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aerial ace
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Welcome to the Pokemon-Online Thread

What is Pokemon-Online?
Pokemon-Online is a game client that allows people to act out their Pokedreams and gather a team of 6 Pokemon of their choosing, have them all start at level 100, and allow them all to learn any move, have any ability, and have any item they want. It gives total freedom, and opens the door to competitive battling.

What is Competitive Battling?
The world of competitive battling in Pokemon is different than what the average Pokemon player is used to. Contrary to popular belief, extreme amount of strategy and skill is involved in becoming a good competitive battler. Also, strategies that one relied on in-game to defeat the Elite Four will not work as well in a competitive environment. For example, you may have a fully offensive team in the game all strapped with Hyper Beam which decimates everything, but in competitive environment, if you are faced with a wall, not only will Hyper Beam just scratch the wall, but the wall will counter you and hurt you badly. Moves that seemed useless in-game are exceptionally handy in a competitive environment as well, such as Taunt, Encore, Whirlwind, etc.

What is this thread for?
This thread is here so that all people who enjoy Pokemon Online, or PO, can discuss awesome strategies with each other, help with team-building, battle against each other, and occasionally even hold tournaments! There is also a competition explained below.

This is where the Pokemon Online Game Client can be downloaded.

Also, almost always use the "Pokemon Online" server. So go in there, and if it's down or something, then coordinate what server to go to.

AS Pokemon League

This thread also hosts the AS Pokemon League. The AS Pokemon League is just a casual competition-type thing where members can roll dice to acquire Pokemon in their fully evolved forms (level 100, any item, any ev's, etc), build their teams, challenge each other as well as gyms, and just have a great time!

  • All members start with 6 Pokemon.
  • 6 Pokemon are initially rolled for you, and from these 6 Pokemon, 2 may be re-rolled.
  • Extra rolls are gained either through completing 10 battles, can be purchased, or can be won from events
  • All matches must have Sleep Clause and Evasion Clause enabled for it to be official.
  • Losing a match gets you 5 Battle Points. Winning a match gets you 10 Battle Points.
  • Winning against a Gym Leader gets you 15 Battle Points. Losing against a Gym Leader gets you no Battle Points.
  • When defeating a Gym Leader, you get a free roll+re-roll.
  • You may only officially battle a member once per day. Let the opponent know when it is official.
  • You may only officially battle a Gym Leader once per day.
  • Members have a 4 pokemon large storage box.
  • You may put pokemon in your team only at the end of the day.
  • The current ladder leader gains 1 roll + re-roll every day.
  • All the challenge limits reset at 00:00 GMT.

Paste this sheet into the thread and 6 Pokemon will be rolled for you. Update your sheet as frequently as you can.
PO name:
Battle Points:
Sacrifice Points:
Pokemon Sacrifice
You may sacrifice several of your Pokemon to gain a strong roll. NU/RU Pokemon count as 1 point. UU Pokmon count as 2 points. OU Pokemon count as 3 points. Once 10 points are accumulated, you can sacrifice all those Pokemon for a single OU only roll, which means the roller will continue rolling until an OU Pokemon is the result. That will be your new Pokemon.
Notices & Events

This is the Notices & Events section. Any time an event comes up or an announcement, it is posted here. All tournament information is posted here, as well as any new changes I make. So keep your eye posted on this part of the thread!


Daily Tournament [On-Going]

Be a Gym Leader [On-Going]


Uber Exceptions

Starter Rolls

Pokemart and Adoption Center


50 BP - Buy a roll (includes a re-roll)
50 BP - Rotom transformation chip
60 BP - Record reset

Adoption Center

after we get enough participants I will update it daily
there will be 5 new poke each day

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