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Old 2009-03-12, 08:40   Link #1
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Easy to use video editing software for AVI?

Hi, I have some AVI video files that I want to edit, or more specifically, remove and replace parts of the video. I've used only 2 video editing software to try and do this: Windows Movie Maker and Sony Vegas Pro.

Windows Movie Maker is fairly easy to use and I figured out how to remove parts of video and insert other clips. But the problem is that it can't save in the original AVI format the video was in originally. I only have the choice of a WMV file (which actually is lower in quality) and a huge uncompressed AVI format that is over 5 gb large for a 23 minute long movie. I don't want either of these formats.

Sony Vegas Pro can apparently save AVI files in the format they were imported in. But I can't get myself to understand the complexity of the program, and guides on the internet are way too vague for me to get. I'd probably need some formal training to be able to use Sony Vegas.

Now, I don't really want help for Sony Vegas, but I want some knowledge on any other video editing software for AVI files that is easy to use. I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes to technical stuff (i fail at HTML and CSS), so the simpler the program the better. I'm fine as long as it does its simple job of cutting and adding to videos.
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Old 2009-03-12, 09:03   Link #2
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Virtual Dub and similarly Avidemux

here's one older tutorial on virtualdub
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Old 2009-03-12, 09:24   Link #3
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Using Vegas Pro is really overkill for some people, because that version is mainly marketed to video editing professionals and broadcasting companies. Instead, there are at least three variants of Vegas for different types of users.

Other programs for casual and average users include Pinnacle Studio 12 (in Regular, Plus and Ultimate versions) and VideoSpin, Nero 8 Ultra, and Ulead VideoStudio. (There's a list of these editors and converters)

Hmmm... I presume you're trying to make an AMV.
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Old 2009-03-12, 13:51   Link #4
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I recommend Virtual Dub as well, one of the best free video editing software available. This program alone is probably enough in your case, and when combined with AVISynth scripting... you can almost do anything.
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Old 2009-03-12, 14:57   Link #5
holy alexander
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hey thanks for this.. i need virtual dub too..
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