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Closed Thread
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Old 2009-03-05, 05:27   Link #61
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Old 2009-03-05, 09:46   Link #62
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Old 2009-03-05, 09:56   Link #63
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Wow... 12th is unique among the cute girls and Code Geass banners. Beautiful work there Usami

Created by Usami Haru

What can I say lovely and cute. It's a win.

Created by Usami Haru

The same reasons that are for banner 10.

Created by Malin
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Old 2009-03-05, 10:03   Link #64
Ha ha ha ha ha...
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Too damn many too choose all my favorites. But...


It was SOOOOO tough, but I picked what I thought were the best. I mean, we're gonna have to stare at these at the top of the page for a long time to come, after all...
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Old 2009-03-05, 10:04   Link #65
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Old 2009-03-05, 13:34   Link #66
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Old 2009-03-06, 01:07   Link #67
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Sheesh 95% of it is moe moe stuff and they all look the same...


Honestly the two best ones. Using recent anime is always a plus. I'm surprised no naruto one.
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Old 2009-03-06, 01:16   Link #68
is behind on many eps
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Old 2009-03-06, 04:31   Link #69
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Old 2009-03-06, 09:01   Link #70
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Last edited by Domo; 2009-03-06 at 09:03. Reason: Changed my vote. xP
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Old 2009-03-06, 16:54   Link #71
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Old 2009-03-06, 20:15   Link #72
Attention Queen killer.
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{ banner-027}
{ banner-115}

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Old 2009-03-07, 00:24   Link #73
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Old 2009-03-07, 12:42   Link #74
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Old 2009-03-07, 16:14   Link #75
Hs Vi Germania
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Old 2009-03-07, 17:50   Link #76
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Old 2009-03-07, 23:58   Link #77
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OMG, there was alot that I wanted to vote for. But I can only chose three .


Nunnally and Lelouch look cute together and I think this is perfect for that picture to be editted this way.


The Shinigami's and their master look great ^^.


Good luck to everyone <33
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Old 2009-03-08, 04:11   Link #78
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Old 2009-03-08, 04:26   Link #79
Ero~Kairin! ^-^ Yeay!
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Old 2009-03-08, 16:23   Link #80
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Closed Thread

banner contest, banners, contest

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