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Old 2008-10-30, 12:19   Link #121
~Rock ☆~
*Graphic Designer
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that particular image was just an example the one im considering is mostly of her in the tachikoma i guess the question actually was are the tachikomas examples of military
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Old 2008-10-30, 13:30   Link #122
Daniel E.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Monterrey N.L. Mexico
Originally Posted by Endrance View Post
Regarding the theme would an image like this be considered as meeting the theme

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Old 2008-10-30, 14:19   Link #123
Empire of the Sun
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O.o Military you say. gonna be fun

Thought Id never see, The love you found in me, Now its changing all the time, Living in a rhythm where the minutes working overtime
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Old 2008-10-30, 22:44   Link #124
Utsukushii Hono'o
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Um....I wasn't voting. I knew it didn't count

It's just I respect your work. Anyone can throw pictures together and call it sig. Making a true work of art is another. I cannot so I respect those who do a hell of lot!

Also I like to show it off...a lot of your sigs just sit here being beautiful...

Fuck that let's turn em into SHOWPIECES! I will wear em proudly and show them to everyone and make sure everyone knows who did it. I will brag on your skills for you...

Especially the REALLY HOT ONES!

I liked more than three but I picked the three I liked best because I figured you wanted an opinion. It's one thing for another artist to critique it but that's different because it will be based on the style that artist prefers. I like different styles...

I liked the way you guys interpreted the theme that's why I singled you out

@Larthak...OMG! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I am gonna reply I don't have time

Just don't forget you said I can ask. Another thing I know they aren't easy so it's not a rush....

Okay right now it is because um has no sigs.

All I want is a yes.

Listen I really came here to give you guys props. I didn't mean to turn it into an obvious hint at GA who are nice enough to make sigs for users who really like them...I swear to god I can't help myself. I really like sigs they make me HAPPY ^_^ Strange but TRUE.

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Old 2008-10-31, 02:09   Link #125
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Originally Posted by Cats View Post
Of course that's just my opinion, it's up to Solace to judge it, if she says a image is military because it has a potato in it then it's military.

Originally Posted by KiNA View Post
Its share the same thing as Rick's first pic (ie it fails to answer yes in all the question), so no.. its rejected.
I agree.

@Utsukushii Hono'o - Glad you liked it. Yes, I do have a thread, but I don't update it much these days.
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