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Old 2009-01-26, 22:22   Link #21
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^ Amen to that.
Originally Posted by NightWish View Post
If everyone could remove the points they didn't agree with or like, I am confident everyone would be on high-positive rep by now, which would make the system completely pointless.
Have you done a query on it? is neg rep really that much of a factor in peoples rep, I would think it was a 1% if not less of all rep.
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Old 2009-01-26, 23:13   Link #22
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aye... over half the red marks I've gotten - I could not figure out what behavior I was supposed to modify or view they wanted me to change. Because they wrote nothing or some sort of gibberish.

I'm fine with neg-rep or critique, but they accomplish nothing with an empty comment (other than I write it off as "anonymous moron")

I also love the commentless grey dots.... which have no information at all

Aye, as Cats says --- one really would have to be a raging troll to have more than a few red dots (though it may get more exciting in some threads if that's a primary hangout )
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Old 2009-01-26, 23:33   Link #23
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This is just my perception, but I think most of the people at high rep got theirs through artwork. Since an unholy number of new members look for signatures, banners, and avatars, any of them who know how rep works will saturate the reputation numbers favoring artists over any other "forum occupation." I think this also happens to anyone who compiles information like cultural references, including entries that they didn't originally discover. There is nothing around this, people can only be privately bitter about it.

Secondly, I observed that positive reputation granted from high-rep members carry more weight (I saw a 15-point gain once when most of the time I would get only 1 or 5). If high-rep members just compliment each other's postings, the numbers simply increase to the point of divergence. I suggest making all reputation worth one point. Just because somebody high up likes what you think doesn't mean you should get more Internet Cool Points - the Internet is spiritually not supposed to have a hierarchy.


I have a few systems in my head:

1) The first positive rep to a post grants one point, the second grants two, the third four, and so on to 2^n, or an artificial threshold. When the threshold, if there is one, is reached, the system simply doesn't accept any more rep (or pretend it does but doesn't count it). This system leans towards meritocracy and respects no hierarchy, while preventing saturation from m>n new members propping up art and compilation posts. Negative reputation is calculated the same way based on history (-1, -2. -4, -threshold).

2) If there are N possible green pips on the reputation meter, a member with 1 pip gets N reputation for the first positive nod in a post and 1 point for every after in the same post. A member with 2 pips gets N-1, and so on. This rewards new people for participating and persuades them to stay and make more better posts. At some point they'll hopefully not require the meter to want to stay here. I don't know how negative rep can be counted here, but it would either be linear or nonexistent. However, this saturates rep to a certain point.

Last edited by Claies; 2009-01-26 at 23:53.
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Old 2009-01-27, 01:29   Link #24
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Right. Rep is pretty pointless.

But not as much as having so many discutions about it all the time!

This one is already long enough imo. >.<

And please feel free to negative rep me for this if I seem like ruining your fun in this "50th Great reputation thread!!"

... hopefully little time left before it is closed by my favourite mod.
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Old 2009-01-27, 01:41   Link #25
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Who is that favorite mod of yours? Anyone but my name will earn you scorn. See, how easily one can put self into a dillema. I'll just save you the trouble by not giving you the opportunity to answer. How do I do that? Why, by closing the thread of course!

Thread closed.
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