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View Poll Results: Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 3 Rating
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7 out of 10 : Good 4 14.29%
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Old 2008-10-27, 08:34   Link #21
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Decent episode nothing really happening just mainly flashbacks but I expect the story to start moving soon with all the chess pieces moving into position. I cant wait till they reveal the real villain.

Once again VK does a great job giving away multiple hints in the OP and ED. Anime only watchers wont get them but the manga readers will. Especially the symbolism of Yuki in the ED in the sand man that hints at so much stuff its crazy.
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Old 2008-10-27, 16:06   Link #22
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I guess I'll find out what your talking about later on.
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Old 2008-10-27, 20:05   Link #23
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Rondo Night III. The Lapis Lazuli Portrait ~Mirage~

I liked the third episode since it delved on Kaname's from the deep bottom of both Yuuki and Aidous' encounters with him.

Both of them agree that their anxiousness derives from not being able to meet or discern Kaname's true nature.

Their thoughts are wavering, because they are confused about who Kaname is.


Honestly, Shiki's mom is quite a creepy and incestuous-like vamp b***h.

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Old 2008-11-01, 10:40   Link #24
Starry Dust
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Originally Posted by Deadwings View Post
I'm starting to hate Yuuki's monologues more and more. They just don't fit in the atmosphere, and most things she says are enormously ovbious.

Same here.
We get the point that she's scared of vampires

Aside from that, I thought this was a great episode ( combinded two of my fav chapters ) And the animation was really good.

The finger-licking/bite scene was done nicely and sent me goosebumps ( in a good way lol )
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Old 2008-11-02, 18:08   Link #25
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Senri's gloomy personality must run in the family. Even her mom is gloomy and it feels like she was about to fall asleep when talking . The whole Aidou staying over scene is really amusing btw.
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