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Old 2009-03-15, 17:52   Link #1
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Creating your own manga with Manga Studio

I just bought this program and I really like it so far since I enjoy writing as a hobby and thought it would be pretty cool to write some simple mangas and comic strips, but I don't like drawing with a mouse. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on graphic tablets?

Well I just got m a graphics tablet. So far I'm really enjoying Manga Studio. It's not too hard to learn to use and the best feature is it actually help your drawing so even an amateur like me can at times make pretty good looking pictures : )

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Old 2009-03-22, 08:27   Link #2
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....but it still can't beat pen and paper.You can't put much detail as with pen.
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Old 2009-03-22, 09:18   Link #3
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well good for you.. enjoy and good luck!
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Old 2009-03-25, 22:36   Link #4
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Originally Posted by saRay View Post
....but it still can't beat pen and paper.You can't put much detail as with pen.
that is true, but you can scan your pick into manga studio to smooth out the lines and so really is a great program. In fact I find it better to draw your picture first and than use manga studio. The first step i'm doing is coming up with character names and their personality. Than I sketch how I want the character to look.
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Old 2009-03-28, 09:44   Link #5
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I know this program :P
I have Anime Studio and Anime Studio Pro tho...
Im guessing since it came from the same company its good, although thats not 100% true becasue there 3D systems all suck...
Is this system good?
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Old 2009-03-29, 00:28   Link #6
BECAUSE its moe moe!
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1024 pressure levels = great.

btw, I'd like to dispute that comment about not being equal or able to put the same detail...


Probably most people around here have seen these already ...
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Old 2009-04-03, 08:24   Link #7
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Im able to make manga on photoshop...i have manga studio but i never use it unless for special tones/effects...
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Old 2009-04-21, 23:02   Link #8
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well I thought I'd update a few things. I'm still working on various character designs. lol it's alot of work. I do have a title though. HwaShinSeo: The Legend of 3. I think I'll have the first chapter done this weekend w/o pictures and will post it on here.

Here's a brief synopsis on what I'm writing so far.

There was a great war between 3 kingdoms that lasted for many years. It turns out the war was being used by an evil sorcerer to weaken the 3 kingdoms so he could use an army of of dead to take over the three kingdoms. There was a young warrior though who wanted to stop the war and to bring peace. He ultimately learns of the sorcerer's plot to take over the three kingdoms. Sacrificing himself he ultimately defeats the sorcerer. Eventually the three great kingdoms forms a city together called HwaShinSeo. This city is split into three different districts ruled by a leader. The city itself has a governor itself which is voted by the population as a whole.

The rest of the story will center on a young boy named Kim Chae Yi and his friends Lily and Lee. Lee is his friend and rival similar to Gon and Killua from HunterXHunter. They attend the Martial Arts Academy together. Kim has a brother named Hyokosse Yi, who is one of the 3 Generals of HwaShinSeo. He leaves the village to look for the murderer of his fiance Sarang against the advice of the governor. He will become one of the main antagonist of the story as Kim decides to leave the village to convince his brother that revenge isn't the answer.

well so far i'm just putting ideas together. I'm hoping to write this story in honor of many great mangas from the past so I hope some ideas when you see my first chapter will remind you of various mangas. One source I'm using for Lee for example is Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star, Killua, and Hiei. Lily actually has split personalities and her name changes from Lily to Lilith...Her character design is based on Hinata and a Manhwa character from King of Hell. I don't want my females to be weak so you should expect her to become really strong. Hyokosse is like Ruroni Kenshin when he's serious and that guy from Samurai Champloo and Inuyasha's brother...although before his fiance is killed he was more like Goku except smarter... well thats what I have planned so far...
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