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Old 2008-11-23, 20:18   Link #1
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Love, fantasy or horror romance

I'm looking for an anime that will start with powerful characters (NO YAOI OR YURI!), that with quickly develop feelings for eachother, or the same thing except its kinda like a forbidden love thing (NO INSEST!!). A heartwarming anime, no old crap, no Vampire Knight!!!! And if its really depressing thts cool, thankyou anyone tht can help!
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Old 2008-11-24, 00:22   Link #2
Branded Guts
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Smile hey

something like school days and myself;yourself fit in that catagorie, i havent watched school days yet. but ive watched myself;youself and really liked it. its the kind of anime with comedy, romance and friends.
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Old 2008-11-24, 01:50   Link #3
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Would you be willing to define what "old crap" means..? Does that simply mean you're not interesting in older series, or that you're (understandably) not interested in old crappy series? Well, whatever.

I'd recommend Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. It's got powerful characters and a very engaging, depressing and heartwarming/breaking story. Naturally, it's centered on romantic relationships.
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Old 2008-11-28, 11:56   Link #4
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Ayashi no Ceres is the perfect manga to fit that.

Fushigi Yuugi is a great riomance/fantasy manga with a couple dating and in a relationship.

Ceres Celestial Legend Ayashi no Ceres is a manga where the couple is dating, boyfriend and girlfriend and in a deep relationship. There is sex, drama, horror, fantasy, love, action and there is lots of making out in bed. In the Ayashi no Ceres manga the couple is in a deep, passionate, epic relationship, the main character gets pregnant with his child, their is lots of kissing and making out in beds in hotel rooms and lots of sex. It's a thriller fantasy/romance. Only read the manga, so not watch the show.

Fushigi Yugi Fushigi Yuugi the manga is really great, the couple is dating and in a relationship, lots of kissing, some sex and in the manga they are engaged and their relationship is much more mature and passionate. Fushigi Yuugi the manga is great, much deeper than the show.

Ayashi no Ceres and Fushigi Yuugi are great romance with couples dating and in relationships.

Mars is an amazing and realistic manga where the couple is dating, in a committed relationship, living together, having sex, going out, engaged, there is lots of kissing and sex and the couple is engaged and in a deep, realistic relationship. Mars is an amazing series.

Bokura ga Ita is a great realistic romance series, the couple is dating in the beginning of the series.

The Devil Does Exist is a great manga where the couple is dating and in a relationship.

Kare Kano popular series.

Kare First Love Kare First Love is a manga where the couple is dating and in a relationship and a couple the entire series with lots of kissing and dating.

Fushigi Yuugi and Ayashi no Ceres are amazing manga sold as Fushigi Yugi : The Mysterious Play and Ceres : Celestial Legend

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Old 2008-11-28, 13:18   Link #5
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hmmm something that has both horror and romance?

Elfen lied should just about do it. If you havent seen it already.
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