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Old 2009-03-11, 13:07   Link #1
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Post Is that forum modification possible?

A semi-rare type of request passed on this section is the occasional request that imply modifying code (or which would appear to imply that). This thread is not intended to answer those requests but rather the problem behind them: "is it possible?", "what does it take?" etc; so that blind debating can be avoided in the rest of the section.

Feel free to post questions, answers, guides or anything else useful.

  • Modification to the forum vB files is taboo.
  • Modification to the templates needs to have some really strong motivation.
  • vBulletin uses a plugin system to insert different pieces altered code around the board where hooks have been placed by the vB team.
    Plugins that are not updated or of the latest version are not safe.
  • For information on what is available though vBulletin as a option see vB Manual.
  • For a very complex feature you may ask the makers of vB to add it in future versions.
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Old 2009-03-11, 13:09   Link #2
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: event horizon
Brought up in Animesuki Banner Contest - 2008 - General Discussion Thread.

Custom Banner Rotation

(presuming you are already in admincp)
  1. User Profile Fields >> Add New User Profile Field
  2. As Profile Field Type select Single-Selection Menu
  3. Title: "1st Banner"
  4. Description: "Select your 1st <a href="">favorite banner</a>."
  5. Options:
    Spoiler for example:
  6. Set Default: "Yes, but No First Blank Option"
  7. Display Order should be left as is since it auto increments.
  8. (complete the last options as you wish)
  9. Which page displays this option?: "Options: Other"
  10. Repeat 1 to 9 another two times so as to create a "2nd" and "3rd".

    Result: Member Options

  11. Style & Templates >> Style Manager
  12. On the Animesuki Default style select Add Child Style, you may call it what you wish.
  13. On this new style select Common Templates. Now your attention around the <!--logo--> comment; the code for the rotation system should be there.

[How to] Insert Profile Field Value

The following is a primitive code demo based on default skin to show necessary code:
<!-- logo -->
<a name="top">
1st banner: 
<if condition="$bbuserinfo['userid'] == 0">contest choice 1st</if><if condition="$bbuserinfo['userid'] != 0">$bbuserinfo[field7]</if> <br />
2nd banner: 
<if condition="$bbuserinfo['userid'] == 0">contest choice 2nd</if><if condition="$bbuserinfo['userid'] != 0">$bbuserinfo[field8]</if> <br />
3rd banner: 
<if condition="$bbuserinfo['userid'] == 0">contest choice 3rd</if><if condition="$bbuserinfo['userid'] != 0">$bbuserinfo[field9]</if>
<!-- /logo -->
I have field7, field8, field9 but you will have higher numbers most likely. See: User Profile Fields, for actual IDs of the fields.
(and, I do know there is a <else /> option for the <if>)
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