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Old 2009-05-30, 04:45   Link #1
Join Date: Sep 2007
Virus: please help (Spybot help too)?

I seem to have a virus problem.

It all started when I was unable to open Spybot (1.6.2) for some reason. Double-clicking on the icon won't open it. Restarting PC didn't help, so I uninstalled it and tried to re-install using the application I saved. But then I get something saying "a connection to the server cannot be established". I tried going to the Spybot web page, but there's nothing on the web page now. On Internet Explorer, it says "The page cannot be displayed". And on Firefox, its totally blank.

Then other problems occurred. Whenever I typed something (anything) on the seach engine on Internet Explorer, and try to open the webpage (or any of the search results), most of the time, it would take me to an entirely different page (advertisement, Amazon product, etc.). Although there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the address bar, and Firefox works just fine too.

One more problem I'm having is the System Restore. I tried restoring my computer to an earlier restore point, but when I get to the "Confirm Restore Point Selection" part, I click [next] and absolutely nothing happens.

I honestly don't know what to do. Could somebody please help me? And could you please be as understandable as you can? Because I's really not very skilled with computers and I really need help.
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Old 2009-05-30, 06:10   Link #2
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Imperial Manila, Philippines
Reformat your OS. Repair if you're too lazy to do backup. System restore is garbage, even for XP.
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Old 2009-05-30, 08:44   Link #3
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Location: Earth
Reformat is the easiest way....

Or you can go to some computer those forums, someone will help you to solve the issue step by step when you log the abnormality using hijackthis and post the log in those forums

If you don't know reformat and you don't trust those forum then bring the computer to local computer store??

I would just recommend reformat if you have your backup file or you don't have important stuffs that haven't been backed up yet (actually you can save your important stuff now then re-format)

Hope it helps
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Old 2009-05-30, 09:30   Link #4
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reformat can be the easiest way in some cases, after I experienced myself a case where even reformat didn't help but another method I would like you to try that first

Use CC cleaner or anything that can clear out cookies etc.

Get yourself malwarebytes (its free) and combofix, install it (and update) remove your internet cord and run it. After wards run combofix, it will need internet if your system restore function does not operate properly because it will firstly fix that or at leased try, both programs are free and highly recommended

afterwards run hijack this and put a log on this forum, also include the two logs you get from both malwarebytes and combofix, tell them your specs and what happened precisely.
^links to download sites for malwarebytes
^guide to using combofix and with download link (in English)
^step5 (stap 5) has a link to download hijack

I wouldn't recommend using adaware if spyware S&D isn't functioning properly, out of personal experience I had Spybot freezing on me when I'd restart it after doing a scan but when I then installed Adaware it got even weirder, cause it loads when you boot it would freeze ym entire pc whenever I would boot up
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Old 2009-05-30, 15:40   Link #5
*IT Support
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Location: Pennsylvania , United States
Age: 28
First off, never use System Restore because it will restore the malware on your computer and make it infected again.

If it's too difficult to fix it, do a reformat and reinstall. Make sure you not using a administrator account when you are doing day to day things because a administrator account is a easy way for malware to install on your computer. Use a limited account instead and use a Administrator account when installing software. Switching web browsers can also help.
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