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A Inuyasha story

Mirokus True Love

Chapter 1 – Mirokus Story-

Miroku was a flirt guy who was always chasing girls; every beautiful girl miroku saw he asked her to bare his baby. He loved to touch girl's private parts and always when he tried to do that the girl slapped him and left a red mark on his face.
He was well known at the near towns by all the girls they wanted him to leave, and never come back.
One day he saw a beautiful girl with a lot of blood on her body faint in the town he run fast to help her he thought for that he will get a good night with her
He took her to his house and put her on his bed and he healed her wounds, he left her alone to rest for a while and he gone to buy some food for her.
When he came back he saw that she woke up and was sitting sad on his bed he came closer to her and asked what happened to her what her name and how she got all those wound, but she didn’t answer to him, so he tried to hug her and touch her but she slept him and run away……

Chapter 2 – Sango In Danger –

When Sango is running away she wasn't looking where she was and she didnt look back to see if she had Escaped from miroku
When she had not seen him anywhere she stopped to catch her breathe
She had looked up and she didn't know where she was deep in woods and it was pitch dark outside
She didn't really care if she was lost she just wanted to get away from miroku
she started walking in the forest but then she heard some tree branches brake she turned around
There were some demons as she saw the demons Sango started running, but the demons was after her tried to catch her and kill Sango but then
She had seen miroku he had opened his wind tunnel the demons had went inside his wind tunnel
Sango had looked at him and said to herself that maybe miroku is not a bad guy after all….

Chapter 3 – Sangos Story –

Miroku and Sango came back to Mirokus house and he asked her again my lady would you tell me about yourself?
Sango said ok and started telling:" when I was younger I used to live with my dad and my brother we was hunting monsters and putting them in a cave and making food of their meet.
But some day they came those horrible people they took my dad and said it was fast that he will come back after 3 days, me and my brother waited 3 days but my dad never came back so I told my brother stay here and wait for dad he might come back, and ill go and look for him.
So I was walking and walking until I saw a big house and outside the house was guards at the start I thought it was someone important but then I saw some people hitting my dad I didn’t believe that my dad was alive but then again I had to think about a way to save him.
But before I jumped to save my dad I saw my brother screaming to those bad people hey don’t hit my dad so I just said never mind this ill just need to save them both now, I had a young silly brother back then but before I could do something I heard 2 shots as I was running faster I saw my little brother and dad, tears started to come out of my eyes my dad and brother was dead those people killed them both so I jumped crying to those people starting hugging my dad and brother and cursing those bad people for killing my dad and brother, they tried to kill me but I didn’t look back I just run away from there scared mad and sad I didn’t think about that I left my dad and brother alone there. I couldn’t think about anything so that’s answer your question? I hope it does after my mom died I had only dad and brother left but now I have nothing she looked down sad and miroku hugged her he didn’t touch her or anything because he knew that this is not the moment Sango hugged him back… "This is the first time when she hugged him and didn’t slap him on his face"….

this story added and made by Riko-Chan and Jarito-Chan

If you want the rest of the story plz comment about this one and say if u want more chapters ^^ and we will post =)

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Hope you like the story^^

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yes we made a quite good job but still we need the people say what they think about it ^^

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