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Old 2010-02-11, 13:00   Link #81
otaku against own will
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Location: Argentina
Age: 30
I see, I may give it a chance because those improvements you mention sound very tempting. I tried one of the first pre-alpha builds and it was very unstable but the rendering engine was definitely an improvement.

They have been releasing more than a build per day, I guess the guys at Opera want to have the final version ready for the browser ballot in Europe.
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Old 2010-02-11, 13:31   Link #82
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Oh is that it. Was wondering what the hype with windows builds was as of late. Should have known!


There were issues with the download links (mirrors) use if the Opera build is not 3248 on windows.

Last edited by felix; 2010-02-11 at 14:14. Reason: too many posts, editing this time since its minor...
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Old 2010-02-19, 14:52   Link #83
Zu Ra
✖ ǝʇ ɯıqnɾl ☆
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Location: Mortuary : D
Spoiler for 10.50:


Switched back to 10.10, had a couple of crashes on beta =/

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Old 2010-02-22, 16:12   Link #84
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Location: event horizon
Originally Posted by Zu Ra View Post
Switched back to 10.10, had a couple of crashes on beta =/
Yes I do hope they fix those, I really want to use 10.5
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Old 2010-02-22, 16:59   Link #85
otaku against own will
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Argentina
Age: 30
Yeah, latest build is really unstable under windows 7, but I'll keep on using it until they release a new one. I can't go back to 10.10 after trying the awesomeness of 10.5.
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Old 2010-02-22, 17:54   Link #86
*IT Support
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Pennsylvania , United States
Age: 28
I applied the All Glass Theme on Opera in my Windows 7 VM and it does look very nice. Overall, I installed the Beta build, not the latest and it runs fast and hopefully it was stable.
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Old 2010-02-22, 22:22   Link #87
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: event horizon
Originally Posted by Revenger1589 View Post
Yeah, latest build is really unstable under windows 7.
Don't worry its not the anywhere near stable on XP either; but its to be expected with the radical changes it has -- this one should have just been Opera 11 honestly.
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Old 2010-02-24, 15:10   Link #88
Zu Ra
✖ ǝʇ ɯıqnɾl ☆
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Mortuary : D
Using XP64 so that rules out Win Server 2003 .... I been using Beta Version for a good 2 years . This is the first time a version of beta build has been this unstable .
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Old 2010-02-24, 16:49   Link #89
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: event horizon
For beta pretty sure this is up there as the worst but I think Revenger1589 nailed the reason in his first post on this page.
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Old 2010-02-24, 20:53   Link #90
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: event horizon
Opera 10.50 beta 2 for Windows
Originally Posted by Wednesday, 24. February 2010, 11:00:37
Opera 10.50 beta 2 for Windows has been released!

Changelog since beta 1
Download Opera 10.50 beta 2 for Windows

Beta 2 contains many significant improvements over the first beta, and we would like to thank everyone who helped us test Opera for your great work! Your invaluable feedback really does make a difference, and it helps us turn Opera into an even better browser.

For those of you who have been following the Reader's Choice Awards browser vote, remember that today is the last day of voting.

We hope to have new builds ready for Unix and Mac testing shortly.

Read on for highlights and changelog since the previous Windows snapshot.

  • Skin work, and tweaked styling of internal pages (opera:* and error pages)
  • Improved opera:config
  • Improved overlay authentication dialogs to avoid spoofing
  • Context menu fixes
  • Basic Web Storage user interface
  • Lots of crash fixes
  • Widgets fixes


User Interface
  • Fixed Bug DSK-282833 (Crash when restarting Opera with "Manage bookmarks" and one more tab open)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-275547 (Make it harder to spoof overlay dialogs)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-245665 (Mail: Crashed holding backspace while typing a message)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-279798 (Clean up dialogs and internal pages to remove Java references and fix layout)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-280917 (Two new strings needed for One O-Menu)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-275537 (Chinese IME causes opera to crash when typing on
  • Fixed Bug DSK-281666 (Crash when saving the same file twice using Links panel)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-277118 (Save as type list in save as dialog duplicated every time dialog is used)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-276912 (Remove from toolbar not working when the appearance dialog is open)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-281651 (Crash when clicking help in startup dialog)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-282072 (Webfont crash)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-222246 (Typed history is not set to zero when history is set to zero)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-278062 (File icons in the download dialog are stretched)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-280860 (Crashlog dialog setting not working)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-279573 (Ctrl+T shortcut gone from File menu)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-282106 (Esc does not reset address bar, close address bar dropdown, or close the search bar)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-282091 (Private Browsing text missing a space)

  • Upgraded Carakan (including numerous crash fixes)
  • Crash fixes
  • Fixed Bug CORE-26982 (Web Storage core work for 10.50 desktop release):
  • New backend for webstorage with improved performance
  • Fixed Bug CORE-27366 (Background color not drawn when the url is specified)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-27888 (Crash reading className.baseVal)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-277982 (Flash crash on some sites)

  • Added two new settings to the skin: "Dim Disabled Backgrounds" and "Glow On Hover"
  • Improvements to tab cycler, adding transparency
  • Improvements tab hover thumbnails
  • Fixed Bug DSK-273378 (Change splitters to be only 1px visually, but with 3-6px hit area)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-278114 (All text in Settings/Preferences invisible in many custom skins)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-280857 (Incorrect tab layout during close animation)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-278729 (MDI buttons appear when clicking under minimize and restore)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-279408 (Dragging a restored tab to a new window mixes browser chrome)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-278466 (No context menu on the status bar)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-276372 (Minimized tabs don't resize to window when activated)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-277904 (Tab dragged from non-maximized Opera to maximized Opera not displayed correctly)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-273427 (Improve the skin of overlay dialogs)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-279547 (Buggy hovered transfer attention state)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-279548 (Buggy hovered mail attention state)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-281894 (Check spelling icons can be confusing)

Context Menus
  • Fixed Bug DSK-277413 (Mail: Wrong context menu for compose window)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-267688 (Turbo: Reload images in high quality needed)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-279520 (Unite: Right-click menu missing from path field in unite properties dialog)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-278753 (Opera crashes on Insert -> Horizontal line)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-281655 (Crash when selecting "Opera Web Mail" or "" in e-mail client selection)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-277872 (Longdesc link goes to wrong URI)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-278714 (Wrong context menu in documenteditable when selecting text)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-278471 ("Insert Note" from the context menu is disabled)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-277806 (Image description (longdesc) always shows up in image context menu)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-274510 (Context menu not working in Speed Dial search box)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-279347 (Opening and closing context menu with keyboard brings it up again)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-279226 (Many items are greyed out in the image context menu)

Web Storage
  • Fixed Bug DSK-275553 (Warnings about quotas for web storage)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-275552 (Add opera:webstorage and opera:webdatabases to autocomplete list)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-275845 (Integrate webstorage in Delete private data)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-275942 (store data in neat sub-folder under profile for web storage): folder is "pstorage"
  • Fixed Bug DSK-275551 (Missing stylesheet for web storage)

  • Tweaks and improvements to bundled Unite Applications
  • Fixed Bug DSK-271394 (Crash on toggling account creation section in Unite configure dialog after logging in once)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-280639 (When upgrading on the first run of an application, the resource folder selected isn't saved)

  • Crash fixes
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Reverted Fix to Bug DSK-279897 (JS alert is not triggered from widget)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-279022 (Right clicking widget to bring up context menu crashes the widgetruntime)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-282647 (Always on top for widget in application mode crashes widget)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-275625 (Widget freezes when RMB is clicked)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-277599 (Install Wizard is not launched if selecting open with opera on download dialog)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-276908 (Opera icon is presented for any widget on it's task bar representation)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-278995 ('Save Link', 'Save Image' and 'Use Image on Desktop' context menu item's do not work in Widgets)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-281571 (Widget uninstall dialog should be translatable)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-281605 (Closing widget using taskbar representation do not close widget's process)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-280887 (Unable to open widgets from panel with non latin font in widget's name)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-271445 (It is possible to minimize widget that has always below mode enabled)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-280482 (Default button should be Cancel for uninstall dialog)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-278537 (resizeTo() resizes to wrong size if widget uses application mode)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-280478 (Right clicking changes skin of Analog Clock widget)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-280861 (It is possible to minimize widget that has Always on Top mode enabled)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-272298 (Incorrect buttons display, when widget window has less than 89px width)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-277054 (Second mouse click on text/textarea input activates widget's context menu)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-272305 (Zoom doesn't work correctly)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-281496 (Widgets launched as html files)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-277379 (Impossible to minimize widget by clicking on its representation on taskbar)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-279806 (WCB - cursor should change its shape while hovering "move" button)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-279807 (WCB: drag item should be wider)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-280852 (WCBs disappear when opening settings menu)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-271720 (Widget fails to get the focus(restore) on on clicking the shortcut when the wiget is running)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-277580 (Widget icon is not created from JPG file)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-279032 (Icon is not displayed for widget if it is in locale/icon.gif path (W3C Compability issue))
  • Fixed Bug DSK-279034 (Icon is not created if it is in widget's root path (W3C Compability issue))
  • Fixed Bug DSK-280858 (Replace string "by" with "by %s" (eg. for widget author))
  • Fixed Bug DSK-270579 (Widget Export Wizard - width of widgetlist changes when expanding advanced options)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-268017 (window background is transparent after minimize and restore of zoomed in/out widget)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-271872 (widget is opened out of viewport after instalation)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-276334 (Zooming widgets using keyboard shortcuts doesn't work)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-276081 (Icons are not created if file icon is stored in subfolder.)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-278382 (widgets can not connect)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-277302 (Ctrl + Mouse Middle button does not restore window size to original size)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-270768 (Zooming widget with shortcuts works only in fullscreen mode)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-269080 (no warning about wrong character "/" in widget path)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-276076 (Hyphen is misaligned in What are Opera Widgets popup)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-277654 (Cannot use delete key in the form field)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-276464 (Delete button does not work in Customize install textfields)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-281417 (Widgets: add support for error console)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-281541 ("more.." button on install wizard tooltip for "What are opera widgets" should link to
  • Fixed Bug DSK-251519 (Widget generic icon needed)

  • Vista/7 style title bar integration on XP, when tabs are on top
  • Fix for titlebar flickering issue when resizing on XP
  • Fixed Bug DSK-268163 (Firewall alert when starting Opera on Windows 7)
  • Fixed Bug PGDSK-316 (Increase height of the drag area at the top of the chrome)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-273028 (Aero glass parts of UI turn black after running fullscreen game)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-277616 (Min/max/close buttons non-functional when 'full transparency' is enabled)
[edit] config.opera
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Old 2010-02-24, 21:17   Link #91
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Here's the new Opera skin integration in Windows XP. The black skin is a custom skin I use called Luna Elements 4. Its not only black its actually very compact (ie. everything is thiner).

Luna (the default skin)

Luna Elements 4

gg Opera
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Old 2010-02-25, 15:38   Link #92
*IT Support
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Pennsylvania , United States
Age: 28
Opera 10.50 Beta 1 for Mac OS X (And now compatible on Mac OS X Tiger, although PPC support isn't there yet, but coming)

Download (Intel only)

Spoiler for Changelog for Beta 1 Mac:

Overall, I see 10.50 going to Cocoa a big improvement over 10.1 and it have a cleaner interface... Also, PowerPC support is missing because of Opera have redone the Javascript engine which isn't ready yet for PowerPC (same case with Unix PPC Opera builds.)
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Old 2010-02-25, 19:05   Link #93
Zu Ra
✖ ǝʇ ɯıqnɾl ☆
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Mortuary : D
I am going to actually wait this time before installing Beta 2 Build . Probably will check this thread now and then to see if it indeed stable like the older Beta Builds .
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Old 2010-02-25, 23:26   Link #94
otaku against own will
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Argentina
Age: 30
Originally Posted by Zu Ra View Post
I am going to actually wait this time before installing Beta 2 Build . Probably will check this thread now and then to see if it indeed stable like the older Beta Builds .
Beta 2 is much more stable and closer to what Opera had us accustomed to, however, I wouldn't recommend it as a main browser yet. At the pace they are going it's probably going to be ready for the ballot in a couple of weeks.
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Old 2010-02-28, 08:39   Link #95
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Opera 10.50 RC for Windows (as with recent opera RC releases do not get your hopes up too high with stability)
DSK-283685 Replying mail crashes Opera
DSK-283731 When replying to mail, I don't get the "X wrote:" header
DSK-283274 Appearance dialog does not have focus when opened
DSK-283890 History item deleted
DSK-279350 Page not unloaded when going back to speeddial (including favicon)
DSK-283507 About This widget has clipstring while hovering (PL)
DSK-282166 Fix for potential memory leak in context menus
DSK-284053 Tab bar background isn't fully repainted when window is activated/deactivated.
DSK-283958 Right click option "Inspect Element" crashes Opera
DSK-284052 Setting an image on a Web page as Speed Dial background using the context menu causes Opera to crash

CORE-28188 crash on
CORE-27636 NOSCRIPT after FRAMESET not working as expected
CORE-28205 Crash fix when a color transform filter gets invalid values
CORE-28203 Fix for privacy mode crash
DSK-284020 Crash in vega
DSK-283965 Crash on save cookie
DSK-283966 Can't click any links on
DSK-283959 Video has stopped working
Several other stability fixes
There was also a earlier build right after the mac one. Do not use this one, I'm just posting changelog:
Originally Posted by build 3290
Reverted DSK-280454 (IME switched/disabled when switching tabs with focused textarea&event)
Fixed DSK-283551 (Make it possible for skins to specify system color scheme as the default)
Fixed DSK-271394 (Crash on toggling account creation in Unite after logging in once)
Fixed DSK-283514 (Only accepts first item in server data)
Fixed DSK-279862 (Windows Media Player plug-in not initialized)
Fixed DSK-282051 (Print preview option causes Opera to crash on browsing a page)
Fixed DSK-240701 (Data loss when shutting down computer while Opera is still closing)
Fixed DSK-279563 (Switching focus between Unite apps takes a long time)
Fixed DSK-280877 (HTTP auth. dialogs remain open in other tabs after logging in)
Fixed DSK-273962 (Hide setting on exit not remembered)
Fixed DSK-276591 (Current images mode isn't inherited when opening links in new tab)
Fixed DSK-282738 (Overlay alert dialog makes flash plugin area mirror Opera window)
Fixed DSK-279577 (Hard to get rid of "No changes..." dialog in opera:config)
Fixed DSK-280800 (Favicons in tab bar too big)
Fixed DSK-283285 (Windows Native skin breaks pages)
Fixed DSK-283425 (Opera craches on first run)
Fixed DSK-282895 (Silverlight still crashes)
Fixed DSK-281897 (Inspect Element should be disabled for UI elements)
Fixed DSK-230712 (Adding new tab with download dialog open makes Opera unresponsive)
Fixed DSK-281905 (Create notification icons for Windows 7 taskbar icon)
Fixed DSK-259946 (Allow nested Silverlight messages)
Fixed DSK-282941 (Making popups async to avoid crashes)
Fixed DSK-282594 (Do not add Dragonfly window to list of closed windows)
Fixed DSK-268275 (Inline find timeout too short when changing options)
Fixed DSK-277740 (Address field autocompletion forces letter case)
Fixed DSK-282507 (Thumbnail of page in print preview mode shows appears blank (checkbox))
Fixed DSK-239372 (Speed Dial is not updated when reloading hangs)
Fixed DSK-281711 (No context menus in source view)
Fixed DSK-283700 (Site preferences, Network, Geolocation string missing)
Fixed DSK-271489 (Download accelaration software compatibility)
Fixed DSK-283628 ('Add dictionary for own language' dialog is missing strings)
Fixed DSK-280146 (Flash loads even though Turbo is enabled)
Fixed DSK-282993 (Crash when opening private tab)
Fixed DSK-283532 (Default buttons not showing in Appearance dialog, can't reset toolbar)
Fixed DSK-278207 (Content blocker crash)
Fixed DSK-276619 (Only part of the page visible with Aero Peek after zooming in)
Fixed DSK-256613 (Can't correct spelling with keyboard in single-line form fields)
Fixed DSK-271036 (Dictionary installation dialog never disappears if English dictionary is selected)
Fixed DSK-271739 (Spelling context-menu on top of the suggested dictionaries dialog)
Fixed DSK-269383 (Random data displayed in plugin placeholders when blocking content)
Fixed DSK-283783 (Remembering 'Hide' in one of the confirm exit dialogs overrides showing subsequent dialogs)
Fixed DSK-273009 (Clear clipboard data from private browsing on closing the private browsing context)
Fixed DSK-268894 (Add support for localized webfeeds and webmail providers)
Fixed PGDSK-296 (Improved consistency for content block, password, intranet and find toolbars)
MDI (Multiple Document Interface) fixes
Fixed DSK-273655 (Double clicking empty workspace no longer opens blank tab)
Fixed DSK-274114 (Tab-modal dialog problems)
Fixed DSK-274479 (Click in document of restored tab should activate it)
Fixed DSK-276372 (Minimized tabs don't resize to window when activated)
Fixed DSK-276595 (Popups can be dragged out and can't be brought back in)
Fixed DSK-277753 (Non-modal dialogs disappear into the browser chrome.)
Fixed DSK-278186 (Floating panel and tab changes to full-size when you move visual tab)
Fixed DSK-278193 (JavaScript resize clipping is a bit off)
Fixed DSK-278199 (Can not resize child window from top edge)
Fixed DSK-278736 (Double clicking title bar of restored popup should maximise it)
Fixed DSK-279060 (Minimized tabs don't display after restart)
Fixed DSK-279408 (Dragging a restored TAB to a new window mixes up it's chrome)
Fixed DSK-281366 (Allow pop-up windows to be skinnable)
Opera Link and Bookmarks
Fixed several bookmark crashes
Fixed DSK-282749 (Bookmark data trucated after one item has unrecognized chars in ID)
Fixed DSK-276285 (Opera Link only partially synchronizing data (bookmarks))
Fixed DSK-282833 (Crash when starting Opera with page and "manage bookmarks" open)
Fixed DSK-282740 (Synchronized bookmarks added as panel when they shouldn't be)
Fixed DSK-281485 (Crash in manage bookmarks while a large bookmark file is loading)
Fixed DSK-274443 (Opera uses 70-100% CPU with a large number of bookmarks)
Fixed DSK-281864 (Bookmarks are not stored after update from 10.10 to 10.50 beta)
Fixed DSK-278557 (Desktop should treat incoming Opera Link ids as strings)
Fixed DSK-274197 (Session cleared when closing with detached Dragonfly and Link active)
Private Browsing
Fixed Bug DSK-277880 (Create a visual design to distinguish Private and Non-private Windows)
Fixed DSK-277881 (Change to private mode icon in context menu)
Fixed DSK-272118 (Gmail does not work in Private Browsing mode in 10.5)
Fixed DSK-280383 (Opening tabs from selected text opens nonprivate tabs)
Fixed DSK-276981 (Tabs opened via Links panel not using private browsing)
Fixed DSK-278231 (shift-clicking items from Private tab Speed Dial open as non-private)
Fixed DSK-278928 (There isn't a shortcut for New Private Windows): Ctrl+Shift+N
Fixed DSK-276291 (Addresses in private tabs suggested in Speed Dial in non-private window)
Work on CORE-28155 (Opera downloads already cached items, ignoring cache settings)
Updated Carakan
Carakan: Crash fixes and other improvements
Several fixes to <video> seeking
Fixed ALIEN-890 (Fix duplicate access asd registration problem)
Fixed CORE-28127 (Dragonfly crash)
Fixed CORE-28137 (Fix default value from action strings)
Fixed CORE-28089 (Sub-items not visible in toplist)
Fixed CORE-28030 (Crash with print preview)
Fixed CORE-27633 (Scripting halts for uninitialized applets)
Fixed CORE-27621 (Embed with SVG content no longer works)
Fixed CORE-26410 (Videos on stopped working)
Fixed CORE-27958 (Viewport meta suppresses CSSR even when not otherwise applied)
Fixed CORE-28141 (Fix to infinite recursion crash in setTimeout/setInterval)
Fixed CORE-28120 (xhr.overrideMimeType() called before throws)
Fixed CORE-26199 (Import of PKCS #12 files that chain to known, but uninstalled Root, fails)
Fixed CORE-27414 (Applet is not loaded if the type is "application/java")
Fixed CORE-28146 (Crash using storage object while tab is closed and data file on disk is corrupted)
Fixed CORE-28186 (Fix for not automatically scrolling IRC document on new messages)
Fixed CORE-28187 (Fixed crash in document.createElementNS())
Fixed CORE-28168 (Crashfix when drawing text without a font)
Fixed CORE-28169 (Fix for uninitialized data being displayed when using content blocking)
Fixed DSK-282126 (Clicking in Silverlight is buggy)
Fixed DSK-275786 (Vega crash)

Fixed DSK-280444 (Drafts are lost)
Fixed DSK-281397 (Message list goes blank after running java applet)
Fixed DSK-278750 (No context menus for the fields To, CC, Subject etc.)
Fixed DSK-282734 (Compose and reply actions should be disabled when upgrading Opera)
Fixed DSK-283428 (All menu items with action data '0' broken)
Fixed DSK-254192 (Draft attachments lost when Opera crashes)
Fixed DSK-259386 (Inline images from Thunderbird shown as attachments)
Fixed DSK-279828 (Order messed up in mail view that is open on startup)
Fixed DSK-282720 (Draft compose tab empty on starting of Opera)
Fixed DSK-283061 (Feed preview page not localized)
Fixed DSK-274502 (Attachments displayed multiple times after deleting mail)
Fixed DSK-282065 (Sometimes opening mails in new windows shows a blank mail window)
Fixed DSK-283377 (Infinite recursion crash when scrolling on header buttons)
Fixed DSK-280012 (No context menu on chat input box)

Opera Widgets
Fixed DSK-283517 (Support for W3C viewmodes through widgets module API)
Fixed CORE-23607 (Missing listener functions for widget events in new widget api)
Fixed CORE-22757 (Need case sensitive access to files in Zip archives)
Fixed CORE-24468 (Ignore <feature> if there is no name)
Fixed CORE-25856 (Refactor widget loading mechanism)
Fixed CORE-26119 (Missing <protocol> element for <access> should block all network access)
Fixed CORE-26173 (Network restrictions in config not considered when 'private-network' @allow is set to 'unrestricted')
Fixed CORE-26850 (Ignore the icon and content elements if src attribute is invalid)
Fixed CORE-26852 (Ignore feature element if the feature name is not supported or name is missing)
Fixed CORE-26854 (Treat widget as invalid if the content-type of content element is not supported by the runtime)
Fixed CORE-27110 (Getting text content of <description> and <license> elements not working correctly)
Fixed CORE-27536 (OpGadgetManager crashes during widget udpate query)
Fixed CORE-27596 (originURL reset after restart)
Fixed CORE-27605 (Default value (null | 0) is not consistently used after parsing height or width from config.xml)
Fixed CORE-27606 (Invalid value for encoding should be ignored and default encoding used)
Fixed CORE-27666 (File I/O could not be enabled with <feature> element)
Fixed CORE-28014 (ZIP archives packed with Mac zip utility are not opened)
Fixed CORE-28025 (Ignore all but the first preference with the same name if repeated)
Fixed CORE-28058 (Crash with corrupted zip file)
Fixed CORE-28131 (Add support for any host wildcard (*) in network access for W3C widgets)
Fixed CORE-22750 (Reserved file and folder names should be case-sentitively matched)
Fixed CORE-26062 (Test for files loaded from filesystem when file extension is missing)
Fixed CORE-26115 (Network access blocked with wildcard for host element)
Fixed CORE-27407 (Widget preferences are not migrated from widgets.dat to prefs.dat)

Fixed DSK-281917 (Closing tabs from the taskbar leaves ghost tab in taskbar list)
Fixed DSK-282132 (White line between maximized Opera window and Vista/Windows 7 taskbar)
Fixed DSK-268163 (Firewall alert when starting Opera on Windows 7)
Fixed DSK-282763 (Make sure that install shield doesn't trigger an elevation dialog with 'unknown publisher')
Fixed DSK-283267 (Windows XP toolbar integration crash)
Fixed DSK-280916 (Windows 7: Browser runs non-upgraded widgets)
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Old 2010-03-01, 06:18   Link #96
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Opera did something crazy yesterday and released like 4 RC version one after another (lol, and on a sunday!). Anyway I'll just skip the 2 & 3 and post 4 with only change logs of the other ones.

Opera 10.5 Release Candidate 4

Originally Posted by RC4
Fixed CORE-28211 (Crash at,, and more)
Fixed DSK-284279 (Radio buttons and checkboxes are missing in the native skin)
Originally Posted by RC3
User JS/Browser JS fix
Fixed DSK-284262 (Double-clicking on sent mail crashes Opera)
Fixed US-1881 (Opera Unite applications not localized in Opera 10.50 RC and RC2)
Originally Posted by RC2
DSK-284182 Crash if you click the volume button on an html5 video
CORE-28210 Updated UA strings for spoofing as IE/FF
CORE-28209 Crash in Web Storage
CORE-28208 Replying mail crashes Opera (now really fixed)
CORE-28204 Prevent error console from auto opening by tuning down web storage data corruption errors messages
CORE-27811 opera:config is broken when using the french language file locale/fr/fr.lng
DSK-282891 Unclickable links in iframes when using right mouse button and mouse wheel to switch tabs
DSK-284063 Switching color scheme from "Windows Aero" to "Windows Vista Basic" and back corrupts title bar
DSK-284234 Autoupdating to 3291 gives errors
DSK-284265 Corruption when scrolling, and user interface freezes
Updated translations in Opera Unite Applications
Removed beta from version number in opera:about
Opera Turbo does not work correctly
Updated Carakan
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otaku against own will
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Damn, I have never seen developers release so many snapshots on a Sunday. RC 4 is working great for me.
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RC4? you're falling behind Reve!

Opera 10.5 RC7

Fixed Carakan crash at Facebook
Fixed CORE-27932 (Fixed background corrupted on scroll (large negative text-indent))
Fixed CORE-28201 (Find in page crashes if search string starts with space)
Fixed CORE-28214 (Opera freezes on loading altglyph testcase)
Fixed CORE-27755 (Multiple xslt keys with the same name cause crash)
Fixed CORE-28212 (The control buttons of widgets can no longer be disabled)
Fixed CORE-28223 (If minimized is called twice, make sure the previous window state is still remembered - related to DSK-279060 (Minimized tabs don't display after restart))
Fixed DSK-269751 (Autoupdated 10.01/10.10 doesn't start)
Fixed DSK-284468 (Closing Opera while you are on a page with Adobe Shockwave causes crash)
Fixed DSK-284486 (Adobe shockwave has stopped working)
Fixed DSK-284519 (Unite shoutbox doesn't allow posting more than 100 messages)
Fixed DSK-284349 (Create Search doesn't work)
Fixed DSK-284410 (Sends all bookmarks to link on every startup)
Fixed DSK-283223 (Widget doesn't save view mode)
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otaku against own will
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lol wut?

They keep releasing them faster than I can get them.

This version of Opera is coming out great, all the problems I had with older builds were fixed and it's very stable. There are so many improvements compared to 10.10 this should have been called Opera 11 like you said Felix.

Luckily A.Ruzanov updated oget so that's also working fine.
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Well, here we go:

Opera v10.50 Final

Download at the official site.

Spoiler for Changelog:

@Revenger1589: The reason why they were rushing to complete and release 10.50 is because Microsoft, once again pushed by the EU, is on the cusp of releasing the browser ballot for Windows 7's European edition and the deadline is inching closer. So don't be surprised if there's a lot of bugs to mop up - earlier installments (10.0) already suffered from this particular affliction.
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