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[Indie Anime] Cyber Gear

Hi Everyone,

so.... I'm a producer, and I'm working on my own anime. So I thought I would make a thread for it here.



James 'Jimmy' Clark has always been an avid computer gamer. His father, president of the gaming corporation called 'GenoTech' has created a new game called 'Cyber Gear'. This game is designed using the latest in virtual reality technology.

When asked to Beta test the game, James quickly accepts, and finds himself being transported into the game and armed with a cybernetic battle suit.

James must now defend our world from computer viruses that strive to take revenge on humans by infecting our reality and changing it forever.


==== Cyber Gear / James ====

The lead Hero

==== ShadowBytes====
These are reusable foot solders used by the villians

More characters to come!


Story by Matt Hunt and Graham Dodge

Screenplay by Matt Hunt

Over the recent summer, Jimmy was convinced by his friend Connor to take up surfing. Finding that he likes surfing, unlike other sports, he actually finds himself enjoying the world outside his room. On his way out of the water, after a wipeout, he runs into the girl of his dreams, his next door neighbor Ada, who doesn't know he's alive. After deciding that the time to talk to her is for another day, James literally runs into Connor, and mistaking him for a bully, but the moment soon passes. Even though James is enjoying himself, he still has kept his trusty laptop with him by the beach. While Connor is trying to convince him to talk to Ada, but he is merely playing games. Connor finally convinces him to return the water, with the age-old advice of "Practice makes perfect."

Meanwhile, James' Father, Mr. Ian Clark, co-president of the gaming software company "GenoTech", is in a meeting with a board of directors. His pitch: a brand new, state of the art piece of software which allows the user to actually experience the game in virtual reality. Its name is the "Cyber-Gear." The board members are in unison that the software is a good idea, but the company needs to test it before investing anymore time in it. Mr. Clark states that he knows the perfect person to test it out.

Back on the beach, James and Connor step back onto shore. This time around seems to have gone better. Suddenly, a mystery man is seen typing something into James' laptop. Ada confronts the man, who drops the computer and runs. James and Connor arrive, and James nervously takes the laptop back from Ada. James is then called away by his father. Connor is left with the laptop, on the request that he wants to play with James' father's game. Connor and Ada talk about James, who Ada seems to be very interested in, but denies it when Connor confronts her about it. Ada, who dislikes games because, "they are for little children," is challenged to play by Connor.

Meanwhile, James has arrived home, and Mr. Clark has wasted no time in equipping him with the Cyber-Gear: 3D glasses, and a USB Key for the computer. James is told to have fun, before his dad leaves. Booting up the game, the story changes scenery from the real world, and heads into the computer world, where a 3D version of James is asked to pick a weapon for the game. Strangely, the game has a surfboard in its inventory, and James picks it, almost immediately. James begins to surf through the digital sky, playing the game. Meanwhile, Ada is trying to play the game, but gets frustrated when the computer does not work the way she wants it to. The two see some sort of shadow cross the screen, and there, in the came is some sort of shadow-man. Connor finds out that Ada actually likes computers, just not the gaming aspect of the them, after he calls the man a virus. Ada says that if it is, it's like no virus she's ever seen. Before the toy know it, the shadow-man drags them into the computer with a laugh, leaving them in the computer world. Wondering what happened, they stumble onto more of the shadow-men, called "ShadowBytes" as they are looking over a cliff.

In the pulpit of the ShadowBytes, who are gathered like soldiers, stands a lone, armor clad warrior, in black and green. He is "General KiloZero". KiloZero tells his army of ShadowBytes that time to strike the human world is nearing, as their master, "GenoByte" has already made the first step. KiloZero is informed that they "Have Guests," and sends his minions after Ada and Connor. Elsewhere James is surfing through game rings and racking up points. Suddenly a prompt appears, asking if "he wants to play?" He sees Ada and Connor through the prompt, and thinking they hacked the game, goes to play. He saves Ada and Connor from the ShadowBytes, and then comes head to head with KiloZero. Connor warns James that this isn't a game, but James doesn't listen. KiloZero strikes him, and he suffers a cut, on the cheek. Only the cut really hurts. Having enough, he tries to remove the 3D glasses, but he cannot. The game is real.

KiloZero is about destroy him, when he hears Ada calls his name. In a flash, parts of James' surf board, the Circuit Board, become armor for him, and he is transformed into Cyber-Gear, an almost identical twin of KiloZero. Cyber-Gear makes quick work of the rest of the ShadowBytes, and then finishes KiloZero. The teens return to James' room, via the Circuit Board, and try to cope with what just happened. In the end, the teens resort to simply hanging out on the beach, with James surfing in the water, united now with a common secret, the Secret of Cyber-Gear: The Web Surfing Hero.

===== End Episode One =====

We're counting on fans to cling to the idea and help finance this through Indiegogo, our indie gogo page can be found here. This project was originally going to be a live action, and there are a few clips to introduce the characters on the indiegogo page as well.

I will update this thread as more character models, story info and video clips become availible. I'm looking for input from fans.

All the best


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