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Lord of Lurkervile
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Revolt in Brazil

Doing the World Cup and the Olimpiad in Brazil just two years apart was the worst idea any politician could've had.
But even with all the money spent on useless stadiums, people would still sit in they computers sharing images on facebook...

...that's until recently:

After increasing the bus fare, a large "free-fare" walk was made on the two princial cities on brazil, but here starts the tragedy. The police unexpectedly started acting violently, not only attacking innocents like bystanders and old people who were crossing streets, they attacked even the journalists.

Things are just getting uglier and uglier.

A cop broke his own window so it would look like the protestants did it.

Not to say that the tear-gas bombs they were using were past the date, wich would cause lots of health problems for those attacked by it.

I thought I should share it with you guys, so you know that not everyone stays in front of they PCs being alienated, there's still hope for humankind.

To last, the message brazillians sent to the world, it says:

"We got out of facebook"

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