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Closed Thread
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Old 2009-03-01, 05:21   Link #21
Join Date: Apr 2007
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Old 2009-03-01, 05:46   Link #22
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Originally Posted by Zaris
I don't think the last banner contest I participated in, the winter-themed one back in 2006, had this many entries.
The Winter Contest had 125, which I believe is the record currently for total number of entries. The Sky Contest had 108 entries.
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Old 2009-03-01, 05:59   Link #23
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Old 2009-03-01, 06:00   Link #24
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Old 2009-03-01, 06:01   Link #25
The Chaos
ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!
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Vote Key: {banner-042}

Created by Malin
Vote Key: {banner-010}

Created by Usami Haru
Vote Key: {banner-087}

Created by Ehko
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Old 2009-03-01, 06:05   Link #26
Miles Teg
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Old 2009-03-01, 06:09   Link #27
Pieces Of Me
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here are my votes!
{banner-067} by Ichigo-Sora

{banner-013} by Daniel E.

{banner-048} by Larthak

Good Luck everyone!

Thanks to KiNa for this lovely signature =3
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Old 2009-03-01, 07:42   Link #28
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Age: 22
This is all for now... I may nominate another one soon.


Created by Malin


Created by j-ryunna
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Old 2009-03-01, 09:06   Link #29
time waits for no one <3
*Graphic Designer
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What can I say? I guess I became an Ichigo-Sora fan
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often the sign of a delusional mind
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Old 2009-03-01, 09:12   Link #30
*Graphic Designer
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Good luck, everyone!
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Old 2009-03-01, 11:11   Link #31
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2009


Long term reader who finally got arround to posting, heh I suppose now I won't have the "that would involve expending effort signing up" excuse
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Old 2009-03-01, 13:36   Link #32
~chibi tenshi~
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And the time to choose strikes again... '-'
First of all, thanks to all the contestants, we have lots of beautiful banners ^^b And whaa!! 121 banners! O_O; Of course, like always, it's been a difficult task >.<!

So here are my nominees:


Created by Usami Haru

I like the eery feeling we get from it, looks like some magic is in the air


Created by Malin

Very simple yet so nice to look at! And those twins (are they twins?) are just adorable


Created by Mnemosyne

This one is really soothing, I just love the feeling of freedom and innocence it gives!
/me is a fan of bubbles too xD


And of course, the Kairin banners are all beautiful, though I don't worry for them

Good luck everyone!
Let the good times roll!

Last edited by Hellychan; 2009-03-01 at 15:40. Reason: Wrong numbers...ahem...^^;
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Old 2009-03-01, 13:57   Link #33
it's animal, unbelievable
*Graphic Designer
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Old 2009-03-01, 14:00   Link #34
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Old 2009-03-01, 14:27   Link #35
Light Spirit
*IT Support
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There are lots and lots of banners, it was difficult choosing. Good luck!
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Old 2009-03-01, 14:55   Link #36
Youkai of Coincidence
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Location: The Border of Common Sense
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>.> It's obvious. Personally, I would vote for all of them, but love comes first...
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Old 2009-03-01, 15:11   Link #37
A l i c e
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Nov 2008

If no one minds, I'm going to delete my last post and re-post my votes because I messed up my last post. Sorry for any confusion and inconviences if I caused any.


{Banner 075}

{Banner 025}

{Banner 067}
A l i v e
[.eternal. W I S H.]
Avatar by Rinmei

Last edited by Sonae; 2009-03-01 at 15:33.
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Old 2009-03-01, 17:26   Link #38
Join Date: Mar 2006
Since you've deleted your original post I'll have to accept this one.

From now on however please keep votes to one post. Multiple posts of votes from one person is just going to cause all votes from that person to be ignored. That's a notice for everyone.
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Old 2009-03-01, 18:49   Link #39
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Old 2009-03-01, 18:50   Link #40
The Interstellar Medium
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Closed Thread

banner contest, banners, contest

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