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Old 2004-02-21, 03:19   Link #1
Ignis Natura Renovatur In
Join Date: Feb 2004
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Cool The Occult behind FMA

Greetings, im new to the forums, and i wanted to share with you some peculiar coincidences i have found in the series related to the occult world.

One of them are the characters names, for example:

Eliphas Levi was an important figure in the occult movement of the 19th century and a major influence upon Aleister Crowley. His name Eliphas LÚvi Zahed was the pen-name for Alphonse Louis Constant.

Aleister Crowley, one of the most famous and controversial occultist and magician of this time had the original name of Edward Alexander Crowley.

And The Alchemical Genius of the Middle Ages, Paracelsus, was also known as Auroleus Phillipus Theostratus Bombastus von Hohenheim.

We all know who Edward and Alphonse are in the series, but Hohenheim is the name of Edward and Al's Dad, so i assume that if he has the name of the legendary paracelsus, he must be indeed powerfull.

If you have found another coincidences like this ones, post them here, i'll like to know.
Greetings from Caracas, Venezuela, I take leave.

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Old 2004-02-21, 03:45   Link #2
Weapon of Mass Discussion
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I think it is silly to call these "coincidences." Obviously these were the inspiration for the names used in FMA. Anime has a long traditioin of naming characters according to a theme. Most of the characters in Scrapped Princess were named after guns and characters in Gall Force were named after animals. At least this theme actually has something to do with the anime.

I was aware of the obvious inspiration for Ed's and Al's anmes, but the rest of these were a complete surprise to me. Thanks for the research. I wonder if anyone else has noticed other character's names inspired by occult figures.

Please don't point out Sloth, Gluttony and Envy here. That has it's own thread. And it isn't quite the same thing.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.
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Old 2004-02-21, 04:04   Link #3
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Well, I can safely say I didn't know that.
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Old 2004-02-22, 05:12   Link #4
Generic Human
Join Date: Dec 2003
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Alphonse Louis Constant.

I knew that name sounded familure. Paracelsus I did not know about, and Edward was too common a name for me to make the connection. Thanks for pointing that out.

At least now Al's name will stop bothering me =p
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