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Old 2009-05-07, 21:26   Link #1
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What's your take?
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I am a griefer myself only on pvp mmo's though. ^^;;;; I hated WoW since the grief was meh. Since you can't rub it in. The only grief in it was kill stealing, or agroing or killing lowbies, which was lame. >_> Not to mention unable to rub it in the opposite faction.

In L2 however it was hilarious. Me and my brother like to level in peace. Cool thing with L2 is the dagger class you could fake death. Just make train, run in fake death, and my bro could stun shot him. There's chance of dropping an item if you die to mobs, not to mention the xp loss. Though we only did it if the guy didn't fight back when attacked. :x

Now that I think about it, I wasn't really a griever, I just liked my peace.
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