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Old 2008-12-21, 06:20   Link #1
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Vjump 2008

Im not sure is this the right place for the thread. Moderator please dont punish me, but remove the thread to the right place

Im asking about Vjump 2008 Im so exited, since i know Hajime no Ippo, one of the best animes EVER is restarting in January the 6:th 2009 Im asking, when will the official Vjump magazine for this winter apear? As you all know by now im specificlly interested in Digimon. If there ever is a change to find about a possible upcoming season, it would be this December, so im asking you, what date exactly will the VJump magazine apear in Japan, and do they have an online version?
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Old 2008-12-21, 06:37   Link #2
Miyamoto Shin
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Orgrimmar
What is VJUMP again??..some kind of anime event??...well...sorry...i can't be any help, but I wanna hear about it too...
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Old 2008-12-21, 10:22   Link #3
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Location: China
VJump? As in the monthly magazine? The Feb 2009 issue, I think, came out a couple of days ago. You might (or might not...) be able to find it on some Japanese file-sharing network somewhere - or order it from Amazon Japan. I haven't seen an on-line version as well.

And before you ask, I don't have the issue, but just saw it while browsing the bookstore earlier this weekend.
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Old 2008-12-21, 21:32   Link #4
Shadow Kira01
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I have no clue when Digimon (obviously I don't watch this) will appear in it, but here is the link:

V Jump Official Website
V Jump Catalogue
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Old 2008-12-21, 22:22   Link #5
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Thanks! Digimons 10th anniversary is actually in March the 7:th If this issue only covers February, it might be understanble that there isn't anything about it. Im really just looking for news of a possible OVA by Toei Animation. Im gonna dig into it from more Digimon sites, but thanks a lot anyway! It may be i will have to wait for another 100 days before more info, but thats not really that much time. This aparently is going to be one hell of a anime year anyway Hajime no ippo really lifted up my spirit I have a feeling we havent heared the last of Digimon either
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