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Old 2009-02-16, 06:07   Link #1
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AnimeSuki Banner Contest 2009 - Entry Thread

This thread exists for the sole purpose of collecting entries for the banner contest.

The reason this thread exists is because there were a large enough number of entries that either did not blend properly with the gradient and/or are over the required file size limit to be allowed into the contest. Rather than have a pitifully small list of entries because of the number of disqualifications, and because it is not my job to fix entries that do not follow the rules, I'm going to allow those who are interested in participating in the contest properly to correct their entries and post them here.

So, one more time. I want *everyone* who wishes to enter this contest to enter their final versions here, even if you do not have to fix your entry. If you do not post in this thread I will not count your entry. If you post an entry here that does not follow the rules it will be disqualified with no exceptions.

  • Banners are 760x100 and a maximum of 60KB in size.
  • Banners must blend into the supplied gradient as it will form the background of the whole top bar.
If your entry does not conform strictly to the two guidelines I have listed above I will not accept it. The only exception I am making to these rules are for entries that are smaller in width than stated. However, height, file size, and gradient blending are required in every case.

I am rearranging the dates to allow the extra time for corrections. This thread will stay open until Saturday, February 21, 2009 UTC, at Midnight. At which point we will continue on to the nomination phase and then to voting.

Here's the rules for this thread:

1. Make one post, containing your entries. If you have a correction to make, edit your post. Do not make a new one.
2. No complaints or arguing will be allowed. If you wish to discuss anything other than posting or correcting entries, we have a General Discussion Thread. Off topic comments will be deleted.

To check to make sure your entry follows the rules, I will once again link to this post. Follow the directions, and make sure that you do not see a line between your banner and the gradient. If you do, you need to clean up the edges so that there is no line.

To check file size, right click on your image and select properties. This will bring up a box that tells you the file size of your entry. If your entry is above 60KB (60,000 bytes), correct it or your entry will not be accepted. Image hosting sites sometimes inflate the size of your files when you upload them, so be careful to check after uploading to make sure this isn't the case. What appears to be under 60KB (60,000 bytes) on your computer isn't always the case once you get it onto the internet.

Thank you.
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Old 2009-02-16, 06:16   Link #2
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Old 2009-02-16, 06:20   Link #3
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Old 2009-02-16, 06:25   Link #6
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Old 2009-02-16, 06:30   Link #7
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Old 2009-02-16, 07:15   Link #8
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Old 2009-02-16, 07:24   Link #9
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Old 2009-02-16, 07:32   Link #10
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Old 2009-02-16, 08:31   Link #18
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Originally Posted by Kitsune View Post
This one can't be entered, sorry. A bit too much pantsu for this theme, and the side wasn't corrected. The other entry is allowed however.
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banner contest, banners, contest

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