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Old 2008-12-03, 01:25   Link #1
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EvGA GeForce GTX 260 Temp & Fan Speed Questions

I have a question regarding this GTX 260 card I bought because it is my very first high end card that I have ever purchased.

I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but I ran a benchmark program and during that time the GPU temp reached 150+ F degrees or 70+ C degrees. Is this normal for this type or card? I'm used to seeing like 70-90s*F on my old mid range graphic cards. I'm afraid I might burn out my graphic or something if the temp stays like that.

The other question I have is regarding the auto controlled fan speed. The fan speed only stayed at 40% when the temps went really high and didn't crank up the fan speed. Does this mean that 140*F is a normal temp for this card under load?

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Old 2008-12-03, 01:56   Link #2
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70 C under load is fine.

You can use RivaTuner to force the fan to spin at a certain % if that's what you wish.
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I'm pretty sure ~60-72 C is normal for that card under load @40% fanspeed. If it goes above 75C/167F under load your case must have poor ventilation.

If you crank up the fan to 100% you could probably knock 10-20 C off your load temp. If you're concerned about temps but don't want to run it at 100% fanspeed all the time, with something like RivaTuner you can create incremental fan speed profiles based on temperature. Guide:

Edit: Seems I took too long revising my post and problemchild beat me to it.
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