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Old 2009-07-30, 17:48   Link #1
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Dead Rising for Wii.

Anyone else hyped for this game coming to the wii?

I am, although i do expect to see violence be reduced. And i can obviously look forward to the text 70% of population of game owners can read. (Original Dead Rising text was near unreadable on high def tvs.)

I hope they don't take anything out though, which knowing nintendo, they probably will. I just want to shove a showerhead into someone's head and watch blood shoot out.

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Old 2009-07-30, 18:00   Link #2
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I was also hyped up about the Wii rerelease (I wanted the Xbox 360 one, but getting an Xbox is impossible right now for me). But since the Wii is less powerful than the Xbox 360, they took out a lot of things to make the game run well; two of these things including the ability to show hundreds of zombies onscreen at a time, and taking pictures to complete various missions, which were two of the great things about the original release. That kinda turned me off.

Since I'll prob get a PS3, I think I'll wait until Dead Rising 2, since there won't be any huge cuts on the game. I still think this port will be good, but I'd rather wait for a better product.

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Old 2009-07-30, 19:44   Link #3
Kyero Fox
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man I can't wait for Dead Rising 2 >< Dead Rising was awesome on 360, i wont be gettign it on Wii, Less Zombies = lame.
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Old 2009-07-30, 20:24   Link #4
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Originally Posted by Kyero Fox View Post
man I can't wait for Dead Rising 2 >< Dead Rising was awesome on 360, i wont be gettign it on Wii, Less Zombies = lame.
Minus the extremely small text, it was an enjoyable game over all. Dead Rising 2 should be good, fixing the few problems of the first one hopefully.

I am yet to play the Wii port, as I heard bad things about it and the pictures I saw looked pretty shotty.
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Old 2009-07-31, 07:03   Link #5
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If they fixed the text and the aiming system I will get it but those were 2 giant flaws in the 360 version, I had no idea what the text said unless one of my friends got really close to the screen and read it to me , and even then he couldn't always read it. And having to stop to aim? wtf was that about? Sure, they let you move around (slowly) while taking pictures, but God forbid I should be able to move while I shoot.
I hate most of you.
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