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Diamond and The sound of a Gun shot

I'm not good at game introductions so I'll let the quotes do it for me

Originally Posted by peasantman View Post
or Juusei to Diamond
A visual novel that is not eroge *shock* In which you play a hostage negotiator
From a Hands on preview by 1UP

gotta love that music)
Originally Posted by 1up
The basic gameplay is simple: During a hostage negotiation, you occasionally have a choice between two options, and you pick one to continue. As this is happening, both you and the person you're negotiating with are onscreen with a weird pulsing line dividing the two of you. As the dialogue progresses, either you or your subject takes up more of the screen, while that pulsing line fluctuates in response to what's going on, giving you a rough indication of how well the negotiation is proceeding. I'm told that not only is the game tracking which choice you make during key moments, but also how fast you press the button to make them. In theory, even if you figure out the best phrase to use, the subject's mood might shift based on whether you took too long to reach that conclusion. Conversely, if you hit the button really fast, the subject might think you're agreeing too hastily just to appease him. The Sony representative claimed that players won't be limited to one specific set of responses for a successful negotiation -- that while players ultimately will arrive at the same goal (a safe talk down), individual methods may vary.
Like Trauma Center or Phoenix Wright this puts you in the place of a profession and makes a intriguing storyline. The realistic setting gives it even more of thriller and suspense feel.
Mega ultra huge scans attack
Here's the new trailer!
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