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Old 2012-07-12, 21:16   Link #1
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Heads Up for Those Who Love Japanese Film

Okay so besides anime I am a big classic film buff and when I am not watching Japanese animation my TV tends to be turned on TCM aka Turner Classic Movies.

Every August TCM does a special event where they honor a different star for 24 hours. This year on August 9th Toshiro Mifune is getting a day.

Anyone who enjoys Japanese film should know who Mifune is. I don't just think he is one of the best Japanese actors but one of the best actors period. He worked pretty extensively with Akira Kurosawa & a lot of their collaborations will be on that day.

TCM is also airing some of the films Mifune made without Kurosawa including the entire Samurai Trilogy. I think my only regret is they didn't show more of the Mifune/Kurosawa crime dramas, although Drunken Angel is a very good one and that is the 1st film Kurosawa and Mifune made together.

This is the entire schedule for the day (EST)

Thursday, August 9
6:00 AM Drunken Angel (’48)
7:45 AM Rashomon (’50)
9:15 AM Seven Samurai (’54)
12:45 PM Throne of Blood (’57)
2:45 PM Yojimbo (’61)
4:45 PM Red Beard (’65)
8:00 PM Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto (’54)
9:45 PM Samurai II: Duel at Ichijoji Temple (’55)
11:45 PM Samurai III: Duel at Ganryu Island (’56)
1:45 AM Samurai Rebellion (’67)
4:00 AM Moshuto, the Rickshaw Man (’58)

I also want to point out that TCM shows all their films uncut and commercial free.
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Old 2012-07-13, 01:26   Link #2
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Damn, I really need to watch those Samurai Trilogy as I'm a fan of Miyamoto Musashi.

The only classic Japanese movies that I watched so far are only Seven Samurai & the original Gojira .
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Old 2012-08-08, 18:56   Link #3
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Just bumping this because these films will be on tomorrow.

I am especially excited about Moshuto, the Rickshaw Man as I don't believe it is easily accessible in the US.
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