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Originally Posted by maso View Post
Anyway, just wondering if this is a "must have" for Blu Ray because of the animation/action or not?
For animation and action only? I guess my answer is yes.

This series is very colorful (not in a kiddy way) due to lots of outside battle. The animation is also great, especially during the larger-than-life battle scenes. The character design is very unique and pleasant to the eye (especially the female ninja ). All in all, from visual stand-point, this show is excellent and worthy of a Blu-ray purchase.

PS: I don’t know if you’ll like the story though. It’s pretty much heavy in Japan History department. The setting is feudal Japan where many kingdoms are at war with each other. So, expect a lot of talking about war strategies and campaigns. Take it like this, if you can enjoy Romance of the Three Kingdoms or John Woo’s Red Cliff movie, you can pretty much enjoy this one. So, it would be wise to check the show first before you buy it, unless you have a lot of money to spend .
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