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Old 2008-11-08, 06:47   Link #61
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If the series uses the loli girl as the target of Break the Cutie, I might have interest.
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Old 2008-11-08, 09:14   Link #62
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Originally Posted by Urzu 7 View Post
Okay, after hearing many people on the issue, I can see that many people keep the appeal to just fiction and it doesn't cross over to real life. Good. However, for people to think it could cross over into real life; for people to think it could become a slippery slope...can you blame them? Seriously, for those pro-loli, I can hear what you are saying on the issue. But can you blame people for perceiving it this way? I can't. Even if most people who like lolicon and shotacon don't have this fetish cross over into real life, I can easily understand how people would conclude that this would happen.

And I don't want anybody to get defensive over that. I really think it is understandable people would think of this as becoming a slippery slope.
Yes. i can see a problem with that. There is no scientific proof that this is happening. As vexx has stated, this is an emotional decision people are pushing without any proof backing it. In America, people have have the right to freedom of speech unless it can be proven that that right is being used to violate the rights of others.

And by the slippery slope theory, i can use it too. If we accept that seeing something will increase the odds that will happen in real life, we should ban all forms of S&M because that will lead to more instances of violent sex and more rape. But hey, lets not stop there. All violent television should be banned because it will create more criminals. Violent video games would also be banned. We also shouldnt teach kids about history because its violent and contains terrorism. We should also ban most of the internet as kids are increasingly using it in their daily life. And everything in life should be a rerun of barney the dinosaur (which may also upset people as its pushing pro evolution and anti-creationism which would be unfair).

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Old 2008-11-08, 13:59   Link #63
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As the OP of the thread, I'd like to point out that this thread is NOT a discussion on the subjective morality or immorality of it, but it's objective trend of rising popularity.
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Old 2008-11-09, 01:54   Link #64
Urzu 7
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People became defensive over what I said nonetheless. Speaking of people becoming emotional...

I don't like this idea of "well if someone applies the slippery slope theory to lolicon and shotacon, well, I can apply the slippery slope theory to anything!". I saw that a couple times or few times in this thread, I think it is absurd (I don't want that to sound harsh or that I'm being a prick, just my 2 cents on that matter).

I use to think more of a slippery slope theory being applied to it, but I'm starting to see that most people who enjoy the lolicon (and I'm really just talking in the erotic or perverted sense) don't fall down a slippery slope. I want people to understand that I think most lolicon/shotacon fans just like loli/shota characters and it doesn't cross over into real life. However, while it isn't scientifically proven, I assume that some individuals fall down this so-called slippery slope with lolicon and shotacon. With millions of people on board for this, I'm sure some individuals go down that path. This is not like a judgemental thing, it is kind of just saying "Hey, wouldn't you think that'd be the case sometimes?" kind of thing.

And I personally would not blame the average person for getting the wrong idea with the lolicon and shotacon hentai, or even just simply the fandom (but more specifically the former). I mean, as I've seen in this thread and others, there is more depth and dimensions to this. People explain this and that and we find it is more than meets the eye. However, I can very easily understand how the average person would get misconceptions about it all, especially with the shock value on top of it. I mean, the average person has big misconceptions about anime in general, so how do you expect people to not have huge misconceptions about lolicon and shotacon?
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Old 2008-11-30, 02:06   Link #65
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About the whole slippery slope argument, I'm sure many of you could agree that there are many other widely accepted forms of entertainment that could seem dangerous when slippery slope mentality is applied. Violence in video games would be an obvious example.

Honestly, I think that the people vehemently opposed to lolicon do so not because lolicon has any correlation to real life sexual abuse, but because they are intolerant of an idea they find grotesque and abominable. Otherwise, these same people would be protesting countless other dangerous activities.

Besides, how does lolicon "turn" someone into a pedophile? Do you believe that people can change their sexual preferences? I think one of the key arguments for the legitimacy of homosexuality is that it is an innate aspect of of someone's physiology, not some kind of perversion resulting from bad parenting, trauma, etc. If you believe this to be true, then in order to be consistent, you must also believe that pedophilia is inherent and not learned.

If you believe that lolicon manga can turn someone into a pedophile, you must also believe that yaoi can make someone gay. I don't have a problem if you believe in both of those statements, but you can't believe one and not believe the other.
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