the tinted window as they approached his house. “Stop here.” Ichigo said to the driver as he got out. “Tomorrow I need your answer.” Reborn said as Ichigo crawled out of the limo. “Yeah, yeah. See ya.” Ichigo replied as he slammed the door shut.

Ichigo walked into his house, noticing all the lights off. “Surprise!” Ichigo’s family cried as they flicked the lights on, jumping and shouting. “Thanks, guys.” Ichigo said, unappreciated. There was cake, Ichigo’s favorite dinner and games that Ichigo pretended to play.

Soon he went upstairs and finished his homework, then decided to go to bed early. He looked up at the ceiling and sighed. Slowly, his eye lids dropped, leaving Ichigo in a deep sleep.

The next day, Ichigo left home early, deciding to sleep in homeroom until the bell rings. Ichigo lie his head on his desk, closing his eyes and sleeping. “Hey!” Gokudera yelled in his ear as Ichigo fell on the floor. “What the hell are you yelling for!” Ichigo yelled back.

Gokudera stood their, silent. “Follow me.” He said as he walked out of the classroom. “What the hell, no way.” Ichigo said as he noticed his backpack was gone. “That bastard!” He yelled as he ran to Gokudera who was outside by now.

The two stood in front of each other, both silent. Gokudera tossed Ichigo’s backpack behind him. “You and me, fight.” He said. Ichigo laughed. “I don’t feel like getting kicked out of school today.” Ichigo said. Gokudera pulled something out of his pocket, as he lit a cigarette and put it in his mouth. “We fight now, Vongola!” He yelled.

“Vongola?!” Ichigo asked, surprised. Gokudera put a stick of dynamite next to his face, lighting the wick with his cigarette. “Dynamite!?” Ichigo yelled. “Die, Vongola!” Gokudera yelled as he tossed the dynamite at Ichigo.

Ichigo darted to the left, as the dynamite exploded, thrusting him into the wall. “What the hell was that?!” He yelled. “Fight me now, Vongola Captain!” Gokudera urged. “I have no idea what you are talking about!” Ichigo yelled in anger. “That necklace!” Gokudera yelled. “Only the captain’s of the Vongola have those!”

“So that’s what this is for!” Ichigo said shocked. “Die!” Gokudera yelled as he lit two sticks of dynamite, tossing them at Ichigo. Ichigo shouted as he darted for the school door, but the explosion forced him to the ground. “Stop!” Ichigo yelled as he tried to get up.

“Eat this!” Gokudera yelled as he pulled a dozen bombs and lit them. “Double Bomb!” He yelled as he tossed them at Ichigo. They all dropped around him leaving no way to dodge, as Ichigo ran away. “I’ll never make it..” He said to himself.

“6th Style.” A voice said. In an instant, all of the dynamite split in half, as they dropped to the floor. Ichigo picked up turned his head as he saw a dark-blue haired person with a sword standing next to him. “Slicing Wind.” Kaien said as he sheathed his sword.

“You?!” Gokudera yelled in fear. “You were always trouble, Hayato.” Kaien said as he approached Ichigo, laying his hands on his shoulder. “You alright, Ichigo?” He asked. “I’m..fine.” Ichigo replied. Gokudera made an explosion by smashing a stick of dynamite at the ground, running.

“Whatever.” Kaien sighed. He brushed off his black kimono suit and sat on the ground. “Who are you?” Ichigo asked. “I’m Kaien Shiba, the 9th Captain of the Vongola.” He replied. “9th…captain?” Ichigo asked. “That’s right.” Kaien said with a smile.

Ichigo heard the bell from within the school, as he ran to his bag. “Don’t worry about school.” Kaien said. “Why?” Ichigo asked. “I got you out of it. I said that a dear family member died.” Kaien replied.

“Why take me out of school?” Ichigo asked. “You sure do ask a lot of questions.” Kaien replied, “come, follow me.”

Kaien got up slowly, walking away from the school as Ichigo sighed. “Fine.” He said as he ran to Kaien. They walked for hours, until they made it to a small lake outside town. “Why are we here?” Ichigo asked. “Can you fight?” Kaien asked ignoring Ichigo’s question.

“Fight? I guess.” Ichigo replied. “Well from that match with Gokudera I’m not going to peg you as a fighter yet.” Kaien said as he unsheathed his sword. “Wait, Kaien.” Ichigo said. “I have some questions.” Kaien turned to him, then leaning against a tree. “What?” He asked.

“Just this whole Vongola thing. I mean one day I’m just a kid, and now I’m some sort of Captain for a serious HITMAN organization. Why was I chosen for this? There’s probably a hundred other people more suitable for the job then me.”

Kaien sighed. “It’s funny. Those questions were the ones I was asking the Captain before me when I was chosen.” He said. “So you were like me before this?” Ichigo asked. “Well, no. By my age, I was not like most kids. When kids were out playing games with friends, I was training my swordsmanship. When it snowed, I didn’t make snowmen and have snowball fights, I practiced seeing how many slashes it would take to cut down a tree.”

“Why were you like that?” Ichigo asked. “Like I said, I was a weird kid,” Kaien said with a laugh, “but eventually I learned that all those years of training were not for nothing.” “When was that?” Ichigo asked. “It was when I was walking back from school. I saw some little kid get mugged by these two thugs, I took them out easily. It turned out that was just a test by the Vongola. And so I was picked to be the next captain.”

“Weird.” Ichigo sighed, “So why did you take me out here?” Kaien laughed as he walked to the water and saw his own reflection, smiling. “This water,” He said, “It’s like the life of a normal kid. Unfortunately, if one enters something he is not prepared for, the water becomes this.” Kaien said as he slashed the water, making the reflection blurry as the waves splash against each other.

“What are you trying to say?” Ichigo asked. “I’m saying that if you aren’t fully dedicated for the role as Captain, then don’t risk your life.” Kaien responded. Ichigo looked down at the water, looking at HIS reflection. Suddenly, Kaien’s pocket began to vibrate, as he pulled out a small beeper. “A mission.” He said as he got up. “Let’s go.” He said as he ran out of the forest, Ichigo soon following.

As they reached the road, a similar limo to the one the other day parked next to them. “Get in.” He said as he opened the door and walked inside. Ichigo refused at first, but decided whatever was happening was worth seeing. Ichigo could see nothing but the trees as they passed by, not knowing where he would go.

Soon, the limo came to a stop, as Kaien walked out. Ichigo followed, as they approached another forest. “Where are we?” Ichigo asked. “A lair.” A voice from the trees said. “Good, you’re here Yamamoto.” Kaien said with a smile. Yamamoto jumped down from a branch, landing on the ground. “SO he’s the 10th?” He asked.(

“Yeah.” Kaien said with a smile. His smile soon went to a serious look, as he held his blade stern to his side. “Where is Shizune?” He asked as Ichigo looked around, very confused. “She’s at the lair taking out the guards.” Yamamoto said firmly. “Hold on a minute!” Ichigo yelled. “What the hell is going on?!”

“Listen, Ichigo,” Kaien said. “Right now in a cave a mile from here some drug hoarders are contemplating an escape. We are going to stop them.” He said. “Drug.. Hoarders?” Ichigo asked, “Then why the hell am I here?!”

“Because it’s a simple mission. Just watch and follow.” Kaien said as he and Yamamoto ran into the forest. “Dammit!” Ichigo yelled as he followed. Soon, they approached a cave, with several men on the floor. “Good job, Shizune.” Kaien congratulated as he patted Shizune on the back. “A girl?” Ichigo asked. “He’s the new boss?” Shizune asked. “Seems scrawny.” She offended as Ichigo tried to look tough by standing stiff.

“He’s got potential,” Yamamoto said as he pulled out his weapons, two Sais, “but it’s time to get serious.” The group walked into the cave, Ichigo cautious of entering. “Come on.” Urged Kaien. “You’ll be safe. I’ll protect you with my life.” He said with a smile as he and Ichigo walked into the cave.

“They’re trying to escape to Cuba.” Shizune said as she looked into the cave. “Okay. Yamamoto, Shizune. Cut their transportation down. Me and Ichigo will handle the boss.” Kaien said. “Don’t include me!” Ichigo face-faulted. Shizune and Yamamoto soon darted off into a different direction, as Kaien stopped at a small vent next to the garage where the trucks were gathering. “Get in.” Kaien said as he slashed the vent open. Ichigo crawled inside, and soon Kaien followed.

They crawled through the vents, sometimes seeing through the occasional holes in the vent. As they passed another series of small holes in the vents, they heard a few men with machine guns in arms speaking Russian to each other. “Turn left.” Kaien whispered.

They continued to crawl until Kaien stopped him, as he slammed his fist on the vent, as it collapsed and they fell, one landed on their feet and the other on their face. “Where are we?” Ichigo groaned. He looked around the room and all he saw were guns stacked on the wall.

“Apparently their artillery room.” Kaien stated as he walked to the door, opening it slightly. “Stay here.” He said as he walked out of the room. Ichigo crept towards the door, hearing several gunshots outside. He opened the door slightly, peaking an eye out.

BANG BANG BANG Several people shot machine guns in several directions, looking as if they were trying to hit a speeding object. Suddenly, several of the gang members fell to the floor, as Kaien appeared behind them, sheathing his blade. “5th Style. Swaying Wind,” He said.

Ichigo fell as the door swayed open, Kaien looking at him with a laugh. “Come on.” He said as Ichigo followed, jumping over the unconscious bodies. “That was amazing!” Ichigo yelled. “In like a second you took down 6 guys with guns with just a sword, I mean that’s amazing!”

“Not too shabby, huh?” Kaien bragged. “It isn’t too hard. After all, I’ve been a swordsman all my life, remember?” He asked as Ichigo nodded with a smile. They approached a door, as Kaien held his hand out in front of Ichigo, stopping him.

“This is where the Drug Bosses are. Stay put.” He said. Ichigo nodded as suddenly a shotgun shot in the air, Kaien pushing Ichigo out of the way as he bullets scattered across the door. Kaien turned to the shooter, another drug dealer. “Ichigo, get down!” He yelled as he unsheathed his blade.

Ichigo crawled to the corner of the room, as suddenly several gang members burst through the main door. “Kaien, watch out!” Ichigo yelled as the dealers turned to him. Kaien, finishing the first shooter with the shotgun, charged at the dealers, guns turned at Ichigo. “Now!” Kaien yelled as he held his blade in the air.

“2nd Style. Tornado Wind!” Kaien yelled as he slashed in the air, the force of the slash blowing the dealers to the wall. “They know, we’re here. Damn i-“ Kaien was interrupted as a large metal ball connected to a chain smashed him into the wall. “Kaien!” Ichigo yelled as a tall, pale guy with spiky hair and a scar across his face walked towards Kaien.

“We’re getting out of here now!” The drug leader yelled. Kaien picked up his blade, as he looked at his attacker. “6th Style.” Kaien said as he charged. The pale man swung the chain around, tossing the ball at Kaien with full speed. “Slicing Wind!” Kaien yelled as he appeared on the other side of the man, his ball and chain slashed into pieces as his shoulder was cut falling on the floor.

“Ichigo. Stay put. I’ll stop them.” Kaien yelled as he charged into the room. Ichigo sighed. “I almost died. What the hell have I just agreed too. But at least with Kaien, I’m safe.” He said. But he spoke to soon. One of he drug bosses limped out of the room, blood dripping down his arms and legs.

“Damn Vongola. Always stopping our plans.” He said as Ichigo went dead silent, trying to be avoided. The leader turned to him, gasping. “You! Your one of the Vongola aren’t you!” “No, I’m not!” Ichigo yelled. The leader pulled a pistol from out of his shirt, cocking it. “Die!” He yelled.

A few shots went off, as Ichigo turned in fear. A few seconds later, he opened his eyes, feeling no pain. He turned to the leader, as he saw Kaien, his blood dripping onto him. Kaien toppled on the floor, as the drug leader smiled. “Serves you righ-“ The leader said as blood shot from his back.

“Kaien!” Ichigo yelled as he held Kaien up. Kaien looked lifeless, a smile on his face. “Ichi-Ichigo.” He said softly. “Never deny..never..den..y..wh..who you..are.” He whispered. “With this…I pass onto you…the title of Von..Vongola…Captain.” He said as he tapped Ichigo’s head softly with his right index finger. “Become..a…person…of justice..” And with that, he died.
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Vongola Ichigo Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A few months had passed by since that day, and things soon got back to normal. Ichigo was training daily with Reborn after school, as Shizune and Yamamoto took the missions on his behalf.

Kaien’s funeral was a depressing one. Many associates of the vongola and people helped during Kaien’s reign had come. The church was full of people, making Ichigo amazed that one person could do this much.

Ichigo awoke the next morning and began his routine. He walked outside as he was greeted by his parents. He walked along the road to school with a backpack in one hand and a long duffel bag in the other. Inside that bag was Kaien’s blade, considering Ichigo’s training begins the minute the last bell rings.

In class, Ichigo had noticed that Gokudera had not shown up for school since the day he met Kaien, making others worry. He had no known relatives, living off the money his grandparents sent him every month, yet they did not know where he was. The last bell rang, as Ichigo got out of his desk and was the first one out of the school.

He approached a black limo on the side of the road and walked inside. He sat down next to Reborn, who was reading the paper. “Ciaossu.” He said. “Yeah, hey.” Ichigo sighed as he stared out the window. “Any news on Gokudera?” Ichigo asked. “No.” Reborn replied, “but if it makes you feel any better I did not look very hard.”

“Thanks a lot!” Ichigo face faulted. The limo soon came to a stop, as Ichigo and Reborn got out as Ichigo changed into his training outfit. “It’s been several months.” Yamamoto said as he got out of the drivers seat. “Maybe it’s time he goes on a mission.”

“Not yet.” Reborn said. “Ichigo has just learned the fundamentals to swordsmanship. Rush him too quickly and he may die.” He said. “But Reborn.” Yamamoto said, “without a captain to lead, many Vongola associates have lost support.”

“Patience.” Reborn said. “Okay Ichigo. Time for our warm-up. Run 10 miles and do 100 sit-ups and push-ups.” He finished with a smile. “Fine.” Ichigo sighed as he ran into the forest. “By the way, Reborn,” Yamamoto said, “you might want to check today’s paper in Italy.” He said as he handed Reborn a folded- newspaper.

Reborn opened the newspaper as his eyes slowly scrolled down it. On the front page, dark bold writing said “THREE ESCAPE FROM JAIL. WANTED.” Reborn chuckled. “Should we go after him?” Yamamoto asked.

“Those 3 are too dangerous for you two.” Reborn stated. “And if I know them like I do, he’ll be looking for revenge on the Vongola.” He said. “Will the kid be ready?” Yamamoto asked as he saw Ichigo running in the distance. “We’ll see.” Reborn answered.

Hours later, Ichigo’s training was over, as he lied on the floor panting covered in sweat and dirt marks. “We’ll call it a day.” Reborn said as he walked to the limo. “Get up and let’s go.” Ichigo turned his body and stood up slowly, limping his way to the limo. They got inside as the driver drove off.

Reborn sat the paper next to him, as Ichigo crawled to the other side of the limo, lying on his back. “You’ve improved.” Reborn said. “The first time we finished training you could not talk or even walk to the car.”

“If you can call that improving, then sure.” Ichigo said as he reached for Kaien’s blade and held it up in front of him. “But am I strong enough to do take the responsibilities that Kaien had?” He asked.

“Not yet,” Reborn said, “but your first real mission will be soon.” Ichigo sat up with a smile on his face. “Really?!” He asked. “Yes.” Reborn stated. “ Maybe even sooner then you think.”

The next day, Ichigo went to school, same as any day. He walked along the bridge to his high school, Namimori High. “I wonder what my first mission will be like.” He wondered. He realized not once this month had Reborn taught him any swordsmanship, but didn’t care as he thought he was ready.

He soon went into homeroom, lying his head on his backpack, sleeping. “Hey. Idiot.” Gokudera said to Ichigo as he picked his head up. “What do you want?” Ichigo asked. Gokudera stared at Ichigo with dark eyes, saying “Nothing, Vongola,” as he walked away.

“What is his problem?” Ichigo asked himself. HE put his head on his backpack, as someone tapped on his shoulder. “Yes?” He said rudely as he looked up at her. “Um…sorry. Your foot is on my backpack.” Aelita said shyly. “Oh..sorry.” Ichigo responded as he lifted his foot as Aelita getting her backpack and walking away.

The scene changes from the school to a tree outside, Shizune and Yamamoto standing upon it. “You think he’s any good?” Shizune asked. “Well. If Kaien picked him, he must be a good kid.” Yamamoto reassured. “Let’s hope.” She said.
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Vongola Ichigo Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Gokudera? Genious?

Ichigo limped his way into homeroom, dreading another training session with Reborn. “If Reborn makes me run from an angry bear again I’ll die.” He said to himself. He sat at his desk as he gave a whimper at all his soars.

Soon the other kids came into class, as the bell rang and the teacher walked inside. Ichigo noticed Gokudera’s seat, still empty. “I saw him yesterday. I thought we’d see him again.” Ichigo thought to himself. Minutes later, Gokudera barged into class, teacher in mid-discussion about electrons.

“Mister Hayato.” The teacher said nervously, still scared of him. “If you are late one more time I will send you to the dean!” He threatened. Gokudera turned around, staring at the teacher with dark eyes. “Just try it.” He said as the teacher yelped.

The teacher shook his head, as he reached into his backpack. “The tests that you took last week are graded. And I will be handed them to you now.” He said as he walked up and down the aisles, handing each of the papers to the students as he approached Ichigo. He gave Ichigo the paper, as he said “you did okay.”

Ichigo looked at the paper, with the number 82 circled in red ink. “Not to bad.” He said to himself. The teacher approached Gokudera’s seat, excited at the terrible grade he received. “Well. Hayato,” he said as he approached Gokudera’s desk, “maybe this will teach you to come to class early.” Unfortunately, the grade was not what the teacher had expected. “A…a 100%?!” He yelled. Gokudera snatched the test, ripping it apart. “This test was nothing. Make them harder, nuisance.” He said to the teacher.

The bell rang, saving the teacher further embarrassment, as he quickly gathered his things and ran out the class. Ichigo slowly got out of his seat, seeing Aelita holding her paper as it said “93.”

He was walking to her, hoping to congratulate her on a good grade, but was blocked when her best friend, Kayko, ran up to her as they started a never ending conversation, or so it seemed. (link)

“Damn it.” Ichigo sighed as he walked out the room. He went to the locker room, about to get dressed for gym. “I forgot to mention that Gokudera has an IQ of 350.” Reborn said in a couch’s uniform. “What are you doing?!” Ichigo face-faulted.

“I’m bored. So I’m going to be your gym teacher.” Reborn responded. “You can’t just do that!” Ichigo yelled. “Come. The bell rang.” Reborn said as he walked into the gym with Ichigo.

All of the students were lined up, with Reborn in front of them. “Listen up. I’m your new teacher, Coach Paopao.” He said. “Reborn definitely just made that up!” Ichigo yelled in his head. “Now, for a warm up, everyone run around the school 10 times.” He said with a smile, acting like it was nothing.
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Vongola Ichigo Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Real Training Begins

Another month passed, and it seemed like Ichigo’s life was going well, for once. He was being more social, making some new friends at school. He was becoming more friendly to his sister, Karin, and more kind to his parents.

It seemed like Reborn had changed him, somehow.

Ichigo walked into his classroom, yet again, this time with an agenda, talking to Aelita. She was always their early, doing her homework or talking to Kayko. He set his backpack down, determination in his face, as he walked over to her. He knew after all his progress, this would be a sinch.

Of course, he would not go in blindfolded. He had a plan. Inside his pocket, was a small pen, with pink fuzz at the top. This was Aelita’s favorite pen, one that she had left on her desk without realizing it yesterday.

He walked to her desk, palms sweaty. Each step bringing more and more sweat to his hands. Aelita was with Kayko, sitting across from each other, as Ichigo approached them. He finally had to make his move.

He held up his hand, ready to give it his all and talk to her. Suddenly, Ichigo thrust back, slamming against the floor. Aelita and Kayko looked down, put above Ichigo was none other than Gokudera. “Sorry. My bad.” Gokudera said in a uncaring tone. He walked to his desk as Ichigo frantically got up, acting like that did not happen.

Aelita looked at the ground as she saw her pen. “My pen!” She cried as she reached down and picked it up. “Ichigo! Did you steal that from her?!” Kayko yelled. “ I just-and the pen- and..Gokudera.” Ichigo stuttered, as he realized should stop talking.

He walked out of homeroom, depressed and somewhat filled with rage. “That plan was perfect! If only that idiot Gokudera didn’t get in my way! I’ll show him.” Ichigo stormed out of the hall, blind with anger.

“Anger.” A squeaky voice said from within the hall. Ichigo turned to the voice, confused. “Anger. An emotion that can turn wise men dumb and strong men weak. Not a very good quality for a Vongola Captain. Don’t cha think?” Reborn asked.

“Oh, it’s just you Reborn.” Ichigo said. “It seems you are angry.” Reborn stated. “Ya think?” Ichigo asked, sarcastically. “If you could channel that anger into righteous anger, you can become a very powerful man.”

“Yeah. Sure.” Ichigo sighed. Reborn smiled. He could see the despair and depression in his eyes. “Come.” He said as he jumped off the stair railing from which he sat. “It is time to begin your real training.” He said as he walked out of the school.

“Wha-what?” Ichigo asked as he followed. They walked to the limo by the front yard, getting inside as they drove off. “What about school, Reborn?” Ichigo asked confusedly. “Do not worry. I signed you out. But first, take this.” Reborn said as he tossed Kaien’s blade inside the sheath at Ichigo.

“Kaien’s blade?” Ichigo asked. “Yes. Starting today I will teach you basic swordsmanship.” Reborn said, as Ichigo stood straight in excitement. “Really?!” Ichigo asked. “Yes.” Reborn said as the limousine came to a slow stop.

The two got out of the car, staring at a large forest. “First things first, cut all these trees down with one slash each.” Reborn said. “What?!” Ichigo face-faulted.
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Vongola Ichigo Chapter 4 + 5

Chapter 4 – Tree Training Session 1

“Cut all these trees down. With this?” Ichigo asked as he unsheathed Kaien’s blade. “Yes, Correct.” Reborn said. “That’s not even possible!” Ichigo yelled. “Really?” Reborn asked. “Kaien could do it.”

“Well last time I checked, this is the first time I’ve used this blade. The training we have been doing is mostly endurance. We haven’t lifted weights or helped my strength at all!” He said.

“Not true.” Reborn said. “You see. All the running exercises and survival instincts training we have done have greatly improved your strength. Now just use all that endurance to good use and cut the trees.”

“But in one slash?” Ichigo asked. “Okay, try it.” Reborn said. Ichigo held his blade up in front of him, grasping it firmly. “Well. Here I go.” He said as he sprung into the air, thrusting his blade down with all his might.

The blade stuck into the tree, Ichigo stumbling over by the aftershock. “Barely even a scratch.” Reborn said as he pulled Kaien’s sword out of the tree with ease. “Look Reborn. I am not that strong. I weight lift a couple times a month but other than that, I’m just an average kid.” Ichigo tried to explain. He knew this feat was impossible.

“That kind of talk will get you killed.” Reborn said as he hit Ichigo on the head with the butt of the blade. “You are a Vongola Captain. You’re strength is unbound. It depends on how you choose to harness it.” He said.

“Thanks for the pep talk.” Ichigo sighed. “Just try it. You have all the time you want to complete this training. If you can cut through one tree with one slash of that blade, then this part of your training is complete.” Reborn stated. “So begin.”

Ichigo got back up slowly, picking up Kaien’s blade as he sighed. “Well, here goes nothing.” He said as he grasped his blade, ready for another go.

Hours later, the sun began to set, as Ichigo stood at the very same tree he began at, covered in sores and bruises. The tree stood in front of him, covered in slashes as raw bark lay on the grass. “We’ll call it a day.” Reborn said in a cheery tone as he had been sitting on a tree stump watching Ichigo for hours.

Ichigo fell flat on the ground, breathing heavily as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Can you help me up?” He said softly. “Nope. And if you do not get up soon I’ll drive without you.” Reborn replied with a smile.

Chapter 5 - Kendo Break
The next day, Ichigo was lying on his backpack in homeroom, per usual. “ICH….I…GO!” One of Ichigo’s new friends, Keigo shouted as he entered homeroom. (

Needless to say, Keigo was annoying. “Ichigo! Why don’t you hang out with us after school?” He asked. “Quiet, Keigo.” Mizuiro said as he tried to calm Keigo down. “Hey Ichigo.” He greeted as Ichigo gave a silent wave. “Today we’re going to hang out afterschool. You coming? Keigo asked.

Ichigo remembered his training, and gave a quiet “no” from underneath his backpack. “You’re no fun, Ichigo!” Keigo yelled. “Hi Mizuiro.” Aelita said as she waved to him. Ichigo immediately looked up as Mizuiro gave a wave to her. “You know Aelita?” Ichigo asked.

“Yeah. We go to Kendo Club every Wednesdays together.” He responded. “Kendo club?” Ichigo asked.

“You should join.” Reborn said, hours later, outside school, before their training. “Why should I.” Ichigo said. “Because not only will it teach you more about the art of swordsmanship, but you and Aelita will be together.” Reborn responded.

“Well too bad. I’m not going.” Ichigo stated, stubbornly. “Too bad indeed. I already signed you up. You wouldn’t want Aelita to think of you badly for not showing up tomorrow.” Reborn said as he held a confirmation sheet for Ichigo’s joining the kendo club. He left Ichigo no choice.

The next day, Mizuiro and he went down to the Kendo club, Ichigo expecting the worst. “You’ll enjoy yourself, believe me Ichigo.” Mizuiro comforted. They soon got dressed in the standard kendo outfit, as Ichigo picked up his own bamboo sword. “This thing is different from Kaien’s blade.” He said.

“Come on. The session is starting.” Mizuiro said as they walked past a curtain into a large room, with a wooden floor and a big poster with the Japanese symbol for kendo written on it. A small group of people, each in the same outfits, making spotting Aelita a hard challenge.

“Welcome our new member, Kurosaki Ichigo and Keigo Asano.” The instructor stated. “Keigo?” Ichigo asked, as Keigo ran into the dojo, his kimono put on backwards. “Come on..Ichigo!” He yelled. “Out.” Ichigo demanded as Keigo walked out, a sad look on his face.

Later, the students lined up in front of the instructor. “Now students. Today we shall try sparring. One competitor needs 5 points to win. Now, pair off.” He said. The group of kids scattered, looking for partners, as Ichigo was trying to keep a keen eye for Aelita.

“Ichigo.” Mizuiro said as he got Ichigo’s attention. “You want to be partners?” He asked. Ichigo sighed, he knew if he kept looking he would not end up with a partner at all. “Sure.” He said.

They faced each other, bowing as they then squared off. The instructor lifted his hand up, as the groups sparred. “I don’t want you going easy on me, Mizuiro.” Ichigo said. Mizuiro said as he charged towards Ichigo, slashing down at his head.

Ichigo saw the through MIzuiro’s moves, as he stepped to the side of him, slashing at Mizuiro’s chest, striking a point. Mizuiro stepped back, laughing. “You’re pretty good for your first time, Ichigo.” He complemented.

“Lucky I guess.” Ichigo said as he got back into a regular kendo stance. Mizuiro got into his stance, as they both charged into each other at the same time, slashing at each other. Their swords clashed, each opponent stepping back, going in for another try.

Mizuiro slashed up at Ichigo’s helmet yet again, as Ichigo aimed for his chest. The two struck each other at the same time, as the instructor called it a tie, with neither side getting a point. “You are very good, Kurosaki.” The instructor complemented.

“He’s okay, I guess.” A kid standing next to the instructor shrugged. This boy was Myojin Yahiko. ( Even though he was only 13, he was training kendo at an advanced level, learning it at the age of 8. He now co-directs the Kamiya Dojo with his father, Myojin Keniji, the instructor.

“Whys this kid here?” Ichigo asked as he pointed at Yahiko. “I’m not a kid!” Yahiko yelled. “Ichigo.” Mizuiro whispered as he pulled Ichigo away. “That is the sensei’s son. He is already more advanced than our senior class kendo- trainers.” He explained.

“Really? My bad.” Ichigo said as he looked at Yahiko, who was knee-deep in a hissy fit. “Don’t worry son. He didn’t mean it.” The instructor tried to comfort. Suddenly, Reborn appeared behind Ichigo, scaring him for a moment. “Don’t pop out like that!” Ichigo yelled.

Reborn did not respond, he only climbed onto Ichigo’s back, and yelled “I want to fight you little twerp,” in a deep voice. Yahiko, who was blind with rage, heard that voice to be Ichigo’s.

“You think so?!” Yahiko yelled as he grabbed his kendo blade. “Rebo-“ Ichigo was about to say as Reborn suddenly vanished. “Hey. Carrot head!” Yahiko yelled, getting Ichigo’s attention. “I want to fight you, now!” He yelled.

“Son. Control yourself in this dojo!” The instructor tried to be the peacemaker, but Yahiko’s mind was set. He wanted to beat Ichigo and prove his manliness. “We fight till one of us can’t move anymore!” Yahiko yelled as he cleared the dojo, with the other students standing on the sidelines, only being able to watch.

“But. But..” Ichigo stuttered, but he knew it was too late. Yahiko yelled “begin” as he charged towards Ichigo, holding his kendo sword back. Ichigo held his blade up, ready to defend, as Yahiko slashed at his head. Ichigo held his blade to the side, blocking the attack as Yahiko sprung back, charging to go again.

Yahiko stabbed his blade at Ichigo’s chest, as he swiftly stepped to the side, dodging. Ichigo took the chance to attack, as he slashed his kendo blade down, hoping to get a hit. Yahiko took the blade to the head, and without a helmet on, he dropped to the floor.

“He’s so fast.” One of the kids stated. “To be able to hit a pro like Yahiko, what a guy.” Another one said. Yahiko got right back up, ignoring the bump on his head as he got ready to attack again. “Why you..” He scowled as he ran back into for another attack. Yahiko slashed yet again at Ichigo’s helmet, as he was caught off guard.

Ichigo’s helmet came clean off, as his body dropped to the floor. “That’ll teach you!” Yahiko yelled in arrogance. “Who’s a kid now?” He taunted the unconscious Ichigo. “That is enough son!” The instructor yelled as he ran in to check on Ichigo. But amazingly, he stood up, rubbing his head as grabbed his blade.

“Come on. You brat.” Ichigo urged as he looked ready for another round.
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Vongola Ichigo Chapter 6 + 7

Chapter 6 – Kendo Rumble

“You In for another beating?” Yahiko mocked as he tapped his blade on the palm of his hand. “Beating? Please.” Ichigo said with a laugh. “I just wanted to see how hard your strike was.” He said as he put his kendo mask back on.

“Fine. Then eat this!” Yahiko yelled as he jumped at Ichigo, slashing at his chest. Ichigo saw the strike coming, as he parried the attack with his own blade, then stepping into Yahiko’s attack as he pushed him back. “You’re fast.” Yahiko complemented.

“Thanks.” Ichigo said with a smile. Yahiko held his blade in the air, charging at Ichigo like a mad man. “Idiot.” Ichigo said as he stepped to Yahiko’s side, striking at his open spot. “You think I’m dumb?” Yahiko asked as he spun his body, dodging the attack as he slashed at Ichigo’s neck, sending him to the floor.

“I know how tough guys think. Unlucky for you, I’m fast on my feet.” Yahiko said as he began to jog in place. “Well then.” Ichigo sighed. “How about I attack.” Ichigo said as he got on his feet. He inhaled, as he shot at Yahiko with a burst of speed. Yahiko did not expect such speed, as Ichigo veered from side to side, until he pivoted on his left foot, spinning as he struck Yahiko’s back.

Yahiko fell flat on his face, as the group around them gasped in shock. “That kid is fast. Who is he?” One asked. “Didn’t Sensei say he was Kuro-something?” Another one explained.

The instructor looked at Ichigo, realizing the potential he withheld. Yahiko, struggling to get up from a crippling attack, put all his weight on his hands, trying to stand. Ichigo took off his mask, as he sat on the ground and began to breathe heavily. “It’s over. Don’t strain yourself.” Ichigo said.

Yahiko took that as an insult, trying not to be made a fool of. “Don’t take pity on me.” Yahiko said as his lip began to quiver. “Alright class. You are dismissed.” The instructor said as he rushed the kids into the locker rooms.

Now, Yahiko’s weight was too much for him, as he fell flat on the floor. Tears suddenly dropped from his eyes, as he sobbed over the floor. “What’s wrong with him?” Ichigo asked, concerned. “Do not take it personally, Kurosaki.” The instructor explained.

“You see, Yahiko was picked on at a very young age, being to weak to fend for himself. So I started training him in the art of kendo. Yahiko soon became a hero, fending off bullies and helping the weak. He believes that everyone your age is a bully. And that is why he trained to be the best.” He said.

“I see.” Ichigo said as he got to his feet. He walked to Yahiko, who was turning on his side to hide the tears. Ichigo knew he had to handle this delicately. Unfortunately, that wasn’t who he was.

With a lifting of his foot, Ichigo kicked Yahiko’s butt, as Yahiko stood up in anger, dry tears on his cheeks. “What was that for?!” He yelled. “Stop crying. You look pathetic.” Ichigo said. “I know you want to defend others. People who feel the way you felt. But the fact is, if you continue to act like a cocky kid, you’re only going to attract more bullies. And you’re skills won’t be enough.” He said.

Yahiko wiped his face with his sleeve, groaning. “Then I’ll just have to train harder to beat you!” He yelled. “That wasn’t the message I was trying to put out!” Ichigo face-faulted.

Yahiko was too excited, as he got up, ignoring his injuries, and ran out of the dojo. “Don’t worry.” The instructor said. “He may not act like it, but Yahiko is a very bright boy. You better watch yourself.” He said with a slight laugh.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Ichigo said.

The scene is now the regular training forest , during the sunset, with Reborn sitting on a tree stump as Ichigo told his story. “And then BAM! I hit him in the back with my blade and he’s down. Unfortunately, he’s now going to train harder until he defeats me in battle.” Ichigo explained.

“Then let him.” Reborn said. “Having a rival to compete with not only gets you more willing to train harder but more excited for the battles to come.” He said. “No offense Reborn, but I’m not looking for a little kid to be challenging me to battles every chance he gets.” Ichigo said as he unsheathed Kaien’s blade. “Oh well than. You shouldn’t have signed up for the Kendo Club then.” Reborn said. “You signed me up! Not me!” Ichigo face-faulted.

“Well whatever. Now continue your training.” Reborn said as Ichigo turned to the tree. “Fine. Let’s go.” Ichigo said as he slashed at the tree. Reborn looked at the cut on the tree, smiling. “His slashes have gotten deeper and deeper each day.” He said to himself.

“You are turning into a real Captain. Ichigo.”

Chapter 7 – Troubling Tough-Luck

With a loud chime, the bell rang, and class was dismissed. Ichigo got all his books together, as he hung his backpack from his shoulder, walking his way out of class. He walked to the door, as he passed Aelita. He heard a small, girly humming noise behind him.

“Your..your Ichigo, correct?” Aelita asked, as Ichigo turned in excitement. “The Ichigo that beat Yahiko yesterday?” She asked, as Ichigo was speechless. He only nodded dumbfounded.

“Yeah. That was me.” He got up the courage to speak. “Why?” He asked. It was Aelita’s turn to talk. He couldn’t believe it. Aelita was actually talking to him, hell, they were having conversation.

“Well. About that.” Aelita stuttered. She too was shy, because Ichigo used to be an outcast, who no one really knew. “Sensei asked me if you wanted to join the tournament in Tokyo next week.” She said.

Ichigo was still shocked, and for a moment there was a little awkward silence. “Next week?” He asked, pretending he had something to do. “Yeah, I think I’m open.” He said as Aelita smiled. “Cool. I’ll tell sensei and I’ll see you there.” She said as she walked out of the classroom.

“And next week, we’ll be going to Tokyo.” He explained to Reborn in the limo to their training spot. “Next week?” Reborn asked as he held a champagne glass full of milk. “Yeah, isn’t that cool?” Ichigo asked.

“You can’t go.” Reborn said. “What!” Ichigo yelled. “I have too! Aelita is depending on me!” He yelled. “Next week is a special time.” Reborn explained. “Reborn! I can’ bail now!” Ichigo tried to persuade. Reborn pulled out a small pistol. “I could shoot your legs out and you won’t be going anywhere.” He threatened.

Ichigo had no other choice but to decline Aelita’s proposal. He knew testing Reborn would not be smart, considering the last time it happened Reborn pushed Ichigo down a staircase. “Fine, I’ll tell her tomorrow.” He said.

Suddenly, throughout all the arguing, the limo suddenly swerved off the road and into a tree, as Ichigo thrust into the front of the limo. Reborn stood there, unhurt and unmoved. “You okay?” He asked as he shot through the window, jumping outside.

Ichigo slowly followed, as he looked inside the driver’s window, with a small bullet hole cracking through it. “He was shot.” Reborn said. “By who?” Ichigo asked. “By us.” A tall man in a suit said as behind him stood several other members in suits.

“Are you Kurosaki Ichigo?” One of them asked. “Who wants to know?” Reborn answered for him. The suited men took out several handguns, all directed at the two. Ichigo stood there in fear, eyes wide and mouth quivering.

Reborn smiled. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” He threatened. The suited members began to laugh hysterically, as they cocked their guns. “Said who?” One of them asked. “Us.” Yamamoto said as he appeared next to the gang member, back-fisting his face as he slid into another tree.

Shizune appeared in the center of the other members, as she sprung onto her hands, spinning as she kicked them all into the ground. “Shizune? Yamamoto?” Ichigo asked, relieved but shocked.

“We knew several mafia members were after the new Vongola Captain. So we decided to follow you.” Shizune explained. Suddenly, a gun shot sounded off, as the bullet rocketed towards Ichigo. He could not dodge, his body was numb with fear. Then, the bullet was knocked off its path by another bullet, saving Ichigo.

“Reborn?!” Ichigo asked in relief. Reborn was holding a pistol, the tip smoking with burnt gunpowder. Yamamoto saw the almost unconscious thug, as he pulled out a sai from his hip, charging at him as he flicked the gun away, stepping on the thug’s chest.

“Too close.” Shizune sighed. “Ichigo.” Reborn said, as Ichigo looked down in attention. “You’re pathetic.” He said as he pistol whipped Ichigo’s leg, as he dropped to the ground. “The way you stood there in fear. IF you go in a real mission like that, you and your crew will be killed instantly.” Reborn stated.

Ichigo slowly got up, looking at how Shizune and Yamamoto risked their lives to save him, and how he just stood there, even though he is supposed to be a captain. He remembered how brave Kaien was, getting in the way of speeding bullets to protect him. “Come. Let’s go home.” Reborn said as e dismissed Shizune and Yamamoto.

Ichigo continued to look at Kaien’s blade, hoping that somewhere within this blade, Kaien’s spirit flowed, and he knew that if Kaien and his spirits were together, he would be stronger. “No, Reborn.” Ichigo said as he unsheathed Kaien’s blade. “I will. I will get stronger!” He yelled as he twisted his hip, as he slashed his blade into the tree.

The blade dug through the bark like tissue, and soon it stopped within the center of it. Ichigo began to pant heavily, as he let go of the blade and fell to the floor, his palms sweaty and bloody with his arms shacking from the aftershock.

“Good job, Ichigo.” Reborn said. Ichigo smiled from the ground, as he sighed. “The tree wasn’t cut down. My strongest attack and I failed.” Ichigo admitted, with a feeling of grief overcoming his body.

“Don’t worry Ichigo.” Reborn said as he walked up to him and put his hand on Ichigo’s shoulder. “Just let the wind do the rest.”

And it did, for soon the tree began to slowly fall, as it hit the ground with a thud. “Congratulations.” Reborn complemented. “You have completed the first test.”
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Vongola Ichigo Chapter 8 + 9

Chapter 8 – Things I Regret

It was Friday, finally, the end of the week was here, many students were happy, except for Ichigo. He had the unfortunate task of telling Aelita he could not go to the Kendo Tournament, after getting her so excited when he said he was.

The last bell rang, as many a students ran out of the classroom, eager to start their weekend. Ichigo saw Kayko and Aelita walking for the door, as he tried to intercept them. “Ichigo! Let’s go to the beach!” Keigo yelled as he ran in front of Ichigo, blocking his path. “Move Keigo!” Ichigo shouted as he pushed Keigo away into a pile of desks.

But it was too late, Kayko and Aelita had left the classroom, as Ichigo ran into the hallway. However, with all the students walking back and forth in the hallway, he could not see them. “Dammit!” Ichigo yeled as he punched a locker.

Now, he had to go straight to the source, his kendo instructor. Ichigo had only been in the Kendo club for 2 weeks, and yet he was advancing faster than anyone. The instructor thought of Ichigo as a gifted student, as Yahiko thought of him as a rival.

Ichigo walked through the hallway, to the kendo club, as he walked past a very angry Gokudera. “What are you looking at,” he scowled. Ichigo was very angry at the thought of letting his instructor down, so he had to let it oiut on someone. That someone, was Gokudera.

“Listen punk.” Ichigo said in a stern, threatening voice. “Every day, I see you in the classroom and the hallway, and all you do is ride my case day in and day out. And in between throwing dynamite at me and embarrassing me in front of others, I’ve somehow managed to forget how sick in the head you are.”

And for a final blow, Ichigo said this. “No wonder the Vongola dumped like trash.” With that, Ichigo turned to the left, as he glimpsed at Gokudera, who was speechless. Ichigo entered the dojo near school, walking past the curtain as he saw Yahiko training.

Yahiko noticed Ichigo immediately, as he charged at him, full speed. “There you are, Ichig~~O!” Yahiko yelled as he went in for a slash at Ichigo, only to be tripped into the wall. “Hey, Yahiko.” Ichigo greeted as he walked further into the dojo. “Where’s your dad?” He asked.

“He went out. Now face me!” Yahiko challenged with his face burnt-red. “Alright, see ya.” Ichigo said as he left the dojo. “Where would he be?” Ichigo asked himself. Suddenly, a stick of dynamite flew at him, as it exploded, throwing him into the wall.

Ichigo was shocked and confused, the explosion not hurting him but shacking him up a bit. He stood up wearily and tried to regain his balance. “Who the hell.” He though to himself before he realized who the culprit was. “Gokudera.” He scorned.

There was still no time. They would be leaving for the tournament tomorrow morning, and he that before 9:00 P.M., his curfew, to find his instructor. It was now 4:30 P.M., plenty of time to find him, or so he thought.

“No one calls me trash!” Gokudera yelled as he chucked sticks of dynamite at Ichigo. “What are you insane?!” Ichigo yelled as he ran away from the sound of numerous explosions, with Gokudera following him.

Hours later, Gokudera soon gave up on the constant search and destroy of Ichigo, as he was tired and needed to restock. Ichigo, on the other hand, battered and worn out, decided to just call it quits and go home. He was destined to be a loser, and this he had to accept.

He walked home, and ignoring all his parent’s constant questions about where he was, he went to bed.

The sun had just risen, as Ichigo was suddenly awakened with a pair of boxers to the face. He rose slowly, rubbing his eyes as he saw Reborn sitting on a suitcase. “What do you want?” Ichigo asked in a weary voice.

“You better get dressed; you’re going to be late.” Reborn said. “For what?” Ichigo responded. “The Kendo Tournament.” Reborn responded as Ichigo stood up in excitement. “I can go?” He asked.

“Yeah, why not.” Reborn rationalized. “As long as you bring 200% of effort to training next week.” He said. “I promise!” Ichigo yelled as he got dressed.

Chapter 9 – Beginnings

It was a Saturday morning, the sun had just risen, and the birds started singing, as a small bus was being loaded with luggage. Mizuiro, Aelita, Yahiko, the instructor, and 5 other students were getting ready to board, yet Ichigo was still missing.

“He’s 10 minutes late.” One student said. “He’ll be here.” Mizuiro reassured. “Right. He told me.” Aelita backed him up. “He better.” Yahiko threatened. The group lost hope, as suddenly they heard a shout and turned to the noise.

“It’s Ichigo!” Mizuiro yelled in relief as Ichigo approached them, panting. “Sorry I’m late. I overslept.” He said with a laugh. “It’s just good to see you here. Now let’s go.” The instructor said as they boarded the bus.

Across the street was Reborn and Yamamoto outside the limousine, a paper in Reborn’s hand. “Where are they?” Yamamoto asked. “It says here that in Honduras there were reports of injured teenagers from out of the blue. Each victim says that their attackers asked them if they knew about the Vongola.” Reborn stated.

“So they’re after Ichigo.” Yamamoto added. “It seems so. But unlike most groups, they have no idea who he is. They’re going around the world looking for him.” Reborn said. “Honduras huh? They’re a long ways off.” Yamamoto said. “Yes. But eventually they will reach Japan. And when that time comes, Ichigo will be ready.” Reborn reassured.

Ichigo boarded the bus and sat next to Mizuiro, and behind them was Aelita who was sitting next to Yahiko. The driver started the engine, as the bus started its way to Tokyo, Japan. “You ready to fight the best of the best?” Mizuiro asked Ichigo.

“This tournament is really special, isn’t it?” Ichigo stated. “Is it!” Yahiko said. “All the best Kendo extraordinaire will be there.” Mizuiro stated. “Even the legendary Riku will be there.” He said.

“Riku?” Ichigo asked, curious. “Ah..Riku.” Mr. Myojin said as he continued to drive. “National champion of this tournament four years running. Even though he is 15, he is already at the top of his game. Hell, he may be the best at kendo in Japan.” He complemented.

“Maybe Ichigo will face him.” Mizuiro hoped. “Not before I get a chance!” Yahiko yelled. “Calm down now, kids. We’re here.” Mr. MYojin said as he pulled the bus over to a small hotel.

The kids got out of the bus and were assigned their room. Ichigo was paired up with Mizuiro, and unfortunately for him, Aelita was going to stay with Tatsuki.

She was best known for her temper tantrums and her guerilla warfare behavior. Ichigo decided he was going nowhere near them with her there. Mizuiro and Ichigo went up to their room, as they entered it and saw two dusty beds and a 1980s TV in the front. Ichigo was not expecting a 5 star hotel.

He sat his backpack next to the bed by the window, as he turned to see the view of a busy highway. Then, a grenade hit Ichigo in the head, as he caught it, at first not knowing what to do with it, then tossing it outside as it exploded. He turned to see none other than Reborn in his bag.

“Reborn? What are you doing here?” Ichigo asked frantically. “I’m here for the tornament.” He said. “I want to watch.” He said. “Coach Paopao?” Mizuiro asked as he noticed Reborn. “Hello, MIzuiro. Go be a good student and run around this floor eight times.” Reborn instructed.

Mizuiro dropped his things and sighed as he obeyed. “He is actually doing it?!” Ichigo face-faulted. “Now listen,” Reborn said, “this Riku guy. I did some research and it turns out HE too is in line for a captain position for another team.”

“Another team? Like another Vongola?” Ichigo asked. “No. This team is a vast organization much older than the Vongola. They even helped fund the founding of the Vongola and therefore are a major CEO in it’s choices and decisions. This is the Millefiore Family.” Reborn stated.

“So he is that important?” Ichigo asked. “Of course. He’s the next generation. Even though the Millefiore is still in mid-reign of its 14th Captain, I guess he is going through intensive training at such a young age.” Reborn said.

“So I guess fighting him would be a bad idea?” Ichigo asked. “Quite the opposite. The millefiore will be intrigued to see how their choice is improving.” Reborn said. “Choice?” Ichigo asked. “Correct. The Millefiore is the group that picked you as the next captain.” Reborn said.
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Vongola Ichigo Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – The Prellims

Morning had come quickly, and as Ichigo awoke from the cold ground (Reborn took the bed) and he was ready to go. His team all got dressed up in regular black kimonos. They got on the bus and made there way to Tokyo Stadium, where the tournament was going to be held.

After an hour car drive, they approached the stadium, pedestrians and contestants gathered all around it. “When can we go inside?” Mizuiro asked. “It opens in about 10 minutes.” Mr. Myojin said.

“Until then we need to sign up.” He said as they went to the Combatant’s Sign-In Booth. They all signed up as they parted from Mr. Myojin and went to the preliminary room. They all walked into a wide room, with several rings set up in different areas. In between each of those rings were hundreds of competitors.

“What’s this number for?” Ichigo asked as he held up a small ball that had the number “453” on it. “Those are the numbers in which you will be fighting.” Yahiko said, holding the number “456”.

“So we’re going to be fighting last I’m guessing.” Ichigo sighed. “No. The drawings are random.” Mizuiro said. “Hey look! They’re starting!” Aelita said as they turned their attention to the stage.

The main host was explaining the rules about the preliminaries and the finals itself. “Remember. The 536 competitors that are here today will be condensed into 8 for the final tournament. Each match will be to 5 points.” The announcer said.

“So let’s get things under way!” He yelled as a bell sounded, as the lots were about to be drawn.

One by one, the competitors gathered in the ring, as the prelims began. “143 vs 356!” The announcer yelled as more combatants got ready to fight.

Among Ichigo’s team, only two of them had already fought, Tatsuki and some kid Ichigo did not know. The random kid had lost his bout, where Tatsuki won in a landslide 5-1 victory.

AN hour into the prelims, Ichigo was sure to be called up. And he was indeed. “Numbers 453 and 29, please go to ring 5.” One of the announcers said over the loud speaker. “You’re up, Ichigo.” Mizuiro said, after just winning his match.

“Good for him.” Yahiko said, filled with boredom from not fighting yet.

Ichigo walked up to the ring, as he jumped over the plastic bars and looked upon his opponent. That insane smile and look in his eyes intimidated Ichigo, but not enough so that he would turn back and run.

His opponent was Eustace Kidd. “Is that THE Eustace Kidd?” One kid near Yahiko, MIzuiro, and Aelita asked. “Who’s he?” Yahiko asked the kid.

“That’s Eustace Kidd. He is an advanced kendo extraordinaire who is a national champion down in his homeland of Australia. I guess now he is here to take the prize and really become a champion. This new kid is in big trouble.” The kid stated.

“Ichigo.” Aelita said as he looked up at the ring with a sigh.

“Okay match 453 and 29 may now begin!” The announcer shouted as Ichigo and Kidd but on their masks. “Good luck.” Ichigo said from under his mask. Kidd said nothing, holding his blade, ready for a fight.

“Here I go.” Kidd whispered as he charged at Ichigo, holding his blade back as he prepared a powerful strike. Ichigo held back, getting his defenses ready. “Wrong move.” Kidd said as he slashed his blade at Ichigo’s ribs.

Ichigo held his blade to his side, parrying the blade. Little did he know, this what Kidd’s plan. As the blade’s clashed, Kidd spun in a circle to Ichigo’s rear, striking his thigh. “That’s one.” The referee stated.

“He’s fast.” Ichigo scowled as he spun back around to his opponent. “You’re out of your league.” Kidd said as he charged at Ichigo for another bout. Ichigo tried to keep his distance, pacing back as Kidd stepped in closer to attack.

Ichigo could not avoid Kidd’s strike to Ichigo’s shoulder, as he held his blade up to block it. The blades chased again, as Kidd put pressure on his blade, forcing Ichigo to his knees trying to fight against it.

With a pivot of his foot, Kidd spun counterclockwise as he stabbed his blade into Ichigo’s shoulder. “That’s two.” Kidd said with his maniacal smile.
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Vongola Ichigo Chapter 11 + 12

Chapter 11 – Ending Dawn Part 1

Ichigo’s preliminary match was underway, and unfortunately for him it was starting off rocky. He was going up against Eustace Kidd, a kendo extraordinaire from Australia.

The match was now 2-0, Kidd.

“His tactics are annoying.” Ichigo thought to himself. “I can’t lose here. I just can’t.”

WACK. With another slash, Ichigo’s blade flew across the ring, as Kidd struck his chest, giving him another point. “Go pick it up.” Kidd said as he gave another insane laugh. Ichigo ran to his blade, picking it up and grasping it tight.

Ichigo charged at Kidd, holding his blade up for a strike. Kidd defended, as their blades clashed, both of them repositioning themselves on other sides of the ring. They charged at each other once again, slashing at each other rapidly, each attack being blocked by the defender.

The two opponents ceased their strike, as they jumped back to get a breather. “Fun.” Kidd said with another maniacal laugh. Ichigo did not respond again, breathing heavily from their onslaught.

Kidd took their opportunity to attack, seeing Ichigo’s fatigue. “Don’t get to comfy!” Kidd yelled as he struck at the defenseless Ichigo’s shoulder. “I wasn’t!” Ichigo yelled as he side-stepped, dodging Kidd’s attack as he slashed at Kidd’s back.

Kidd fell to the floor, as Ichigo stood their, ready for him to get up. “You’re pretty stupid to think I’d get tired so easily.” Ichigo said. Kidd got up slowly, as he started to giggle. That giggle turned into a slight chuckle, and that turned into a hysterical laugh.

“It is now 3-1.” The referee said. “Let the opponent get up.” He advised as Ichigo stepped back. Kidd turned to Ichigo, ending his laughter as he charged at him. Kidd stabbed his blade at Ichigo’s mask, as Ichigo parried the blade to his side.

Kidd, still in his charge, rammed into Ichigo, throwing him off balance. Kidd yet again took this opportunity and slashed at Ichigo’s ribs, landing another hit. Ichigo got the wind knocked out of him and toppled to the floor.

Kidd stood over his opponent, as he thought he was assured a victory. Ichigo lied on the floor, feeling like he was unable to breathe. “Get up.” A squeaky voice said. Ichigo looked up from his dark mask, as he saw none other than Reborn.

Chapter 12 – Ending Dawn Part 2

“Re-Reborn?” Ichigo asked in a weary voice. “Get up. You are stronger than this.” He said as he stood on the ring side. “If you don’t I’ll kill you.” Reborn said. “Thanks for the inspiration!” Ichigo face-faulted.

But Ichigo took Reborn’s words to heart. He stood up slowly, holding his blade out in front of him. Kidd smiled, as he prepared for another attack. He charged at Ichigo, his blade out in front, ready to stab for his helmet.

Ichigo did not have time to defend, he was thinking of a plan. The blade thrust towards Ichigo, as suddenly, he ducked, dodging the blade completely. Ichigo moved so swiftly Kidd barely had time to react. Ichigo knew this was the time to strike.

With all his might, he slashed his blade at Kidd’s chest, as he stumbled backwards. Kidd fell to the ground like a sack of bricks, as Ichigo took his mask off to get a breather.

The referee walked over to Kidd’s body, repeatedly calling his name in front of him. “It seems he is unconscious.” The referee said in a weary voice. “The winner is number 453.” He said.’

The crowd around the ring was shocked, with their eyes-wide and their mouths wide- open. Ichigo slowly limped his way off the ring, getting congratulated by his friends. Even Aelita gave him a complement, and that meant a lot to him.

“Good job.” An unfamiliar voice congratulated. Ichigo turned and saw that his congratulator was a long, white haired kid. (

“Ciaossu, Riku.” Reborn greeted. “That’s Riku?!” Ichigo yelled. “Sorry if you were expecting a much stronger looking guy.” Riku joked. “But then again, I really was expecting a different Vongola captain.”

The group around Ichigo was very confused, not knowing what was going on. “Uh, guys.” Ichigo said. “You go have your matches. I need to talk to him alone.” He said as the group went their own ways.

“Impressive match.” Riku complemented. “Have you fought yet?” Ichigo asked. “Not yet. But soon I’m hoping.” Riku responded.

“Numbers 324 and 536 please enter the ring.” The announcer called. “Speak of the devil. That’s me.” Riku said as he began to stretch. “Watch my match, Ichigo. Because when I fight you, you will want to know what’s coming.” He said as he put his mask on, walking into the ring.

He stood across from his opponent, a average looking kid. “No fun. It’ll be a shame what I have to do to you.” Riku said. The announcer started the match, as Riku wasted no time and appeared at the kid’s rear, striking his leg.

“How did he do that?!” Ichigo asked, puzzled. “Riku has been trained very well.” Reborn noted. Riku stepped back from his opponent, letting him get up. As soon as the kid stood up, Riku charged at him with haste, striking at his chest.

“Two.” The referee announced. “Sorry kid. Give up the match, don’t stand up again, or fight and lose. Those are your choices.” Riku said with a stern look on his face. “I have no wish to hurt you. I’ve proved my point.”

The kid stood up stubbornly, leaving Riku no choice. With a leap in the air, Riku held his blade like a bat, and swung at the kid’s shoulder. The kid spun around lifelessly, as he toppled to the ground, with no signs of getting up.

“He’s unconscious. I’ve won.” Riku said as he pulled his mask off and walked off the ring. He walked past Ichigo, keeping true his stern look. Ichigo knew he’d expect nothing but brute force when and if he faces Riku. That is why he had to win.
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Vongola Ichigo Chapters 13 + 14

Chapter 13 – The Match ups
The preliminaries continued, and with most of the competitors were no match for Ichigo. After facing Kidd every other match seemed like a warm up.

Later in the day, the eight contestants were chosen. “You eight have been chosen because you are the best. After winning the preliminary matches you will now proceed to the real tournament.” The announcer said.

On the board above the contestants were their names in their brackets.
1. Yahiko Myojin vs Basil Hawkens(
2. Riku Miyono vs Trafalgar Law (
3. Tatsuki Arisawa vs Ichigo Kurosaki
4. Nig Uramhci vs Tamaki Kawazoe
( + (
Ichigo looked at his competition, and most of them were a weird bunch. The only one he really knew was Tatsuki, and he was going to fight her.
“What a weird name, Nig.” Ichigo thought to himself. “I hope Yahiko wins, I wouldn’t mind facing him again.” He also thought. Ichigo had not seen most of these new competitors during the preliminaries, and that made them even more dangerous.

The group was dismissed, as Ichigo approached Riku. “Hope I’ll see you later in the tournament.” Riku said with a smile as he put his hand out. “Yeah, same.” Ichigo said in a puzzled way as he shook Riku’s hand.

Ichigo went back to the hotel with Yahiko and Tatsuki, as MIzuiro and Reborn were waiting for him. “Hey Ichigo!” Mizuiro yelled. “Congratz!” He said as he pat Ichigo on the back. Mizuiro was unfortunately beat in the last rounds of the preliminaries by Trafalgar Law.

“Yes, unfortunately, I’m going up against Tatsuki.” Ichigo sighed. This left him in quite a predicament. Even though Tatsuki was not one of Aelita’s BEST friends, she still was important too her. If Ichigo were to win against her, he would have to try his best, and she might get hurt. This would make Aelita think Ichigo is a monster.

“Don’t worry.” Reborn said as he lied on Ichigo’s bed. “Things will work out.” He reassured. Ichigo sighed as he got ready for bed. The next day would be the tournament, where he would have to win if he needed to fight Riku.

The next day, Yahiko, Tatsuki, and Ichigo got to the tournament stage early so that they could stretch. They went into the weight room and trained until the time would arrive.

Outside the arena, there were three men, two of them in trench coats and one of them was a familiar face, Nig. He was holding a picture of Ichigo, as he let out a laugh. “So is that him?” One of the men asked.

“That is him alright.” Nig said with his maniacal yet friendly- looking smile. “Ichigo Kurosaki. The 10th Vongola Captain.” He said.

“So when should we do it?” The other man asked Nig. “Don’t take him down until I get to fight him.” Nig said as he crumbled the picture in his hand.

“I want to fight this captain myself. I will destroy the vongola for what they did to me.” He said as his smile turned into a stern look in his face.

Chapter 14 – Yahiko vs Basil

Soon in the day, crowds gathered into the tournament arena, awaiting the show. Mr. Myojin and the other kids got in the first row, waiting on line early in the morning. They were holding signs saying “Yahiko is #1!” and “Kick Butt Tatsuki!” and “Ichi-Go Win!”

Ichigo and the other contestants were in the waiting room, as Yahiko and his opponent Basil went into the arena. They were both greeted by an equal sound of applause, as they put their masks on and entered the ring.

Ichigo could not help but watch the match, curious about how Yahiko had improved since their match. “I did some background research on his opponent, Basil Hawkins.” Reborn said in a casual kendo outfit, mask and everything. “What are you doing wearing that?!” Ichigo face-faulted.

“Nevermind that.” Reborn said. “Basil Hawkins has been studying kendo at the age of 5, in Brazil. He’s won practically every kendo tournament one can find in the Americas, and now he is here to win one here in Japan. Like Riku and Kidd.” He stated.

“He’s older than Yahiko.” Ichigo said in a cautious voice. “You think he’s going to win?” He asked Reborn. “What I think is not going to decide the match. I thought you’d be more faithful in your friends.” He responded.

“I am, it’s just.” Ichigo said as he stuttered with the match beginning.

“Ready and go!” The announcer yelled. Yahiko and Basil squared off, both of them nervous to make the first strike. The rules were the same as the preliminaries, to five points. No strikes from behind this time, and if one falls unconscious they’re out.

Yahiko was sick of waiting for something to happen, so he stepped in for an attack. Basil was the exact opposite, and stepped back to keep distance. “Come on, coward!” Yahiko taunted. “It is not cowardess to want victory. I’m sorry we can not be all stubborn oxen like you.” Basil said with a calm voice.

Yahiko became very hot headed, and at that moment he went in for a stab at Basil’s shoulder. Basil smiled at Yahiko’s attempt to attack, as he stepped to the side, parrying Yahiko’s blade away and tripping him to the ground. “The ox has fallen.” Basil said with a slight laugh.

With a red face, Yahiko quickly stood up, rapidly slashing at Basil with all his strength. Each of Yahiko’s attacks was defended against, as Basil was humoring him. “Two.” Basil said as he swiftly struck at Yahiko’s leg, then gliding to the other said of the ring.

“Your pathetic attempts at striking me are useless.” Basil tantalized. “Just give up the match and I will not have to hurt you.” He said. Yahiko refused to give into Basil’s plea, as he stood up stubbornly, ready for another go.

“Yahiko’s anger will cause him to lose.” Reborn stated. “I know. But that’s how Yahiko is. He can’t just change the way he is in one match.” Ichigo said. “He has to if he wants to win.” Reborn said.

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Vongola Ichigo Chapters 15 + 16

Chapter 15 – Hot Blood

Yahiko held his blade out in front of him, ready to strike again. Basil’s swift defense was giving him a lead, as the match was 2-0, him. Unfortunate for Yahiko, Basil knew he was a real hot-head, and Basil was using that to his advantage.

Basil was tired of going on the defensive, as he stepped side to side, waiting for a chance to slash. Yahiko watched Basil’s movements, charging in for a chance to counter-attack. They both slashed at the same time, their swords clashing.

Both of them put pressure on their swords, waiting for the other to become weak in the knees and fall. Yahiko would not give in, and with that he stepped to the side, as Basil, shocked about this calm tactic, tilted forward, turning his rear to Yahiko.

With all his might, Yahiko slashed at Basil’s back, sending him to the ground. “I may be a hot head, but at least I’m standing.” He taunted Basil. Basil was face first in the ring floor, as he slowly stood up.

“It seems Yahiko can control his anger after all.” Reborn said with a smirk. “He used a calm tactic which, as you can see, has knocked Basil to the ground. You may have some trouble, Ichigo.” He said.

Basil put one arm against the ground, trying to get up. The strike to the back had slightly weakened him, but he wasn’t about to back down now. He finally stood up, limping from side to side as he tried to fight.

Yahiko smiled, for he knew he had him right where he wanted him. He charged at Basil, slashing at his arm. Basil quickly reacted, as he threw himself into the attack, blocking the sword as he stepped back, regaining his stance.

“Little dizzy?” Yahiko asked with a laugh. “Little ox. If you become too cocky, you may end up losing.” Basil said as he ignored his injury and stood straight in a true stance. Yahiko charged in, as he slashed, meeting with Basil’s blade.

They had yet another clash, as they both tried their best to defeat the other. Yahiko tried his old trick yet again, moving to the side as Basil stumbled. Basil was not the one to fall for the same trick twice, as he had a plan.

As Basil stumbled, he swiftly struck at Yahiko’s leg with his sword, as he quickly regained balance and watched as Yahiko kneeled in pain. “How dumb do you think I am?” Basil asked. The score was now 3-1.

Yahiko scowled, for the sword hit one of his tendons, as he tried to get up. “Damn you.” Yahiko said as he grinded his teeth in anger.

Basil became suddenly serious, as he charged at Yahiko, holding his blade up. Yahiko held his blade up, as their blades connected. Basil stumbled back, for his attack was a failure, yet he knew Yahiko could not run anymore. In a second, Basil struck rapidly at Yahiko, trying to hit him.

Yahiko defended each strike, as one of Basil’s stab knocked him back. Basil knew this was the time to strike, as he slashed Yahiko shoulder. Yahiko quickly held himself up with his left hand, as he parried the attack and tossed Basil’s blade to the end of the ring.

Then, Yahiko struck at Basil’s left arm, whose body spun into the ground. Basil left no signs of getting up, as his face lie lifeless on the ring floor. As the referee ran to check his body, Yahiko kneeled there, sweat tripping under his mask as he waited for the announcement.

The referee walked over to the microphone, as he made the announcement. “Basil is unconscious. The winner of the first match Is Yahiko Myojin.”

And with that, the crowd cheered for the victor, as Yahiko took his mask off and limped in victory off the ring. “How did you like that show, Ichigo.” Yahiko said as passed Ichigo with a giant smirk on his face.

Ichigo looked at Yahiko with a greater respect at that moment. He controlled his anger and won his match. But Ichigo felt a little scared, for Yahiko could be a much greater opponent than he was when they fought before.

Ichigo stared out into space, thinking, until he was brought back to earth by a hand on his shoulder. It was Riku’s.

He had a smile on his face, with his mask in one hand. His opponent, Trafalgar Law, walked past them as he approached the ring. “Uh..good luck.” Ichigo said. “Thanks.” Riku said as he put his mask on, walking into the ring where Law was.

Chapter 16 – Edged Out and Forgotten

Above the arena, in a small crowded room, several people in suits were gathering. In that room, there was one small window, which had a view of the entire ring. One of the suited people drilled a small hole through the window, which was bullet proof.

“Set it up here.” HE said as two members pulled over a large Barrett 50 Caliber sniper rifle to him. One of the people put a box down, as another set up a station for the gun to rest. “When shall we fire?” One of them asked.

“When Nig tells us too.” Another suited one said. Right outside that room, stood Reborn, a glass held up next to his ear against the door. “Things just got complicated.” He said in a concerning voice.

On the ring floor, Riku and Law’s match had just begun. Riku darted around Law, looking for an opening to strike. Law watched Riku’s movements carefully, and with a blink of the eye, Law shot at Riku, slashing at his side.

Riku parried the attack easily, as he too went in for a slash at Law’s hip. Law indeed parried as well, as they both stepped back, waiting for another go. Neither opponent conversed with each other, for they were too focused in their goals, to defeat the other.

Riku and Law burs t at each other, as they both slashed at each other rapidly, waiting to get a hit. Riku ducked as Law’s blade slashed past him. He struck Law’s side, as the Captain quickly shot right back to his feet.

The referee pointed his hand towards Riku’s side, indicating that he had won a point. Law took no time in striking again, as he stabbed at his opponents shoulder, landing a direct hit as the strike knocked Riku over.

The referee pointed his hand in the other direction, as Riku stood up in disgust. He knew that was a cheap shot, and he was not about to let it happen again.

Again, both opponents charged at each other, slashes going left and right with neither side showing signs of giving up until one of them scored a point. Suddenly, Trafalgar swung at Riku’s blade, as it flew across the room. Riku stared at Law, and considering he was defenseless, he was waiting for him to strike.

Law gave out a small laugh, as he tapped Riku on the shoulder. It was not to hurt him, but to humiliate him and his significance. Riku walked over to his blade, hiding his shame behind his mask. He became full of anger, as he charged at Law with full force.

Their blades slammed against each other, as Law fell to the floor by the force of Riku’s attack. “Eat this!” Riku yelled as he slammed his blade onto Law’s helmet, leaving a dent on the top of it. Riku’s blade split in half upon contact, as part of it flew off the ring.

Everyone stared in shock as Law’s lifeless body lie there, as Riku panted heavily over his body. His anger overtook him, and because of that he had seriously injured his opponent.

Almost immediately, an ambulance came to the scene, carrying a stretcher with them. “The winner is..Riku.” The referee said in a weary voice upon discovering that Law would not get back up. Riku slowly walked off the ring, passing Ichigo silently.

“We will now take a small break.” The referee said as the ambulance team carried Trafalgar off the ring.

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Vongola Ichigo Chapters 17 + 18

Chapter 17 – Knocking on Luck’s Door

As the intermission proceeded, Ichigo, Tatsuki, and Yahiko went out to their friends. Yahiko was showered with congratulations, as Ichigo and Tatsuki were told “good luck” by several of them. Aelita and another girl walked over to Tatsuki, chating with her.

Ichigo sighed, for he knew that when he fought Tatsuki, he would have to go light on her. Unfortunately, he knew she would not do the same for him. “Are you scared?” Reborn asked as he sat calmly on Ichigo’s shoulder.

“Yes.” Ichigo said as he took in a big sigh, “and no.” The tone in his voice was one of grief and regret, which Reborn could see clearly. “If you go easy on her, you will lose.” Reborn stated, as if to almost threaten Ichigo.

“I know. But what am I supposed to do. If I really fight Tatsuki, I might hurt her. And if I did, I could never forgive myself.” Ichigo said, almost searching for a reason to quit. “And so will Aelita,” Reborn said cleverly. Ichigo was not being truly honest, for he knew that Aelita would never speak to him again if she hurt Tatsuki.

Reborn and Ichigo’s conversation was cut short, as Aelita walked up to Ichigo, and with a smile, said “good luck.” Ichigo blushed a little, as he responded “thanks,” feeling like his voice was cracking. Tatsuki watched Ichigo closely, and she saw right threw him.

The audience soon returned to their seats, as the three went back to the waiting room. Ichigo noticed that Riku was strangely missing. “Ichigo.” Tatsuki said as she interrupted Ichigo mid-thought.

“Yeah, Tatsuki?” He asked. “Don’t go easy on me.” Tatsuki said, shocking Ichigo. “Go easy on you? What gives you that idea?” Ichigo pleaded innocent, but his face pleaded guilty.

“I know you like Aelita.” Tatsuki said with a stern voice. Ichigo knew she was not joking, and he needed to be serious. “You think that if you beat me or hurt me, Aelita will think badly of you.” She said. “If I see you hold back, even a little, I’ll break your face in.” She said.

“Tatsuki Arisawa and Ichigo Kurosaki, please report to the ring now.” The announcer said over the loud-speaker as Tatsuki put her gear on, walking into the ring before Ichigo had a chance to answer.

He sighed and put his mask on, hoping the worst.

He walked into the ring, as he saw Tatsuki, ready to battle. “Okay you two. The match is to 5. You may now begin.” The referee said. Tatsuki wasted no time striking, as she slashed diagonally. Ichigo quickly defended, as he parried her blade away from him.

Tatsuki stumbled over, turning her back to Ichigo. Ichigo had an easy chance to strike, as he held his blade up. He suddenly paused, as Tatsuki regained her balance.

The audience was amazed at the fact that Ichigo passed up a chance to hit his opponent, but only Reborn knew why. “Idiot,” he said under his breathe.

Tatsuki looked at Ichigo was disappointed eyes. She knew Ichigo would go easy on her, and that is not how she wished to win. She knew what she had to do.

In a fit of anger, Tatsuki threw her blade to the ground, as she removed her helmet. “I give up.” She said.
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