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Old 2009-02-15, 02:12   Link #1
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Where to research cartoons other than Japanese Anime?

Where to research cartoons other than Japanese Anime?

The easiest way to search for anime is through Youtube, and

Where would I go to categorically search for cartoons world-wide, like American, Canadian, Korean, Chinese and European as well as Middle-Eastern.

I like animated content in general but mainly watch American or Japanese content, because they're the easiest to find subtitled.

Are there any online resources people could point me towards?
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Old 2009-02-16, 02:36   Link #2
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Well, I find that is quite helpful for Voice Actors and such. I can spend hours just picking my favorite cartoon, and looking at all the other shows their VA's have done characters for.
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Old 2009-02-16, 08:48   Link #3
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Another is Mark Evanier's unique treasure trove on who's Mel Blanc, Jack Mercer, Lorenzo Music and others:

If my thinking serves me right, there should be some other material regarding the animation industries of France, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and others. Also, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines are favorites when it comes to outsourcing animation work from both Japan and the United States.
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