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Old 2009-05-16, 22:54   Link #1
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Rise R to the Second Power

Tittle: Rise R to the Second Power or R^2

From ADV:
A pizza delivery boy must save the world! Young Kenta Akagi has never been anywhere except for his hometown of Lutzheim, where he currently ekes out an existence as a pizza delivery boy. Faraway places, strange foreign folks, the wars they fight, and the adventures they have are just stories to him, until he meets a young girl - the kind of girl that wars are fought over! People seem afraid of her, but Kenta doesn't understand why. All he knows is that he seems to remember her from somewhere, and that he has to protect her no matter what!
This series started around 2002. It caught me eye around the same time I was addicted to D.N.Angel, and I fell in love with the characters and the story intrigued me.
Ironically, it shared the same fate as D.N.Angel and went on hiatus without any explanation. Only the first volume was released by ADV, I hold it in my hand (after digging through the boxes of stuff that my parents lovingly stored it in after I left for college), and apparently volume 3 is impossible to find even in Japan, so the scanlation for it is at a stand still.

Yet there seems to be hope, out on a whim or nostalgia, I did a search (Google) on it; it appears that the series has been restarted earlier this year in Comic Blade Brownie. It started again from the beginning but hopefully it will continue on; unlike D.N.Angel but I digress.

So is there anyone out there that shares my interest on this? or better yet does anyone have anymore information on this series?

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Old 2009-05-16, 23:16   Link #2
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I still remember I used to work for inane and it was one of the manga they planned to release but it just didn't happen in the end. The author's drawing style is beautiful. Maki Hakoda's other work World End Fairytale was also really good, but it seemed to have gone on hiatus as well. I translated a few chapters of it from CHN->ENG back when WEF was a project on the side. If you see the name Fukae, that is me. This happened over 5 years ago so my memories of the series is foggy, it was a shame that no more tankoubon could be found and it was forced to stop.
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Old 2009-05-16, 23:29   Link #3
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Oh, how could I forget World End Fairytale loved that also.
I'm getting really nostalgic right now, wish I go could re-watch the chapters, but my parent's home only have dial-up.

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Old 2009-05-17, 00:08   Link #4
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Oh, good, I liked this series. I was sort of peeved that ADV only released 1 of the 3 volumes of this manga.

I saw the video PV of this manga a while back and loved it. Maybe if this goes anywhere, that PV will turn into an actual anime series
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Old 2009-05-17, 00:11   Link #5
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Thanks for the info...
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