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Revan sama
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Code geass lost colors: Love time reversed

Code geass lost colors fanfiction.
Pairing: Rai (lost colors hero) x Nunnally.
Summary: Serie of One-shots about Rai (the hero of lost colors) x Nunnally as children. (Nunnally is five year old and Rai is eight year old at the beginning)

Chapter One : A first love born.


What a strange notion.

Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back.

That was how Nunnally Vi Britannia, 101 Empress of Britannia, felt it.

Everything, all her precious memories, all the recent event, all she said, all she did, all the people she had met.

Her precious Onii-Sama (big brother).

Her mother.

The maid Sayoko-San.

Her childhood friend Susaku Kururugi-San.

Euphemia Onee-Sama (big sister).


The student council.

Everyone was slowly driven away as the time began to flow. That is how Nunnally felt.

Even thought she never regretted anything and treasured all their moments together, Nunnally has felt somehow very lonely when Lelouch was out to 'create a perfect world for her' without her knowing.

She felt it was somehow her fault, for saying that she wished for a gentle world.

Yet she wasn't totally honest...All she ever wanted was that her brother would spent time with her. As they did when...before...

When their mother was still alive.

Even her childhood friend Suzaku-San was busy with his work in Britannia's army and even more when he became Euphi Onee-Sama's Knight.

Also, even if she was happy for Euphemia she couldn't help but feel a bit jealous that her sister got a knight.

Someone to be with, to be protected at any cost, a holly pledge toward his lady just like in the stories her mother told her.

To have such a person...would it be sacrilegious to wish for that? To never feel such awful feeling as loneliness.

What if...

What if nothing happened?

What if her brother never got any reason to become Zero.

What if Suzaku-San never got damaged by the death of Euphemia Onee-Sama.

What if Onii-Sama never...died.

What if mother was still here too.


What if she would have actually met such person.

Such a wonderful knight on her own.

Would it be possible?

Reversing time.

Different things.

Different persons to meet.

Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back.

But if you were...actually capable to come back...To make a wish. To change the course of time.

What would you do?


I would...

And so began the wish of Nunnally Vi Britannia under a 1000 Origamis folded.

I want to meet that person!

The unreachable becomes reachable.

The unavailable become available.

A new person to meet.

A new friendship to be made.

A new love to be born.

-A new beginning-

While her mother's back had been turned, she'd somehow managed to scamper up a tree to see a bird's nest.

Quite frankly, She was surprised she'd made it that far.

She would've expected to trip over one of the cracks in the sidewalk before she ever made it up the tree.

But apparently the bird's nest was too important for her to miss. Some strange force had kept her upright all the way into the high branches.

"Just a moment, just a little more…" she murmured, reaching a little slim white hand out towards the nest.

For just a moment, time stopped. The nest contained only two baby birds.

Something was perfect about that moment, as her fingers brushed the rough twine of the nest, her eyes lit up with joy as she smiled.

The sunlight catching in the leaves and in her hair, filtering pale beams of light to leave patterns on Young Nunnally Vi Britannia's ivory skin and pink dress.

She would always remember that moment just after the fall.


But at the time, she faintly heard the branch creaking. Nunnally was falling. Her mother's panicked voice cut the silence as she cried Nunnally's name.


Marriane Vi Britannia hurried over, but stopped when she saw that something had broken her daughter's fall.

No, correction—someone had broken Nunnally's fall.

A quite handsome young man around her son's age with silver hair and blue sky eyes. Now he was smiling at Nunnally, while she was in his arms.

"Are you alright?" asked the young man.

"Ah. Y-Yes." said Nunnally who got quite nervous.




Nunnally was a cute lively child. This was the first time Marriane saw her this nervous.

Still the young man didn't let go and said with a gentle smile :

"I thought an angel fell from the sky."

The next thing Marriane knew, her daughter, the eleventh princess of the holy Britannia empire, Nunnally vi Britannia's face was bright red.

A first love was born in the reversed time

End of first chapter.
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Revan sama
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Author's note: Sorry if it's short and yes the maid who talks is random but if you want, you can think it's Sayoko or something.

Chapter two: A sweet dream born.

A few months ago, I have heard that our emperor, Charles Zi Britannia sama, took interest in a young boy with silver hair because of his talent in swordsmanship and in piloting a Knighmare.

For the emperor to show so much interest in such young boy must mean that he must be really exceptional! Or maybe there is more to the nobility would say.

They don't understand why the emperor would 'waste his time' with a 'brat' who isn't even noble.

He was assigned to be Lelouch-sama's teacher for swordsmanship. Even thought he wasn't very experimented! A lot of questions were asked yet with no answers.

After a few months passed, Lelouch-Sama and Rai-Sama (the silver haired boy) began slowly to become friends.

Even though Lelouch-sama was always teased by Rai-sama because of his lack of endurance which would result by him being angry and chasing Rai-sama all around the castle.

For someone who lack endurance, Lelouch-Sama was a really fast runner.

But even if they were friends, he had sometime difficulties to accept the silver haired boy.

Because of only one person.


She seem to become even more bright these days.

And I think...No...I am sure that it's because of her crush toward Rai-sama.

Being a young girl in love can make you very cute and very lively.

Lelouch-sama seems to be aware of this and it didn't really pleased him to know that he won't be the first man in Nunnally-Sama's heart anymore.

I feel like Rai-Sama won't be able to call him 'Brother-in-law' for a long time.

When I first saw Rai-Sama, I thought he was a very handsome child and you can see immediately that he was not like the other children...but...He was very calm and emotionless like a doll.

A very beautiful appearance, Silver hair flowing in the glow of the moon. Crystal clear blue or more likely ice blue eyes with thin eyebrows, such a cold color. A lost color.

Yet when he was with Nunnally-sama he seem to be a different person.

His expressionless face was full of gentle emotions. His ice blue eyes became more like the blue of the sky. He was also very cute though it was different from Nunnally-Sama's cuteness.

Today, I was assigned to bring them some tea and sweets in Nunnally-Sama's room.

"Nunnally-sama, Rai-Sama. I have bring some tea and cookies."

I knocked at the door of the room but no replied from them. I thought : What should I do?

She asked him to come to her room to play a bit since Euphemia-Sama wasn't here today and Lelouch-Sama was taking some other lessons.

I was a little worried after I opened the door and said excuse me.

"Oh my..."

Nunnally-Sama and Rai-Sama were sleeping and snuggling in the bed like two kittens.

The scene was utterly adorable and involuntarily a smile appeared on my face at the thought of an angry and very jealous Lelouch-Sama looking at scene.

Still, today was a cold day and they could caught a cold if nothing was put on them.

On both of them I put a white blanket that I bought from another room.

"Sweet dreams Nunnally-sama, Rai-Sama."

In you dream I want you to smile and be happy.

End of chapter two.


After I left the room and went to my other tasks, I've heard a loud scream :

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Revan sama
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Chapter three: a new birthday is born.





Wood sword on the floor.

A sigh.

"Lelouch, you're not focus this rate your father will scold me for being a bad teacher."

"Shut up! I'm doing the best I can..."

Like every morning, prince Lelouch Vi Britannia was taking his swordsmanship lesson with his friend Rai and as always was very bad at it.

"Beside you're not that strong. You can't beat Schneizel and Cornelia neither." retort Lelouch.

"That's true...But still, I can use a sword better than you." answer Rai with a small smile.

"What about Chess?"

"That doesn't count."



They would always have small arguments like these every morning after or in middle of training. After that, Rai would treat Lelouch with an ice cream. A reward for a hard worker as he would say.

However, today was somehow different. Lelouch was quiet, he didn't talk much and seemed to think a lot about something.

"...Lelouch?" asked Rai.

Also sometime he would glare at Rai and then turn away. Like he was looking at something he refused to acknowledge.

"What is it?"


Still, He refused to answer. In those moment Rai always decide to wait until he would say something.

It must be really tough to say or really important. He never saw Lelouch with such serious face.

After 15 minutes, he finally decided to spoke up.

"Today..." began Lelouch.

"Yeah?" asked Rai.

"Today is Nunnally's birthday."

"I see. And...?"

Lelouch' s glare was becoming more and more painful to bear. Still, Rai was willing to support it to listen to his friend.

"She want you to come for the party." admitted Lelouch.

"Oh? But I saw her this morning and she didn't said anything about it." said Rai.

It was true, before the lesson Rai saw nunnally along with the empress Marianne Vi Britannia and greeted them.

Nunnally greeted him too with a shy smile, however she was mostly hiding behind the empress while greeting him. Did he make her uncomfortable?

"She didn't dare to ask you in person. That's why she asked me to tell you." explained Lelouch.

"Uh? But why?" Rai was confused.

"I don't know. I asked her why but she just said it was nothing and she blushed...I never saw Nunnally being so shy or nervous about someone..."

An awkward silence has fallen upon them. Rai didn't like it. This feeling... It almost felt like death was standing beside him.

"Rai..." Lelouch's eyes were hidden by his hair.

"Y-Yeah?" Rai was more and more nervous for some reason.

"What have you done to my sister?"

"W-What?! B-but nothing!"

"Then WHY is she only like that with YOU?"

"How should I know?"

Again another awkward silence has fallen upon them.

Then Lelouch stood up and began to walk away as he said :

"Anyway, be sure to come and don't forget the gift."

When Lelouch wasn't in Rai's sigh anymore, Rai began to sigh heavily .

It wasn't that he didn't wanted to come to Nunnally's birthday party. He was quite fond of the younger girl...and...also...There was also something else.

There was something about her that made him want to be more gentle and tender. When he thought about the princess he felt warm inside but couldn't understand what it could mean.

Anyway, just talking to Lelouch could be very tiring especially when Nunnally was concerned.

But he would still go to the party and...


("Anyway, be sure to come and don't forget the gift.")

Lelouch's words were flowing inside Rai's mind.


What gift?


Uh oh.

End of chapter three.

Author's note: What gift Rai is going to bring to Nunnally?

See that in Chapter four: An eternal gift is born.
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Revan sama
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Chapter four: An eternal gift is born.





Seconds were overflowing.

Minutes were passing.

Hours were arriving.

And Lelouch's words would enter his mind each time.

("Anyway, be sure to come and don't forget the gift.")

Sure, it was normal to get a gift for someone's birthday. Even Rai, who has lost his memories DID remember that. But...

What kind of gift?

What could he possibly offer to someone who could have everything she wanted? After all she was one of the emperor's daughter.

She could have anything she desired. She could be spoiled during and after her birthday.

And he felt like she deserved all, yet at the same time it troubled him because he didn't know what to give her as a gift...

What does she want?

What would make her happy?

Questions would shove inside Rai's mind and little time was left before the party would start.

Mostly it would be full of nobles, giving gifts and congratulation to the eleventh princess of Britannia.

"But not for Nunnally herself..." thought a disgusted Rai.

Thought even if at first it's only a formality, after that it will be a little more private.

Only the empress Marianne-sama, Lelouch, Euphie and her sister Cornelia. (Charles-Sama will only be at the formal party...)

Rai will be able to go at the private party...But not at the formal since he wasn't part of nobility.

Anyway, staying on his bed all day won't make things alright neither. Rai decided to get up and go for a walk in the royal garden. Maybe he would find an idea outside !

-Outside, in the royal garden-

What a failure...

He was the teacher of Prince Lelouch Vi Britannia in swordsmanship even thought they were both the same age.

He showed some talents at piloting a Knightmare at such a young age!

Even the emperor was really impress with the result (Even though it was Rai's voiced Geass that really interest the emperor).

But he doesn't seem to be capable to find a splendid gift for a young girl who held his heart even though he doesn't know that yet.

He asked a few servants about it...But...

"Excuse me, but what would give to a girl at her birthday?"

Either they told him to leave them alone since they were busy.

Or that :

"A doll would be nice!"

She has 1000 of those...

"A beautiful dress!"

She has also 1000 of those...


...I don't have any money.

"A confession of love!"

...?! F-Forget I asked...

"How cute, he is blushing!"

-At the eleventh princess's party-

The formal party was almost over, most of the nobles has given their congratulations to Nunnally, gave her their gifts and went home.

Even though she was happy that everyone was celebrating her birthday, she was still upset.

There was still missing a person at the party, a person she wish to see more than anything for this special day. She went to her brother to ask him about it :

"Ano...Onii-sama? Have you told Rai-san about today?"

Lelouch looked toward his sister for a moment and said:

"Don't worry about it Nunnally, he will come, I'm sure."

The princess' face became a bit more bright but was still a bit worried.

-Back to Rai-

This is was a catastrophe...

The formal party was almost over and Rai still hasn't find a gift for Nunnally.

Nunnally will be upset.

And if Nunnally is upset then Lelouch will be upset.

And an upset Lelouch mean being strangled to death.

However even if it was so, he didn't want to give her a stupid gift.

He wasn't sure about her taste, yet he still wanted to make her happy with it.

He wanted to give something sincere, special...No...


Something that would last forever.

Before continuing his thoughts, Rai wasn't looking where he was going and before he knew it, he was standing in front of a Tree. But not any tree. A magnificent Sakura tree (Cherry blossom).

"Ah...Yeah...I remember."

One of the gardener has put this grown tree here a few months ago. It came from Arena 11...Japan.

For some odd reason, Rai felt a connection with the small pink flower Sakura. Such a beautiful and innocent flower growing only in spring.

It remind him of her.

Suddenly, Rai knew what would be his gift.

He took a small knife in his hand and...

-Back to Nunnally-

"Don't be so disappointed Nunnally..." Said the empress Marianne.

"I'm sure he has a good reason, Rai wouldn't miss you birthday like that." said her slightly older sister Euphemia.

And Lelouch was just waiting. (Probably to prepare himself to kill Rai slowly)

The Formal party was over, the gifts were already given, now it was time for the cake. And Rai was still not there.

Did something happened? Did he forgot? Or...

Nunnally's eyes began to be filled with tears.

He didn't want to come?



Someone was knocking at the door.

"Yes?" asked the empress.

"Excuse me, it's Rai, may I come in?"

Everyone began to smile a bit when they heard Rai's voice and saw Nunnally being relief.

"O-Of course." answered the eager younger princess.

The door opened.

Rai appeared with a small gift in his hands.

"I'm sorry to be late, Nunnally. It was harder to make than I thought."

He presented the small box to her.

Her big purple eyes widen even more.

"For me?" she asked.

"Yeah" Said Rai with an embarrassed smile.

She began to eagerly open the box and gasped at the sight of the gift.

It was a pendant, a small flower carved in wood paint in pink. And there was her name carved into it.

"It's the first time I've made one, so the shape is uneven...Next time, I'll make something better. So from now on I'll practice."

"Rai-San..." Nunnally's eyes were full of emotions.

Not only did he come but has bring such great gift for her.

It made her very happy.

"...? Not good enough?" Rai was getting worried.

"...?! N-No! I like it very much! Thank you Rai-San!"

Nunnally's smile has bloomed like a flower. It covered her whole face.

Rai's heart began to feel at ease.

The dawn is not distant, nor is the night starless; love is eternal...Even if you don't realize it just yet.

End of chapter four.
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Revan sama
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Chapter five: A new feeling of jealousy is born.

A bright sun, a sky without any dark clouds, the blooming flowers were beautiful.

"Such a nice day for a walk, don't you think so?" Asked with a shy smile the third princess of Britannia; Young Euphemia li Britannia.

"It surely is." answered her silver haired companion.

Today, Princess Euphemia asked Rai for a walk inside the royal garden.

Just the two of them. For some odd reason, she seemed quite nervous as she asked him to escort her to the garden.

She tried to invite him properly but words seem to fail her.

Rai didn't really paid attention to that and asked gently:

"Shall we go together, Euphi?"

"...? ! Y-Yes!" Euphemia beamed as he remembered to call he by her nickname and at his offer.

She really wanted to go together. In fact there was also a reason to this invitation. Euphemia wanted to ask a something to him but didn't seem to find the courage to ask.

But this time, she would definitely try and ask him!

Will you be my knight?

-To a hiding corner-

Though, their little moment didn't pass unnoticed as two jealous familiar heirs of the holly Britannia empire were spying and stalking them.

"Rai is too close to Euphie!" Lelouch tighten his fist and was creaking. Euphemia was Lelouch's first love, of course he would feel concerned. First Nunnally, now Euphie? ! Rai, I'll kill you!

"Rai-san..." Nunnally was grimacing and biting her lower lip.

She didn't like it.

Rai and Euphemia, talking to each others, Rai smiling at Euphemia...the same gentle smile he used with her, this same smile and gentleness she loved so much.

She didn't know what she was feeling. All she knew was that she didn't like it at all.

-Back to Rai and Euphemia-

The atmosphere, the mood, the pretty place, just the two of them...It really looks like a date.

At the thought, Euphemia's face became really red.

"Are you alright, Euphi?" Rai was a bit concerned.

"Eh? Ah, uhm...Y-Yes I'm fine."

"But your face is really red..." Insisted Rai. He walked really close to her and put his forehead against hers.

"R-R-R-Rai? !" Now Euphemia's face was even more red than before.

"Hmm...You don't seem to have a fever but still you're a bit warm..." said Rai, totaly obvious of Euphemia's feelings and two panicking, -cough-Jealous-cough-, heirs of the throne.

-Back to Lelouch and Nunnally-

"...? !" Lelouch's eyes widen.

"H-H-He i-is going t-t-to kiss her? !" Said a panicking and creaking Nunnally who was bitting her lower lip even more.

-Back to Rai and Euphemia-

"Rai...I...will you..." began Euphemia

"Hmm? What is it ?" asked Rai.

His beautiful gentle smile didn't help at all.

What was about this person...

...That made him so strong and tender?

A new resolution grew.

She would ask him!

"Rai...will y-"


Suddenly, out of nowhere, something has hit Rai's head and made him fall on the ground.

Apparently it was a small stone, yet it was throw so violently that it still made some impact.

"Rai! Rai are you alright? Rai!"

-Back to Lelouch and Nunnally-

"Rai-San! Onii-Sama, that was really mean!" exclaimed Nunnally.

"But I still stopped the kiss." retort Lelouch.

"Well yes...but..."

"Aren't you glad, I stopped them?"

"..." Indeed she was glad he stopped them but still it made her worried about Rai-San.

"Ah! They are going elsewhere, let's go Nunnally!"

"! Y-Yes Onii-Sama!"

Behind them, two person were also viewing the scene with great interest.

"'sigh' Marianne-Sama, is it really alright to let them?"

The only answer Cornelia li Britannia received from the empress was a chuckle.

-Back to Rai and Euphemia-

"Are sure you're alright Rai?" asked a worried Euphemia.

"Yeah, it hurt a bit but it's alright now...Why? Did I make you worried?"


"Thank you Euphi, you're really nice" said Rai

"Eh? ! N-no I'm just...ah this is so embarrassing" said Euphemia while blushing.

-Back to Lelouche and Nunnally-

"...? !"

"...? !"

That didn't please neither of them in case you didn't notice.

"Oh my, what a nice compliment to make to a lady."

They both turned around to see the empress Marianne vi Britannia and Cornelia looking to the scene as well. Then the empress said with a small smile:

"It almost sound like a confession of love."

"Mother? !"

"Mother? !"

"Marianne-Sama? !" Even Cornelia was very surprise and displeased as well. She knew her younger sister felt something for the silver haired boy but still...

" 'chuckle' No need to be so serious, I was joking. It doesn't look like a confession." Said the empress.

Lelouch and Nunnally began to sigh in relieve, if their mother said so then it was probably nothi-

"It look more like a marriage proposition."

"Eeeeh? !"

"Eeeeh? !"

Lelouch and Nunnally's purple eyes became widen.

"No..." Began Lelouch.

"...Way." Finished Nunnally

They both looked at Rai and Euphemia and suddenly they both screamed:


Then they began to run toward the Rai and Euphemia, hoping to stop 'marriage proposition'.

"Marianne-Sama...You did this on purpose, didn't you?"

The only answer Cornelia li Britannia received from the empress was a chuckle.

-Back to Rai and Euphemia-

"Uhm...Rai, actually there was a reason why I wanted you to come with me." Started Euphemia.

"Oh?" Rai seemed surprised.

"I wanted to ask you something?"

Rai turned all his attention to her, to let her know he was listening.

"W-Would you..."

Here go :

"Would you like to be my kn-"


"? !"

"Uh? !"

Suddenly, two screams were heard from around a corner. Then, they saw Lelouch and Nunnally running really fast toward them.

"Euphi! Don't married Rai!" said an exausted Lelouch.

"What?" asked a confused Euphemia.

"Rai-San! Is it true? ! Are you going to married Euphi Onee-sama? !" asked a devastated Nunnally.

"Uh? What are talking about Nunnally? I'm marrying no one."

The Eleventh Princess' purple eyes widen and asked:

"Really? ! Thank goodness..."

"Hmm?" Rai was getting more and more confused.

While Euphemia was still trying to convince Lelouch that she wasn't going to ask Rai in marriage, Nunnally began to act strange.

"...Nunnally? What's wrong?"

Nunnally didn't said anything, she just turned her back to Rai and stayed in silence.

Was she angry? What could have he possibly done to make her upset?

"I just..."

"Eh?" Rai's trail of thoughts were interrupt by Nunnally's words.

"...I just don' seeing you being nice to anyone but me..." Answered Nunnally

And also she disliked what she was feeling right now.





What is this?

Why am I feeling like that?

I'm not angry with Rai-san or Euphie Onee-sama (big sister).


(Rai and Euphemia, talking to each others, Rai smiling at Euphemia...the same gentle smile he used with her, this same smile and gentleness she loved so much.

And her mother saying that it could result as a marriage between them...Nunnally just...)

Didn't like it.

Her small hands were trembling and tears were threatening to fall.

Rai's eyes widen slowly and then he calmed down a bit.


Since she wasn't moving, he decided to act first. He walked toward her, hugged her and slowly spoke in her right ear:

"I understand, I'm sorry. I'll try not to hurt you anymore, okay?"

He saw her nodded.

It took her off guard, she never thought he would hug her. Feeling him this close made her face bright red like an apple.

Nunnally was embarrassed but still it felt wonderful to have him in 'her' arms.

It almost felt like...

He was all for herself.

She returned the hug and closed slowly her eyes to make a small wish...

Even if it's just for today, let me forget about tomorrow and make this wonderful person mine.

Even though her wish was already granted without her knowing.

End of chapter five.


"Alright then! I won't lose to Euphi Onee-Sama!"

"Lose what?"

"Hehehe,...It's a secret."
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Revan sama
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Author's note: Here is chapter six, I hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think of it.

Chapter six: A small acknowledgment is born.


Attack blocked.

Attack again

Dodge and knock the adversary's wooden sword on the floor.

"Don't worry Lelouch, you'll get good at it...eventually...maybe..."

"Shut up!"

An usual morning, where the prince Lelouch vi Britannia would take his swordsmanship lesson with his silver haired friend Rai and would constantly fail at it.

However today was a bit different. lelouch seemed troubled about something and wasn't focus at all.

"You seem to be elsewhere today, what is it?" Rai was concerned.

The young prince was looking down.

"Yeah, there is something that's bother me." admitted Lelouch.

Then he turned his purple gaze toward Rai and said:

"Actually, I'll probably need your help about it."

"My help? What do you need my help for?" asked kindly Rai.

"It's about Nunnally." said Lelouch


For some odd reason at the sound of the young princess' name, Rai was tense and felt warm feelings inside. His blue eyes became tender.

Lelouch didn't seem to aware of what Rai was feeling nor that his eyes changed from calm to full of emotions.

"These days, Nunnally seemed to be in a very good mood, more than usual. She kept asking me about what boys like to have for a gift. " explained Lelouch.

"Why would she want to know that?" asked Rai.

"That's what trouble me, I don't know. Then I asked mother about it."

"What did Marianne-Sama said?" asked Rai

Lelouch's face became more somber.

"She laughed and said it was a girl thing."

Suddenly, he snapped in anger and yelled to Rai.

"Now I'm sure of it! There is no doubt in it! Nunnally like someone!"

"...? !"

Nunnally... someone?

Rai was completely frozen, his blue eyes widen in surprise and in hurt.

The thought of Nunnally loving someone was...painful and detestable.

Wait a second...painful? detestable? She can like anyone she want.

Why would he feel like that? It wasn't normal and Rai disliked it.

"Rai? Rai! Are you listening to me?"

Lelouch was waving his hand in front of Rai to bring him back to reality.


"Geez, you weren't listening at all."

"N-No I wasn't...sorry." Rai apologized.

"Anyway, I won't allow that! I won't forgive that guy, whoever he is, for stealing Nunnally's heart!" Lelouch was really in a bad mood. Making angry gestures and frustrating cry.

He grabbed Rai's arm and dragged him all the way toward the castle.

"Aaah? ! Lelouch! What are you-"

"I'm going to find that guy and you come along to help me!"

"Eeeeh? ! Me too?"

"Off to the crime scene!"

"Crime scene?!"

-In the castle hallway-


Three hours...

Three long hours for following Lelouch in all the castle for asking all servants if there was noble young boys with their family who were visiting the castle, be it for formality or something else.

To be more accurate, did they approached the eleventh Princess these days?

All answers were negative and Lelouch was even more irritate each seconds.

"Damn it...Who could it be? How come I don't know anything about that guy..." muttered Lelouch.

"Uhm Lelouch...Just one question"


"What will you do to the guy once you found him?" asked Rai.

"Isn't that obvious? I'll beat him up and tell him to leave Nunnally alone!" Answered Lelouch.

"But you can't even beat me at swordsmanship. What are you going to do if he is ten time bigger than you?"

Even if it was true, Rai couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor guy who would have to shoulder all Lelouch's wrath.

Lelouch stared at Rai for a moment with an annoyed grimace. He didn't seemed to have thought about that. Then after a moment of thinking he pointed Rai and said:

"Then you'll beat him up!"

Rai stared Lelouch with incredulous eyes.

"You're kidding right? What if he is older? And-...Uh? Lelouch?"

"...Older? !"

This word was flowing quickly inside Lelouch's mind. More and more. older...guy.

The world was upside down. He felt like fainting.

"Lelouch? Hey? Lelouch? Earth to Lelouch, are you here?"

Rai was waving his hand in front of his friend to bring him back to reality.

"Older...You mean...Like my father?!" asked a trembling Lelouch.

"Huh?" Rai had a bad feeling about this.

"You mean Nunnally has a crush on-on-on-on an old geezer? !"

"Whoa? ! Lelouch, calm down!" Rai tried to make the young prince calm down and it failed.

"Calm down? ! Calm down? ! Nunnally is maybe in love with an old pervert and you tell ME to calm down? !" Lelouch was furious.

"It's probably an old geezer pedophile who only think on doing 'this' and 'that' to her and then-"

Lelouch was making such a fuss and yelling so loud that all the servant were staring at them.

"? ! Stop Lelouch! You're making a scene in front of everyone!"

"What is going on here." A calm, wise voice came out of nowhere but Rai would recognize Charles Zi Britannia's voice anywhere.

Damn it, this is bad!

"Hahaha (nervous laugh), Nothing at all your majesty. Nothing important at all. Well if you'll excuse me, the prince and I have some lessons to perform."

Before the emperor could answer, Rai grabbed Lelouch's arm and dragged him elsewhere.

-Elsewhere in the castle-

"Have you finally calmed down?" asked Rai

"Y-Yeah...thanks." answered Lelouch

Though it didn't last...

"Now forget about beating the guy up. We will KILL him!"

"What? !" Widen blue eyes.

"Preferably slowly." Serious purple eyes.

"But we don't even know the guy." Said Rai

"I know, I know, wait a second I'm trying to figure a plan out..."





"Ah, I know!" said Lelouch in a rather enthusiastic manner.

[B]-Nunnally vi Britannia's room-[/B
"You know Lelouch, Normally there is a rule about snooping inside a girl's room. Even if this is your sister's room." Said Rai while standing at the front door.

"Shut up and help me!" Said an irritate Lelouch.

Lelouch was searching in all Nunnally's room (while she wasn't there, of course) for a clue about the guy she was in love with. Anything would be useful, a journal, a name, Anything!

But the research didn't end well, he found nothing capable to identify the guy.

"Tch...What a waste of time. We should be already in front of the guy to kill him."

Lelouch shook his head sadly and said:

"Come Rai, let's just...leave..."

Rai gazed his friend and slowly nod.

-Back in the royal garden-

"Hey..." Called Rai.

Lelouch turned around to face his silver haired friend.

"Why is it so bad that Nunnally is in love with someone?" asked Rai calmly

"Why? ! Nunnally is a kid! It's too early!" Answered Lelouch.


"..." Rai stayed silent.

Lelouch stared once again Rai and said slowly with an embarrassed look:

"It's too early for me to lose..."


"Sorry...It's just that...I loved her first." explained Lelouch


"From the first time she breathed and when she first smiled at me. And I knew that she'd find someone one day, but it's still hard to give her away because I loved her first."

Lelouch's sad purple eyes were hidden by his hair.

"You don't have to worry about that." said Rai.

"Eh...?" Lelouch was confused.

"Even if Nunnally is in love with someone, that doesn't mean you're less."

Rai said with a big grin:

"Don't worry Lelouch, you're still and always will be the most important man in her life. And if the guy she loves doesn't get that, then he is an idiot."

"Rai..." Somehow, Rai's words had made Lelouch relieve.


Just maybe...

It would feel nice...If I could entrust my everything to you.

If just for a moment


"Onii-Sama, Rai-San!"

They both turned around to see Nunnally and the empress coming toward them.

"We were searching for both of you everywhere." said Nunnally to Lelouch with a big smile.

"Is that so? Sorry about that Nunnally." answered Lelouch with a gentle smile.

Then Nunnally turned to Rai and suddenly became nervous and shy.


"Hmm? what is it ?" asked Rai.

"I...I...I made this for you." said Nunnally while giving to Rai the gift she made.

"Oh? It's for me?" Nunnally nodded to Rai's question.

While Rai was taking the gift, Lelouch observed the scene cautiously.

" This is...! It's great, thank you nunnally." said Rai.

"Really? ! I'm so happy!" Nunnally was overjoyed.

"..." Lelouch was still staring at the scene.





This is...

This blush on her face.

This glowing bliss in her eyes.

Her shyness.

Everything has become clear.

"You!" Said Lelouch

"Eh?" asked Rai

"It was YOU all allong!"

"What?" asked Rai once again

Lelouch took his wooden sword and you can tell he was furious from the look on his face.

"You betrayed me!" Yelled Lelouch.

Rai excused himself to Nunnally and the empress and ran as fast as he could while Lelouch ran after him with a high speed.

"RAI NO BAKA! (Rai you idiot!)"

"I haven't done anything!" Said Rai while running as fast as he could, as his life depended on it.

Nunnally stared at the scene and asked her mother:

"Why is Onii-Sama so angry?"

The empress chuckled and simply said:

"It's a boy thing."

End of chapter six.


And so at the end of the day you can still hear the young prince of Britannia's voice:


"EeeK, HELP!" and the pleading voice of his friend.

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