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Old 2003-11-12, 03:09   Link #1
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Post Scrapped princess DVD* feedback requested

Post Removed by Mod (xris)

This request sounds to much like bootlegging.

Last edited by xris; 2003-11-12 at 05:58.
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Old 2003-11-12, 03:52   Link #2
The Small One
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Scrapped princess DVD* feedback requested

I think you should first contact the fansubbers if they like this form of distribution, and even then I'm not sure if you don't break a law by this, since what you do can be interpreted as a commercial distribution... you don't mention in which country you live so I think I'll say: Don't do it...
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Old 2003-11-12, 04:51   Link #3
Pantsu Faito!
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The reason that the old days worked (with fansubs being distro'd on VHS tapes) is because distro people didn't charge for them. They ONLY charged for the price of the MEDIA and the SHIPPING. There's no labor charge AT ALL. If you charge even a penny more than what it costs you to buy a DVD and ship it to someone, you have gone beyond harmless distribution, and into the realm of bootlegging. If you are hoping to make even the slightest financial gain in offering this service, I suggest you halt right now. Back in the days, people offered the service you are speaking of as a favor to other anime fans, not as a way to make money off of them. Not to mention you would be doing harm to:

-Japanese anime producers
-Fansubbers, who work hard for no financial gain
-American companies who may liscense the show in the future

We've all come to the conclusion that fansubbing is inherantly "wrong". But we accept the responsibility on the grounds that all the distro of fansubs here on animesuki is 100% non-profit. If you start selling DVD burns for profit you would be no better than HK bootleggers.
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Old 2003-11-12, 05:48   Link #4
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This thread was breaking a number of rules so I have deleted the posts and closed it.

You should get an idea why by reading the reply LiQuid|J made.
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Old 2003-11-12, 05:58   Link #5
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I have no clue why xris deleted all those posts, yet didn't delete the thread... that doesn't make much sense to me. It would have been better to just delete the whole kit'n'kaboodle, but left an informative eulogy on the message tombstone. Since he left the last post alone, I just want to point out one thing to LiQuid|J.

The old days didn't work. Did you ever try to get many tapes from distributors that didn't make a penny? They had strict limits as to how many tapes you could request at once. (Most commonly either 1 or 2 tapes.) They wouldn't allow you to make another request until they fulfilled the current request. Their turnaround was usually on the order of a month or two, but some weren't that fast. It could easily take a year or two to collect a single series.

That's why bootleggers flourished at that time. While everyone dispised them, they were the only way to actually get the product. The free distributors worked at the speed of a snail because they weren't making a red cent. Bootleggers worked their butts off because they had money to make. If the system had worked, the pirates wouldn't have been rolling in it. People would have been glad to get their tapes for cost if only the distributors would send them the tapes.

Honestly, I believe that, if the distributors were making even two dollars a tape the system would have worked a whole lot better, but of course that would have opened up a whole other can of worms! I'm not going to get into the arguments about how people believed not making any money made them immune to prosecution. (It doesn't.) Or how they simply believed it was more ethical.

People today are so lucky to be able to do distro online. This system actually works. The evidence that the system works is the the pirates mostly only do business in licensed anime these days... that and older subs that nobody is still distroing.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.

Last edited by NoSanninWa; 2003-11-12 at 06:12.
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