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Old 2009-02-14, 14:58   Link #1
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Silent, but strong Main Character

^Title. Looking for a male main character (not just a major character, the MAIN character) that is silent and strong. I don't mind if he talks I'm only looking for the character type. Know what I mean?

Hints of romance
Character Development/interaction

Okay with
Slice of Life
Old series (depending on art)

Don't suggest (please)
Wierd art
Series that are similar, but don't fit criteria
Yaoi or Yuri
Shows with only males (or very few female appearances)
Shoujo (well some are okay, so only suggest if you REALLY insist)

Shows I've seen that fit Criteria (with "*" next to it if I really liked the characters or series)
Black Blood Brothers
Black Cat*
Chrono Crusade
Code Geass***
Darker than Black***
Death Note*
Full Metal Panic*
Gundam 00**
Karas the Prophecy**
Kaze no Stigma
Macross Frontier**
One Piece*
Rurouni Kenshin**
Samurai Champloo
School Rumble***
Zombie Loan

Thanks in advance
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Old 2009-02-14, 15:26   Link #2
Charcoal Feather Brigade
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I would suggest (if you haven't seen it) Princess Mononoke. Some other ones would be Tsubasa Chronicle and Witch Hunter Robin. Cowboy Bebop might also fit the criteria you're looking for.
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Old 2009-02-14, 15:42   Link #3
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Better give Hokuto no Ken a try. Haven't seen it for sometime now. lt fit's in with most of your criteria. The whole Hokuto no Ken franchise has a lodda anime adaptations from the original series to it's predecessor: Souten no Ken (which doesn't fit your criteria - Just thought it was worth to mention), to having a movie and towards it's gaidens revolving around the major characters. So watch the original series first.

The main character has certain "quiet" characteristics about himself which are awesome in it's own way. His name is Kenshiro.

The plot is a nuclear missile has crashed into the earth and almost destroyed the planet. All of life took it tight. Mankind struggling to survive. So it's basically "tough cookie" for 'em, lol. So Kenshiro knows this deadly martial art called Hokuto Shinken (Holy fist of the North Star), actually. This chaotic world only knows violence to survive. The strong prey on the weak, the old and the children to eat.
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Old 2009-02-14, 15:50   Link #4
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Age: 25
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Kenshiro travels around to find the man who stole his fiancÚ and left him for dead (This being the first part of the story). So the overall story is much more than what l've stated above. Kenshiro fights other grand masters of other styles such as Hokuto Shinken's rival school: Nanto Seiken and his adoptive brothers who also mastered Hokuto Shinken. Just wiki it and find out more 'bout it, 'kay?

Check out Shikabane Hime also. Simular to Zombie loan.
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Old 2009-02-14, 16:41   Link #5
nepenthes rajah
Join Date: Jan 2007
Devil May Cry - Dante is very much the strong, silent (also quite rough and cynical) type.
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Old 2009-02-15, 04:58   Link #6
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Scrapped Princess - Shannon and the other guy who first attacked the main group (forgot his name).

Last Exile - the captain of Silvanah.

Mushishi - Ginko. (supernatural/slice of life. A doctor, but he still encounters some dangerous situations!)

Hunter x Hunter - Kurapica and Killua.

Mai Otome - Sergay

Fate/Stay night - Shiro and Archer.
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Old 2009-02-16, 09:33   Link #7
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Join Date: Jan 2009
Um... I have trouble seeing how half the series the OP named have a main character that's particularly the silent type. Honestly, Code Geass...?

As to suggestions:

-Gungrave: Fits perfectly, not too many females but you listed Hellsing so..

-Seirei no Moribito


-Initial D and sequels(?): Takumi is one of the best drivers while unnassuming, might not be your idea of strong and silent though..
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Old 2009-02-16, 10:16   Link #8
AS Oji-kun
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I'm going to ignore your comment about "weird art" and suggest Mononoke anyway. The hero is a travelling apothecary who also slays demons. He doesn't talk much, but when he does speak, he's voiced brilliantly by Sakurai Takahiro.

Dr. Tenma, the hero of Monster, isn't entirely silent, but he's very unassuming and even rather shy. That doesn't keep him from being a very strong character.
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Old 2009-02-16, 10:29   Link #9
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Want to try Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohaniheto? Not the best show out there by far, but it has action, some females at least, and definitely the kind of main character you are looking for (I think). Not much in terms of comedy but it's got some great BGM and lovely art designs.

I might've suggested Kaze no Yojimbo but I feel uneasy recommending something I felt was not nearly as enjoyable as it could've been. However, you can try it out anyway, it only falls a little short on the comedy/art (augh the animation). I ended up watching the whole show anyway...

I might also suggest Wolf's Rain, but personally I felt it had a criminal lack of interesting female characters (although I would totally go lez for Blue if that was possible) and didn't find the story too interesting...

Oh, and try Jin-Roh, although it has hardly any humour in it - it's a good thoughtful film with kickass action sequences and well-executed romance scenes (at least that's what I remember) I hope this counts.

While I'm here, I'd second SeijiSensei's rec of Mononoke if only because I think everybody should watch it or something like that. The "weird art" is fun, dangnabbit.
Thanks for the fish
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Old 2009-02-16, 12:30   Link #10
White Manju Bun
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If you liked Darker Than Black I suggest you try Ghost Hunt, Naru shares the lead with Mai but I believe he'd fit your criteria. Plus it hints at romance.

Im 3rding Mononoke, at least try it, its amazing.
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