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Old 2006-01-06, 08:01   Link #21
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Originally Posted by EnseiSong
I acturally new at coloring on the computer. The only thing I know how to use is PhotoShop, which I just started to got hang of it three month ago, but still suck at it. So I have few questions for you since it seem that you know lot about Painter and OpenCanvas.

Does OpenCancas close to water coloring or air bursh affects?

What program people use the most to color something like Magna Carta?

Can you answer as much as you know? Thanks
Hehe, I don't actually know a lot about OpenCanvas, cos i stopped using it for more than a year now ^^; But I'll tell you what I know ne~~

OpenCanvas is more similar to water coloring, the brushes generally blend very well, but you can customise it to be more solid if you like. I haven't used OC for awhile, but I'm pretty sure the new versions also have an air brush tool~ If you look here you can view some imgs people did using opencanvas, and see if that's the kind of effect you're looking for ^_^
OpenCanvas is much easier to use than Photoshop or Painter & also a small program ^__^/ Another good thing is you can download other artists' event files from the official site, and you can see an animation of how they CG! XD That's really good for learning too~~

Hyung Tae Kim who did the art for Magna Carta uses Painter
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Old 2006-01-07, 18:49   Link #22
Clous Dolch
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Thanks for the help!!
... now is time to go learn Painter!
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Old 2007-12-26, 02:40   Link #23
anime lover
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Wink I guess I'm going to open canvas, PS, and Painter

...every program is great!!! and I can't decide what to pick....T_T...well all I'm saying is does not matter what program you use and that is much more better..

It is because of your "skills"...saying that it's not good...your just saying that you don't know how to use it..O_o....

and your taste matters to what you see into the program...if your used to'll's good!^_^...

well for me...I use a sketch in the sketch pad and ink it with the usual ball point ballpen and scan it using HP then...either using PS or OP to make the lines a bit more clearer...I then color in open canvas because I really like the colors. then edit it in Photoshop for the "Realistic" effects...I really can't add realism in Open canvas..I'm not that good in colors......

but if i have the feeling on using painter...I use it!...^_^...I love painting very much!...just need to practice...T_T....
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Old 2007-12-26, 20:27   Link #24
saiko denwa o narimashita
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Download GIMP it's free you can even get plugins to make it look like photoshop if you like that layout better. for drawing boards I have a Wacom and i works great =D
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