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Old 2008-12-10, 15:06   Link #1
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Question aboud an anime from my childhood

guys pls help me there some anime eps that i use to see when i where 14 year
but i dont remember the tittle,s
1 is allmost the same as gundam but the pilot use a type of crystal to transform him self in a robot in the first eps he only use the crystal but later on his ally-friend made him a robot to help him in battle,s with alien,s every time he use to crystal it has a change to break

and the other movie i only seen 1 ep of it :P
but it is about a boy still on scholage 16 as the same as all other anime :P
but he walk,s somewhere and something fall down from the sky he when to look at it but the alien thing target him and get stuck on his back when ever there is an bad alien near his world/town he transform in a big alien/robot i think and fight to kill the other alien/robot

the movie,s use to been seen on cartoon network as the same as gundam
but somehow i cant find it because here in holland the stupit ppl cancel it from tv (cartoon network)
so ppl pls help me
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Old 2008-12-10, 15:10   Link #2
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I'm not sure about the movie but the first one:


Yea, Tekkaman Blade should be what you're looking for.
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Old 2008-12-10, 15:14   Link #3
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About the second one.. could it be Guyver?
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Old 2008-12-10, 16:20   Link #4
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For future refference, check out the Anime/Manga/Game Identification Help thread (found in the General Anime sub-forum) in order to find help in identifying anime from your past .

That being said, Tekkaman Blade (the original or remake depedning on your age, but the remake is probably what you are interested in) and Guyver sound like the series you are looking for.
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Old 2008-12-10, 16:55   Link #5
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Originally Posted by Quancio View Post
About the second one.. could it be Guyver?

srry but no it is not guyver

when that guy therns you will see that something will come out his back from that thing on his back
and not like how this guyver works srry
i will download this one 2 i think it is a good anime

anyone els know something
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