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View Poll Results: Who's your Favourite K-On! Main Character ?
Mio 144 50.17%
Ritsu 38 13.24%
Tsumugi 35 12.20%
Yui 70 24.39%
Voters: 287. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2009-05-13, 23:19   Link #61
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
I voted for Yui. I think she is just cute in her hyperactive yet lazy at the same time way. Mio and Tsumugi comes close behind.
Mio could have gotten my vote (not that she need it) if she wasn't so painfully shy. I mean she is easily the prettiest girl around so she should have been used to the attention. She sort of reminds me of Kagami (Lucky Stars).
Tsumugi is pretty amazing. Her ability seems to be pretty wide and varied. So far she has shown that she not only is good at the keyboard but good attention and physical strength. (Or is Yui that weak? lol) She is also a very nice and generous person it seems.
Ritsu while i don't particularly like her, i don't dislike her either. She is part of the team after all.
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Old 2009-05-14, 05:48   Link #62
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2009
Mio. But i figured her moe-ness would get the top vote points so i voted Ritsu coz she's calm, cool and full of energy.. well not that much energy as Yui got :P
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Old 2009-05-14, 11:07   Link #63
Teh RandomPenguin
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I have to pick Mio but Yui is close Second ^_^
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Old 2009-05-14, 11:21   Link #64
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The other 3 girls votes combined has now beaten Mio. Mugi has made a right comeback.

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Old 2009-05-14, 11:29   Link #65
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Oh. My. God. Mio is losing the battle!
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Old 2009-05-14, 11:36   Link #66
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Originally Posted by BetoJR View Post
Oh. My. God. Mio is losing the battle!
When faced with the overwhelming moe of Mio, Mugi had to appeal to our base desires.

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Old 2009-05-14, 12:33   Link #67
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Not too sure. There are a couple of "I don't want to vote for Mio because she'll win anyways" votes. The overall multi choice poll will be much closer than people expect.

Sigh, the downside of popularity is being a target for other fandoms.
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Old 2009-05-14, 13:32   Link #68
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Originally Posted by SeedFreedom View Post
the downside of popularity is being a target for other fandoms.
But Mio plays bass, and the bass guitar is a very versatile offensive/defensive weapon, especially with ad-lib riot control...
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Old 2009-05-14, 14:44   Link #69
Join Date: Dec 2006
I'll go with Mio.

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Old 2009-05-14, 15:59   Link #70
The Chaos
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I had to vote for Mio
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Old 2009-05-15, 12:20   Link #71
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Bonnie Scotland
Age: 30
I'd say Mio as well, although they'll all have there good points, Mio is just my type of girl heh.
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Old 2009-05-15, 15:55   Link #72
Join Date: Oct 2006
Mugi-chan last place?!?! Bah...Fine with me I always seem to like the underdogs anyway...

But yea I love her honest sort of naiveté she has going. Plus ya know...Eyebrow power...Can never beat eyebrow power...

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Old 2009-05-17, 04:53   Link #73
Same Psi, Different Place
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This is kinda tough for me since I quite like all of them.

But I voted for Yui. Gotta love guitar players .
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Old 2009-05-17, 10:31   Link #74
Bumpy jumpy~!
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Gonna have to go with Yui. :]
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Old 2009-05-17, 21:38   Link #75
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Originally Posted by stubby42 View Post
I like all of the girls but Yui has managed to come out on top out of this poll, I'd like Mio alot more but I really dont like that their trying to force us to like her, with the look how moe she is, I want my characters to be more natural.

To be honnest my number one favourite character hasnt been included in this poll, I know shes not a main character but she is awesome, no love for Ui?
I want to said Yui is not natural she always overacting and another three is more natural
how more natural they are Ritsu >> Mio >> Tsumugi >> Yui
before vote I've read manga too and it has same as anime but anime has cut and add something but not diferrent much then I've vote for Mio she has high score at anything I'm not vote her for her Moeness I vote her cos how she is

but i want Ritsu to be friend most.
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Old 2009-05-18, 18:42   Link #76
garbage collector
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Mio would fit as the main character ^^ however not much of character development for her ..

Yui has lots of character development at hand (skill / personality wise)
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Old 2009-05-18, 19:02   Link #77
Lurking Around
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Mio for me.
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Old 2009-05-19, 10:59   Link #78
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I love Mio because she reminds me of myself a bit (except for the moe part). It's the being scared of everything and her shyness.

But, if I had to choose. It would have to Yui. Mio comes in a close second.

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Old 2009-05-19, 20:31   Link #79
Justin Kim
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Mio is my favorite but Tsugumi also cuts my tastes. She is so awfully cute and caring. Reminds me of an AMG! character.
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Old 2009-05-21, 16:55   Link #80
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Mio ! I like her. She is awesome.
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