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View Poll Results: K-On! - Episode 6 Rating
Perfect 10 55 36.91%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 43 28.86%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 29 19.46%
7 out of 10 : Good 18 12.08%
6 out of 10 : Average 2 1.34%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 2 1.34%
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Old 2009-05-07, 21:44   Link #21
floating away...
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Originally Posted by Hypernova View Post
Came to my mind too the moment the cop cars showed up.
Nah, it was Driver's High...

Even how they were sitted in the car... Mio and Hyde were driving the car...
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Old 2009-05-07, 21:50   Link #22
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Originally Posted by Hypernova View Post
Came to my mind too the moment the cop cars showed up.

Song itself felt flat but that's in character to reflect their amateur status. Yui singing with her horsed voice was funny too.
Its an all girls school no boys.

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Old 2009-05-07, 22:06   Link #23
Bonta Kun
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Nice ep altho maybe not as good as teh previous its still very evteraining none the less.

I love the girls in the cosplay, they looked great. Really loved the part with Mugi-chwan and Yui-chwan dressing up in the nurse and swimsuit

Mugi-chwan doing her piano intro was cute!

All things Mio-chwan are cute as always!

also just remembered what the music played when Ritsu was doing the intros, reminds me of The Sims for some odd reason.
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Old 2009-05-07, 22:52   Link #24
Senior Member
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Spoiler for Ep 6:
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Old 2009-05-07, 23:50   Link #25
pagan poor
Swayin' to the beat
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Spoiler for Ep. 6:
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Old 2009-05-08, 00:15   Link #26
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Spoiler for ep6:

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Old 2009-05-08, 00:17   Link #27
This was meaningless
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Old 2009-05-08, 01:28   Link #28
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Spoiler for eps 6:
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Old 2009-05-08, 01:44   Link #29
Serious Business
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CoalGuys' subs are out.
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Old 2009-05-08, 01:57   Link #30
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wow, ep 6 is out. gotta check it
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Old 2009-05-08, 02:10   Link #31
Join Date: Oct 2004
LMAO Yui actually lost her voice XD. VA really did a good at the broken voice since it kept me laughing for the entire episode (Hell, you can even hear it in their performance too). Man that's some dedication there( Hope she really doesn't lose her voice by doing that).
omg Ku-chan!
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Old 2009-05-08, 02:50   Link #32
MJ - Forever King of Pop
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Mio is looking more and more like the real female lead... I wonder if it's KyoAni's intention LOL
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Old 2009-05-08, 03:02   Link #33
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Spoiler for ep. 6:
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Old 2009-05-08, 03:08   Link #34
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I really liked the episode, KyoAni did good with expanding out the festival. I approve of the Mio Fanclub!

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Old 2009-05-08, 03:10   Link #35
ISML Technical Staff
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That was excellent, 9/10.

Spoiler for episode 6:
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Old 2009-05-08, 03:31   Link #36
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Canada
Thumbs up K-ON episode 6 review!

This episode was top notch! Amazing really! The concert was nice and I WAS CHEERING ON! K-ON ROCKS! Loved the sumo gag! It was also good to see how Ritsu and Mio were when they were kids.
What I liked:
-Oh boy did I ever love Yui when she was at the stand of the Yakitori (fried chicken stand, a popular thing in Japanese festivals!) Loved her purple wig!
-Hahahahhah was it ever funny to see Mio as in MOE MOE in front of the haunted house! Loved her cute scary appearance!
-It was even funnier to see Mio freak out a la MOE MOE MOE! So much in fact some people got the hell out of the house!
-Kotobuki as undead person was so :071: I LOL ALL THE WAY!
-Nodoka had her own charm with her police outfit! HAHHAHA!
-Loved the sumo gag. Gotsan des (means thank you in sumo language) and also Do soi! With the way Yui was doing her hands it reminded me of E. Honda from Street Fighter game.
-Loved it when Ritsu/Yui/Kotobuki spied on Mio practicing to sing.
-I LOL really hard as soon as Sawako showed the clothing options for the girls of the concert.
-LOL at Yui's impressions when seeing how Kotobuki is so much stronger than her and can carry heavy loads.
-Loved the part where Ritsu talks about her and Mio's past! MIO WAS SOOOOOO MOE MOE MOE AT THAT PART!
-LOL at the cat sleeping at one point!
-LOL at how Mio was freaking out for the singing part!
-Loved the way Ritsu was overreacting along with Yui's expressions.
-LOVE LOVE LOVE the concert! It was great! It was fantastic and now we need something live like this. It would be great indeed!
-LOL @ Mio tripping down after and all seeing her panties. BTW for those who are pissed because of no fan service. GROW UP! SOMETIMES ECCHI IS SHIT IN ANIME! K-ON does not need it simply because the MOE MAKES UP FOR IT! Seriously they should have made something else than the bowl of rice with the white and blue stripes. IT WAS STUPID! You can all pray that DVDs might have something different but like Clannad I DOUBT IT! Very much.
What I did not like:
-To be HONEST, THE STUPID FAN SERVICE! There is no use for it. GET REAL HERE PEOPLE, there will be TONS AND TONS of fan based manga that is hentai about this. Like in comikets. It will be just a matter of time before it comes out. TRUST ME IT WILL HAPPEN! I might even post some links to them just to prove my point.

MOE MOE MOE MIO! MOE MOE MOE RITSU! Excellent to show them when they were very young in school!

Kotobuki in NURSE OUTFIT and Yui IN SWIMSUIT just made me think of sex and do it with them!

Oh yeah! MIO IN MAID OUFIT! MOE MOE MOE! Is all I say!

Last edited by slayer545-sama; 2009-05-08 at 03:32. Reason: subs are out! EVERYONE WATCH! DROOL!
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Old 2009-05-08, 04:04   Link #37
Kaioshin Sama
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Pretty standard School Festival ep in my opinion. We've got Mio getting spooked in a haunted house, the girls help out with the food service and everybody trying to get ready for the big show later on etc etc. Though there are a few surprises....

Spoiler for My Thoughts:

Episode got a little meta at the end with the reference to a Mio fanclub. Honestly I still don't get the whole Mio worship fad (which is really what it is to me) and I'm not going to go ballastic over a disguised pantyshot for a character anymore then I would for the actual thing (which isn't very much) so I see no real merit or demerit to that being put in either why. I do however await the inevitable cramming down my throat of what Mio did this episode by the internet by the time the week is out.

Despite being rife with stock cliches that made some parts bland the episode was pretty decent. Certainly above my expectations for it, though they weren't really set very high in the first place. Next time is apparently the obligatory Christmas episode so I guess we'll see how that goes and if it's completely formulaic or has a few surprises like this episode had when the time comes.
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Old 2009-05-08, 04:14   Link #38
y prime
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(since the sub is out)

This anime is so true to life, Mio even has her own fanclub!

lol anyway

Aside from that, I am not surprise the song soundd like it came from amatures, since it did. I hope they get better. Though I think they should realize that they dont really need a music video for the songs, since one of the neatest things for me is to watch the lipsynch animations.

I imagine it was short because of that amature thing again, but oh well. The directors probably know we want something like the full version of the ending eventually.

Also, I like how Mio is pretty much the center of the band now, she connects the dots. But, I still like Yui being the lead. I dont think Moe characters make the best leads, though they can be favorite characters nonetheless.

Ritsu "Seems Mio is over her shynesS"
(INSTANT THOUGHT): Noooooooooooooooooo!
(Mio pantsu scene followed by a return to her shy moe ways)
(INSTANT THOUGHT): Oh thank you god.

EDIT : Oi, what does it say on Mios fan club poster?

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Old 2009-05-08, 04:18   Link #39
Cool Lander
Join Date: Aug 2006
Lol, Mio is so cute!
She switched hands when
Ritsu called out to everyone! LOL
And young Ritsu is so
obnoxious, I'm
lovin it!

The song was alright, but it was kind of...... too sugary I guess.

I don;t know
why everyone hates the music
video. This show always seems to find an
excuse to NOT animate the characters playing
their instruments. Better a music video than
just panning at the
scenery and

I always thought
Yui would be the main
character...maybe they'll
switch the main characters
up throughout the series....

I liked the pacing too. Before their performance, i too felt really anxious and nervous, hoping that they would do a good job and that the audience would respond well. Guess that's what it means to be "absorbed" into a show. =]
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Old 2009-05-08, 04:28   Link #40
Kaioshin Sama
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I honestly meant it when I said that I didn't mind the music video. It had some neat imagery even if it was kind of a series of still shots at some parts. Though I wasn't expecting anything that would rock my socks off like the Basquash opening which is currently leading in the pop rock video/music combo department as far as this season is concerned. Plus at this point anything imaginative like this music video in K-On is more then welcome.

Though it is kind of hard to deny that the transitition to it seemed awkward. Kind of makes me wonder if the DVD version ends having a completely different sequence or something.
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