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Old 2004-02-16, 17:05   Link #1
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Question Help getting picture to fit tv screen

I have MyDVD and I have tried burning DVD's and VCD's. The actual burning part is rather easy. My problem is while they play fine on my pc monitor, when I try to watch them on tv the image is bigger than what is shown and I thereby loss the subtitles. Does anyone know how to fix them so they show on tv's?
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Old 2004-02-16, 21:35   Link #2
A-Blitz Founder/Encoder
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This is known as overscan....

Nothing you can do if you don't want to re-encode, otherwise you can letterbox the video so that the overscan only eats the letterboxes.

This is something I wish more fansubbers would look out for...They should place the subs higher so they can compensate for TVs....May intrude a bit but I think it can be on most things.
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Old 2004-02-16, 22:45   Link #3
Lost in Time and Space
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some suggestions to this problem were already made in this thread:
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Old 2004-02-16, 23:52   Link #4
A-Blitz Founder/Encoder
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Going by official standards, VCD (NTSC) is 352x240...this is resized to be 320x240 on TVs when viewed. We need overscan bars on ALL sides of the video to prevent subs from being cut off (traditionally, overscan bars are only placed on the sides)

What we want is the video to be resized correctly but still have overscan compensation on it. Here's a trick...Go down one size on VCD resolution with the same aspect ratio and you get 330x225.

Resize your image to 330x225 and place into a 352x240 "window box" you should get something like this.

When making DVDs you might want to check my little site on anamorphic DVDs with overscan compensation.

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