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Teh Psycho Chibi
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Red face Art By Nama-chan

(Such an awesome thread title. XD)

I post all of my Photoshopped art on my deviantART: (You'll never see my sketches!! >: D)

I don't do much in terms of fanart unless I'm really into something at the moment (like right now, I'm debating doing some Clannad stuff). The most you'll see from me are original works. I know some people prefer fanart to original art but....

But for any who read manga online (like doujinshi or something), I'm currently making my own manga series that's to be updated on my devART, if that's of any interest. It's called Nagareboshi (no title significance) and in a nutshell, it's a giant parody of anime/manga stereotypes and clichés. I'm hoping to improve my art along the course of this manga and maybe make a few people laugh.

In the meantime, here are some things I've done:

-Nagareboshi "Volume" Cover
-A Gift Art For Another Member On devART
-A Nagareboshi Chapter Cover (Unfinished)

I couldn't link directly to these pictures, since DA doesn't allow linking to PNG images. ^^'
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