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Sol Falling
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Kimi ja Nakya Dame Nanda

Or: It's No Good If It's Not You.

lol Yup, let's make a thread about a generic shoujo with only 10/~50 chapters to have been scanlated. Awesome idea.

Well, it seems like if there's one secret weapon which can make me check out a random shoujo manga, that'd be the art. This one is pretty good (ridiculously long eyelashes on guys aside).

Kimi ja Nakya Dame Nanda is a manga about a girl named Nanoka who's grandfather dies leaving her with no other family aside from an elder brother she's never met before. Nanoka goes to the address her grandfather left her only to find that the house is occupied by a pair of stepbrothers, unrelated except by way of their parents' remarriage. Both are gorgeous bishounen. Which one is her real onii-chan, and which a potential smexy boyfriend? lol, read to find out.

Here's a pic.

lol, I'll admit that my main reason for reading this is that the way the female lead is drawn is extremely cute.

Aside from this though, the familial aspect of the main character's loneliness is pretty cute and heartwarming. Takes some of the edge off of the blatant bishie escapism of your standard shoujo romance manga. The other thing is, the "who is the brother" plotline is (at least apparently) settled fairly early on actually, and the fact that I am still sensing some latent attraction/possible romantic development despite this makes things a lot more interesting. lol, don't hate me for tentatively condoning potential incest :P. I expect the Westermarck effect to be in full play here to be honest.

Anyway, the title here, "Kimi ja Nakya Dame Nanda", probably also encapsulates one of my favourite things about shoujo series. Has nothing to do with the series itself so far. But it's a cute and feminine wording, and the sentiment it expresses is full of the innocent romanticism of an emotional first love.

So, I've had some fun with it. Updates don't seem to be super frequent though and I don't expect a whole lot of others will have much to say about it so maybe this thread will just sink into nothingness and oblivion. :P Let's just see how it goes.
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