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Old 2009-02-04, 01:08   Link #141
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I gave that example to show a possible reasoning WG might have used. Robin is also freaking strong. But, she is infamous all over the world, enough to make her become a Shichibukai if she had wanted to. But, in terms of pure fighting skill, can you consider Robin like the others? No, because her devil fruit ability is also similar to Boa's in one sense. Disabling the opponent, and using opponent's weakness (as being controllable) as her strength. Boa's ability might be her main fighting strength too. But, I believe, that is not considered as a fighting strength. And, in that sense, I don't consider that way of defining fighting strength as a proper approach to give them such status.

Also, if you remember how Blackbeard was appointed as a Shichibukai, the result wasn't actually telling us everything about him. He is much stronger than what his status tell us about him. But, he could be much weaker too, with strong guys around him to complement his original strength. And, the result wouldn't have told us everything about him in that case too. Just because he is a Shichibukai may not automatically mean he is a strong pure fighter too. He may have something else instead.
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Old 2009-02-04, 03:49   Link #142
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Well, the LLQ Raw has been released, and lots of fun can be found.

(Is her name Sadei or Satei?)

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Old 2009-02-04, 05:19   Link #143
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As for Hancock not being able to stone someone... VC that manage to not be pertified a moment after was breathing very guickly and looked very exhaused just by "dodging" the attack. That leads to conclusion that it's not like with Luffy - it works or not. When she would be fighting someone with strong will, he would be weaken (at least for a moment) after she used that attack.
Warden has already fallen for her trick, so I don't belive that she couldn't have change him into stone if her handcuffs were taken. It just that she says "my hand slip" or "I'm scared" and almost everybody is impressed of how cute she is. It might be that someone would it her, and her scream could be awesomly sexy - enough for her to turn the attacker into stone.

EDIT - If Bon Clay wants to rescue someone, it won't be just Crocodile, there is also Mr1 there
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Old 2009-02-04, 06:53   Link #144
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I just cant wait for Luffy to fight one of the Yonkou goes to the 4 most powerful pirates on the seas. So if Luffy defeats one of them then Luffy will offically become one of the 4 Yonkou´s.
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Old 2009-02-04, 09:05   Link #145
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Originally Posted by Wargumm1i View Post
I just cant wait for Luffy to fight one of the Yonkou goes to the 4 most powerful pirates on the seas. So if Luffy defeats one of them then Luffy will offically become one of the 4 Yonkou´s.
I don't think it's going to happen so soon.
He has yet to defeat properly a vice-admiral first. (He got owned both times he went against an admiral, but I don't think he fought properly a vice-admiral yet. He only survived Garp's canon ball's rain).
Then, he'll go to against the next level. Either admiral or Yonkou.
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